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DSC_3075_2Do you want to heal, transform or grow personally/spiritually, but don’t know where to start? Or have you been journaling for years, but are looking for new techniques? Or perhaps you want to know how the powerful act of journaling works — how it changes us so profoundly from within, including our brain. Learn all this and more in classes at the Writing and Consciousness Academy at the Yoga Institute at Ananda Laurelwood! We offer classes on journaling and meditation to awaken your creativity and help you heal and transform. The program consists of many weekend classes and retreats to choose from, and is for new and experienced writers, or anyone looking for personal growth.

Explore how journaling:

  • improves our overall health and wellbeing,
  • makes us happier,
  • awakens our soul and unique gifts,
  • improves relationships with others,
  • gives us a clearer understanding of life with a bigger picture perspective,
  • helps us let go of what doesn’t positively serve us, and
  • helps us continually process feelings and events so we become stuck with emotional blockages!

Meera Grace Hoon, M.A.
Writing and Consciousness Academy, Director/Faculty

melissa-grace-hoonMeera is a counselor and journalist who is passionate about helping people heal and transform through journaling and meditation. A trained yoga instructor and meditation leader from Orange County, California, Meera holds a Master’s degree in American studies, where she studied gendered violence, and undergraduate degrees in journalism and American studies. Meera began her career as a human rights journalist reporting for the Orange County Register and L.A. YOGA Magazine, but quickly felt she was being called to help others on a deeper, more involved level than reporting from a distance. Upon this realization, she began working with social service providers as a case manager and life skills counselor primarily for victims of sex trafficking, and also other traumas such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. While deepening her own spiritual practice on the path of Kriya Yoga, Meera was inspired to combine her experience in writing, meditation and counseling to serve seekers of healing, transformation and truth. Since then, she has taught dynamic journaling workshops at spiritual retreats and counseling centers in California and Oregon to students and clients who have given testimonials in gratitude for how profoundly they have benefited from journaling. Meera’s key inspirations are Kriya Yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda, spiritual guide Swami Kriyananda, leading expressive writing researcher and psychologist Dr. James Pennebaker, her clients and students, and her personal journaling experiences.

Visit Meera’s website www.writingandconsciousness.com

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