Testimonials for Peter Jordan

Yoga Teacher PeteI really enjoyed Pete’s clear expertise and confidence holding the space in the classes.  The best thing about the class was it allowed me to focus on my purposes by providing a clear, safe, supportive structure. I was pleasantly surprised by the food. I didn’t need any of the snacks that I brought! The schedule was great! I felt proud to have done six hours of yoga in one day! I loved using the affirmations and plan to use them in developing my personal practice. I look forward to coming again!   Allison L., Portland, OR

As a first timer I didn’t know what to expect. I have some yoga and meditation background but don’t practice regularly. It was an excellent yoga and meditation weekend based on my background. I liked the pace, learning new poses and learning the affirmations. The recommendations based on body type and flexibility were very helpful – allowing us to choose how we did the pose. Thank you so much, Pete!  Cheryl, Portland, OR

The yoga was great. Just what I needed to get back into practice. My practice had fallen off because my two teachers moved away. Being introduced to this style reminisced me of what I really enjoy about yoga and has motivated me to search for a new teacher that focuses more on the spiritual side of things.  Jodi G., Portland, OR

Pete is a great yoga instructor. He takes you step-by-step so it’s never confusing or overwhelming. He provides great alternatives to yoga positions.  Savanna H., Seattle, WA

Pete is a great teacher/mentor for first-timers like myself. He’s very skillful in showing and explaining what to do and brings humor, humility and calmness. Wonderful teacher!  Bob, U., Portland, OR

The thing I like best about the class was Pete! The energization, the food, the surroundings. I plan to use the sleep ideas for insomnia when I get home …We spent most of our time with Pete and I cannot imagine a better person for a mixed group. I will definitely spread the good news about this place.  Mary J., Spokane, WA

I liked best the level of acceptance of all beings at all levels was welcoming and allowed me to be comfortable in my own throughout. I found it most helpful the constant attention on focus between the eyebrows and the loving affirmative statements throughout. All the yoga classes had an excellent sense of progression and support and awareness of my level. Pete and Miriam are both extremely welcoming and supportive as well as attentive to personal comfort.  Jeff S., Portland, OR

I really enjoyed the four yoga classes I attended. They were energizing and Pete offered modifications to allow everyone to get the most out of it.  Alaine W., Sherwood, OR

This is a peaceful and gentle introduction to both yoga and meditation. I liked Pete’s quiet humor so early in the morning (yoga).  Randi F., Trout Lake, WA

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