Testimonials for Retreat Facility

Ananda Laurelwood

I liked the balance of yoga/meditation/nature/good food. The retreat center was beautiful, quiet, no TV/radio sounds! Also love that it’s simple and not shiny and is livable and being worked on. Surprised that there is Wi-Fi and that made a great bridge – that this actually is the real world, not a refuge (totally). Christy M. Portland, OR


The Retreat Center is peaceful – surroundings and trails. The food! Oh, those buttery cinnamon cookies! Brenna J., Corvallis, OR


It’s an ideal environment to quickly “unplug” from life’s daily stresses and learn lifelong techniques for an improved quality of life. The retreat center has great energy, beautiful surroundings, and warm, open people. The food was excellent and the lodging comfortable.

Grace G., Henderson, NV


Excellent food, comfortable rooms, everything in one building. Fabulous!

Cindy M., Vancouver, OR


I liked most the community, the surrounding and peaceful presence of space. The food and lodging were outstanding/healing.   Lynn M., Burns, OR


It was truly relaxing and ideal for winding down from stress. Was a healing and calming experience. Also, the environment of the retreat facility with this food and clean rooms. The food was excellent. Delicious, tasty, and clean. Likivi F., Chicago, MC


The facility is restful with a quiet atmosphere. The rooms are clean and cheerful. The food is varied and I loved all the veggies! Lisa B., State College, PA


I enjoyed the meals and the lovely rooms. Joshua S., Vancouver, WA


The retreat facility is very peaceful. Dawn P., Vancouver, WA


The retreat facility has a beautiful location. The food was amazing! Lodgings were nice, clean, and comfortable. Each day was very well-planned. Erik C., Portland, OR


Everything was better than expectations. The retreat facility seems totally grounded because of

the wonderful staff who are also spiritually grounded and its they who make this place wonderful

and filled with warmth and hospitality and love. Totally unexpected. The food and lodging were

excellent. Tonito S., Dimapur, India 


The food was AMAZING. The location is very serene and calming. I like the dorm style too.

 Kendra C., Portland, OR







The walking trails were a nice place to take a break during the day. I especially enjoyed the silent breakfast. I’m normally so rushed in the morning before work, this enabled me to be mindful and present in the moment and to enjoy the meal. The rooms were clean and comfortable. I liked the experience of sharing a room with someone I didn’t know. It made the weekend more of an adventure. I met a lot of great people. The food was awesome!!

 Jenni K, Vancouver, WA


The campus is beautiful. The teachers are talented. The food is delicious. The overall energy of the center is powerful and peaceful. Lisa A., Vancouver, WA


The retreat center is in a great area – very serene and relaxing. Great food!

Shaina P., Portland, OR


The food and lodging were wonderful! Laura S., Portland, OR


I liked most how the retreat facility is all-inclusive. It provided everything I needed. The food was amazing. I thought vegetarian food was supposed to be bland. I was impressed. The lodging felt like I was in a bed and breakfast type of environment. Jasmine J., Seattle, WA


Deep in the Oregon countryside, lies a serene place to nourish your body and soul and emerge

refreshed. The thing I most liked about the retreat center is that it is here! Close to home. It’s accommodating and peaceful. Beth B., Portland, OR


This is a spiritual community with an amazingly open heart to people of all walks of life. This is

a great place to find your own path, while being surrounded by folks that live consciously. It’s cliché, but the food is amazing. Ken T., The Dalles, OR


The food is full of love and devotion and I felt so cared for, being gluten-free and vegan.

Priya M., Honolulu, HI


The retreat facility is beautiful, peaceful, and not too far away from the city. I love the trails and the rolling hills. Stunning. The food was exceptional. Juliet N., Maple Ridge, BC


The retreat facility was quiet. The land beautiful for walking/hiking/relaxing.

Comfortable spaces for all activities. The food was simple and delicious, accommodating to all diets. Lodging was clean and comfortable. Tonya S., Sandy, OR


All the instruction was fantastic. Great food. Everything was great. Jason W., Bellingham, WA


I liked the low-pressure, easy-going vibe. People always worry that retreats will be

rigid and judgmental and scary/creepy and here was none of that. It was so inexpensive with

such generous food offerings that I don’t know how you stay in business. I would love to see more guided meditation, yoga, and spiritual mentor during the week. Thank you all for helping me become a better me!     Matt M., Dundee, OR



They did not try to impose Ananda’s beliefs on us. The place is very

inviting to new guests and it is a beautiful location. Rooms were bright and

the paintings were extraordinary! The food was very good, and the rooms were

comfortable and roomy. Alaine W., Sherwood, OR


The food is tasty and healthy. The schedule seemed to have a good balance.

Martin C., Boulder, CO


I like that there is lots of space and it feels like a very free environment. I was a little skeptical

about being vegan/vegetarian at first but the food tasted amazing. I think the program was well-

balanced and I didn’t feel rushed between each event.    Leasia, M., Tacoma, WA


The food was tremendous! Lodging was comfortable.    Kirsten A., Portland, OR


I most liked the quiet, view, and where you’ve done remodeling it’s very nice. Ascetics are important in a retreat center, so it would be good to get the buildings painted.     

Karen T., Portland, OR


I liked the relaxing setting in nature and the vibes of the place and the people.  I most like the country setting, the quiet, and the simple and clean private room.   The food was great, simple, yet fully conducive of the purpose.    Dean T., Portland, OR


The food and lodging were satisfactory.  I understand the lodging is a work in progress.  The schedule was always relaxed, never rushed.     Jeffrey R., Santa Cruz, CA


The energy and the people at Laurelwood surpassed my expectations! The food was fantastic, and the rooms clean and inviting. I thought there was a good balance in the overall program schedule.      Maria L., Gaston, OR


I liked the facility. The rooms are spacious and comfortable.    Jodi G., Portland, OR


The location is very peaceful, surrounded by nature, idyllic setting.   I’m not vegetarian but the variety of food they offer is really delicious.   The schedule is well-balanced, and I was able to relax enough but  didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.      Francia O., Beaverton, OR


The grounds are beautiful. I love that there was so many places to explore/hike/walk. Food was fantastic! Lodging – great!        Rebecca T., Gaston, OR 


I appreciated that they allowed everyone to experience and explore at their own pace and comfort level. The grounds are beautiful and there is a sense of peacefulness. Fabulous food, clean rooms, and facilities.     Vivian C., Portland, OR


The environment and space are very relaxing and the nearby walks are pleasant. Rooms were pleasant and clean and everyone was very kind. Great salad bar.   Sahar M., Vancouver, OR



The food was delicious. I wasn’t sure how it would be being all vegetarian but the cooks won me over. Lodging was clean and provided all that we needed.       Gabrielle R., Hillsboro, OR



I loved the peaceful environment and the yoga that was offered. I was worried about the vegetarian diet, but was surprised to find I very much enjoyed the food provided. It was very filling and kept me full. I enjoyed the big pillows and bathroom toiletries that were provided. Also, the dessert was awesome. I liked the trails to walk. I love the kitty. I would come back. I look forward to seeing how you develop areas and buildings you’re not using yet!

Shannon F., Kelso, WA


I liked most the scenery and the places of quiet space. The room was nice, the bathrooms could use an update.     Melody V., Vancouver, WA


I liked the openness and light – windows and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. It was so peaceful, and the atmosphere is very loving. The rooms were awesome! Again, the light and bright colors made it warm and inviting. The availability of linens and towels was great.       Diane T., Portland, OR


I liked the overall feeling of being here. I like the food and I am not a vegetarian.   You do a great job. Our room was nice and the bed comfortable. I love that I had my own pillow! Our needs and expectations were very well met. Thank you. I would consider coming back and keep trying to think of other people to tell about you.    Suzi F., Lake Oswego, OR


The atmosphere is so peaceful and still – love the natural light in buildings and the overall deep heart quiet of the grounds. Loved the food! So lovingly and nutritionally prepared. Lodging is so quiet and comfortable. Rooms with cotton bedding and natural/light color palette are very cheery. Really enjoyed the outdoor spaces for quiet reflection and meditation. Everyone went “above and beyond” in their helpfulness and generosity of spirit. Very accommodating.

Ruth, West Linn, OR



I like most the ambience of the place. I appreciated the variety of food offered for those with dietary restrictions so that there was no fuss. Well-seasoned meals. The dorm rooms are just “retro” enough. Our needs and expectations were met excellently. The cheerful and nurturing attitude are a heart’s delight.        Ann F., Milwaukie, OR


I like the quiet, views, stars, walking past, overall tranquility, the huge outdoor wind chime, I felt welcome. The food is terrific! I saw a gal preparing food late at night listening to chanting. Food taste better here because it’s made with love.   Kitchen staff was friendly. There were big, bright rooms with good closet space.   Comfy beds. It’s clean albeit old. There’s much potential for all the space. I would love to come again for sure. Thanks for your prayerful presence!

Kathryn R., Portland, OR


I love the scenery – the nature setting is beautiful, peaceful, and serene. Although vegetarian food a new experience, yet everything was delicious. The dessert cart on Saturday night a delight –especially the loving service. The sleeping room is very comfortable, loved having a sink and vanity in the room. Walking trails and map is very helpful – loved walking up to the shrine. Thank you for the loving essence present on the land and in the buildings and in each person.



I love the windows in the main room we used. I most like the beautiful property.  The food was great, salad bar great. I had some problems with all the stairs. A few more ramps would be nice. I would come back.    Deb, Vancouver, WA


The landscaping is lovely. I particularly like the field of daisies at the top of the steps in the orchard. I love the chimes and the peace of this space. I really liked the meals. The rooms are very nice. They are a refuge. You appeared to anticipate our needs.   As a disabled person and as a person with certain limitations, the stairs were  a major issue.  Anonymous, Beaverton, OR


I liked the quietness and the peacefulness. The food was good being gluten-free and dairy free. Our needs were met just fine. I didn’t know the building was as old as it was. I always want to come back.    Danah B., Camas, WA


I liked everything. It’s really a wonderful place. The food was excellent. Thank you for the desserts.     Sarah S., Milwaukie, OR


The rooms are great. Steps are challenging. Food service was awesome. 

Brenda R., Gresham, OR


I love the grounds. I love the silent/quiet areas. I love the attention to gardens, plants. I love my bed! The quilt/cover, beautiful! I love having quality food cooked by someone else! I felt satisfied. I loved eating salad greens picked fresh. The above things made the environment perfect for me. The cleanliness was apparent. My room is light and airy. Yes, I would come back!

Janet A., Portland, OR


Everything was great. Yes, I would come again.   Kaye C., Gresham, OR


I most like the rural setting and the walk to the shrine. My bed was quite comfortable. I found the stairs an unexpected opportunity for exercise.      Anonymous, Vancouver, WA


I enjoyed the quiet zones. The spacious rooms. The rooms were clean and comfortable. Anonymous


I liked most the quiet and the good energy. The food was wonderful. I would absolutely come back.     Amy R., Vancouver, WA


Such beautiful scenery. The food tastes good. Everyone is very accommodating.

Jean, Portland, OR


I like most the energy and presence in this place. I felt blessed by the Corinthian bells.  The food was wonderful. I appreciated having dairy options and various offerings. I appreciated the outdoor seating. The rooms were comfortable with plenty of room. I appreciate the shower being stocked with toiletries. I would love to come again. Thank you for a great space – I can’t wait to see it when you fully realize your vision!        Deborah S., Vancouver, WA


I most like the silence and the view. The lodging is fine. I wish you served meat dishes. The people were great! Thank you.      Jane, Portland, OR


I loved the view; the food and lodging were excellent! Thank you, thank you, for your efforts. Also, the yoga was great!!!       Paulette H Portland, OR


The quiet atmosphere, the meeting room, nice sitting areas, beautiful gardens, lovely setting. The food was good. Room is very nice and comfortable. Meeting space was very nice.   Anonymous


I most like the energy, rooms, views, food, and people who work here.   Yes! I would come back.

 Linda, Portland, OR


I most liked the presence of Spirit! The food and lodging were perfect! Our needs and expectations were met joyfully! Will be back in January.     Kathy B., Vancouver, WA


I love the rooms we met in with all the windows and the grounds. I love that Yogananda was everywhere. The food was fabulous. I am a vegan and it was a joy to have vegan food. But to have delicious vegan food was marvelous. Everything was very nice. We had everything we needed. I would definitely come back.      Corinne V., Milwaukie, OR


The lodging was four-star. My bed perfect – everything clean. Our needs and expectations were met perfect.      Sylvia K., Vancouver, WA



The food was very tasty, and I was glad to see fruit available in between meals throughout the day.  I really liked the bright white towels and clean bathroom(s).  The only thing is the walkway/steps between two main buildings need to be a

little more smooth.    Sharon V., Seattle, WA


The grounds were expansive and beautiful, not to mention peaceful.   I was very comfortable in the rooms and grateful that the windows opened to bring in cooler air and the

sound of rain!   J.E., Grand Rapids, MI


One of my favorite things was having coffee available before breakfast was served and how things were flexible to meet group needs.  What was interesting is that I like meat but while I was here, I didn’t miss it at all!      Steve K., Sequim, WA


The common spaces were lovely, and the food was good.  The residents here were pleasant and interesting.  We enjoyed a good selection of good food.  Jan A., New York City


There were sufficient quantities of food all of which were excellent!  The atmosphere was friendly, clean and comfortable.  I would recommend that soap be provided in the showers and extra chairs in the room(s).   Mary Jane M., San Francisco, CA


I liked the history of the place and the hospitality of the friendly staff.   The rooms were large with upgraded windows and excellent beds.  I liked the wide variety of meeting rooms.                                                                                                                              Norman M., San Diego, CA


The HUGE trees on the property were lovely!  I enjoyed eating healthy food for a change (from meat).    The locally grown fruits and vegetables were a treat.    The yoga instructor was super!  

Don Y., Redding, CA


It was very considerate and practical when you made available extra umbrellas for to use on rainy days!   I enjoyed conversing with the various residents.  I liked the abundance of nuts, cheeses, eggs and yogurts.     Stephanie H., Naperville, IL


Despite the many duties the staff and residents were doing, they all appeared calm, helpful, welcoming, kind and pleasant.  The yoga teacher was a gem – he led a gentle class in a very welcoming way.       Lindajoy F., Rohnert Park, CA


The unassuming structure with plain décor was nice and quiet, not to mention functional.  The food was appropriately seasoned – there was a nice harmony in the vegetable dishes.

Bob M., Wankesha, Wisconsin


Superb food! Service with such kindness and so accommodating. Yoga was a great way to start the day. Thank you for the boutique. I plan to return as an individual.   Jan R., OR


I liked the accepting calm that we needed to learn in. The food was exceptional in a wonderfully good way. Our needs were so nicely met, it was natural, no synthetic agendas. Thank you. The meals and ambience is powerfully marvelous. The joy of being in a place where the workers smile because they want to be a valid acceptance of those of us who are guests. Your smiles carry this place. Thank you for a joyful weekend.        Jerry, C., Crescent City, CA


I liked most the beautiful and natural environment. Michael M., Milwaukie OR


I liked everything about the retreat facility: the rural setting, excellent food, very friendly staff. Comfy rooms. As a vegetarian I loved the food! Great variety and you didn’t skimp on the flavor. The spaces were great. I loved the quiet. I would come back. It was lovely.

Colline C., New Westminster, BC Canada


It’s obvious that there is a full commitment to renovations at Ananda Center. The improvements from last year to this are apparent. Thank you for your attention to handicap needs. While not a vegetarian, I always find your food to be filling and of excellent quality. The need for protein was well met. The guestroom is comfortable and quite accessible. Appreciate the ramps! Coming here is like coming home to calm. Your staff is so inclusive, welcoming, calm and centered. There is a great peace here. Thank you all. It is the peace that I needed more than even the music.     Holly T., Reston, VA


I liked the very pleasant relaxed ambience. The food was very good! I am a very happy camper. I

would be happy to return next year.      Kit N., Washington County, OR


This is my second visit with the Autoharp gathering. The facility is excellent for auditorium and

workshop spaces! I hope we’ll be here next year. I am not a vegetarian and I found the food excellent!       Merle K., Bellingham, WA


Good venue within the classroom building. The food was very tasty and healthy. There was plenty of it! Ambience was very conducive to enjoying music and instruction.  

Jim H., Gilbert, AZ


The thing I like most about the retreat facility was the people! Also loved the environment. So lovingly created; the chimes, the views, altars. It really affected me. Thank you. Loved the rooms. So sweet and comfy. Love the food! The heat was not even a factor. Last year I felt tentative about the “new space.” Now I’m hooked. It’s home. So grateful.         Susan W., Seattle, WA


The dorm room is wonderful- comfortable mattress! The food is also wonderful! Most everything was great. I would definitely consider coming to the retreat again next year.

Colleen H., Bellingham, WA


I loved most how friendly, peaceful, and easy it was to get around. The food was diverse, good, always fruit available. Everything was so good. I always love the honor system in paying for things in your shop. I want to believe there are still honest people. The staff was very friendly.

Anonymous, Portland, OR


I liked most the bedrooms and the quiet, helpful welcoming staff. The food was quite adequate, and I loved the berries/apple crisp and the scalloped potatoes!  Ann N., Sebastopol, CA                                                                                                                                


Such a lovely setting and lots of homegrown produce. Delicious vegetarian food.

Nellie K., Bellingham, WA


Very friendly and helpful staff. Food was great – well seasoned with lots of variety.

Karen T., OR


Good fruit, friendly people, comfortable beds – who could ask for more?    Herb H., OR


Great food! I live really looked forward to each meal. I was happy to see Ananda residence interacting with us and participating in some of our events. That makes me look forward even more to returning next year – it makes me feel part of the Ananda community.   Sarah L., OR


Beautiful, clean, and fresh rooms. Excellent meals, helpful staff. Good spaces for workshops and

performances.     Rebecca R., OR                                                                                                                                                               


Room was very clean and comfortable. The food was fabulous with great selection. Cookbook?

Peaceful surroundings. People genuine and smiled with their eyes. Felt very welcomed.

Leila B., Portland, OR


Great service, super friendly staff, loved the nutty burgers. Loved the singing before meals, it was delightful.   Jessica B., Portland, OR


Your joy is contagious. Enchanting Laurelwood. We thank you – and very delicious nourishment.

Stephanie N., Boulder, CO


Just what I needed! I cannot thank all of you enough for the fellowship, meals, kindness and laughter. Next time I am bringing the whole family with me. You have a beautiful thing going here. Bless you all.     Heather L., Portland, OR


Everything made me feel content. Space was clean and relaxing. Katy gave me awesome personal yoga instruction. The food was delicious, and the people very nice and inviting without being at all intrusive.  Thank you for a great stay!       Erica A., Portland, OR


Ananda! Food was delicious, and you have a beautiful place!   Thank you

David, Miriam, and all of you wonderful guys. Thank you for making this place home.

For taking care of our needs, to taking care of small things. Thank you, great guys, !!

Thanks,   Ananda! Your tomato basil soup rocks!Great atmosphere! Wonderful weekend.

Ananda! Thank you so much for the amazing food and taking care of us. We love you

guys.      We had an amazing time here! Thank you, thank you!


I am so grateful to spend my silent time in such a wonderful place! The food was

wonderful. I could taste the love and care put into making it! Thank you! Wonderful



Thank you so much for your hospitality throughout our stay! We all felt absolutely at

home 🙂


Amazing facilities and food. Very grateful. Please thank the cooks for excellent job.

Great variety. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you, David, and all the wonderful

volunteers at Ananda.    Keyush S., Sacramento, CA


Amazing! Prayers and wishes to continue…… Alicia R., New Jersey


Lovely, soulful place. Wonderful people and food. Thank you. Thanks for everything 🙂  Thank you for sharing this great place!   Thank you for a clean and uplifting environment.


Thank you, Ananda, for a space divine, food divine, and the service you are doing in the



Great retreat center, love the food, warmth, and love – thank you :-)!

Thank you for such wonderful people. Service and food ♥


Thank you so much for wonderful food and place and love and help.  Thank you, Miriam and David, for all your love and service. There were so many wonderful things about the retreat facility! The food was delicious. The meditation hall was so peaceful. The environment and being able to walk in nature. And the serviceable attitude of all the people here. All our needs and expectations were met!       Emily P., Portland, OR


Thank you, team, for your amazing hospitality and seva.  Absolutely amazing, could not be better. Perfect!  The food was so tasty and healthy. I never found such a healthy vegetarian food. The place was so calm and quiet all over that it itself gives clear mind to meditate.

Bhavani D., Portland, OR


The staff is so helpful. The grounds and accommodations are very comfortable. Food was amazing.  Sonia G., Santa Clara, CA


I loved most the view, the quiet, serene environment. The food was creative and varied and all very good vegetarian. The lodging is very good, and I really like the sinks in the bedrooms.      Mindy, Portland, OR


Food was very yummy. Loved that it was sattvic. I most like the serene environment in the midst of nature. Archana, Hillsboro, OR


Food was delicious. I loved the variety. The grounds are beautiful and the benches up in the orchard was a particular favorite.   Scott, D., Portland, OR


Absolutely amazing, could not be better. I loved the food, the warmth, the good vibes, and the beautiful views. Perfect!  Anurag G., Portland, OR


Amazing open spaces, great people. Wonderful food. Felt at home. So so good that sweet potato – wow!    Vaibhav S., Portland, OR


Perfect place for a spiritual retreat. Everything was wonderful!  Sue M., Beaverton, OR


The food was excellent! All our needs were met, and rooms were comfortable.                                                                 Dhivya, Beaverton, OR


I most like the ambiance and the staff at the retreat center. It was much above expectations. I loved the food and there was a great variety of sattvic food. It was wonderful and surpassed my expectations.  Rasika, Hillsboro, OR


I loved everything! The peace, the staff, views, food… and pianos! The food and lodging were perfect!    Jeremy O., Portland, OR


I most like lots of greenery, so quiet and calm a place, with lots of hiking.

Madhumathi C., Hillsboro, OR


Food was amazing. Always service with smiling face. Everybody was ready to help.

Amazing.    Gurbir M., Union City, CA


My favorite place was sitting on the benches, looking up toward the orchard. The food was wonderful (especially the tomato basil soup!). You have a family of deer that came and hung out with me in the orchard every day.    Mike, Portland, OR


The peace and atmosphere of this place! The ambiance was perfect for an inward experience. I look forward to coming again.   Tim M., Los Angeles, CA


The hills, fields, and trails were all very good.   Sanjay G., Beaverton, OR


The location is beautiful. The mountains and fields. The food is incredible. So nice to eat such tasty and healthy food. The entire facility was extremely helpful for going inward. I would recommend Ananda Laurelwood to others.     David, Portland, OR


The food was amazing. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. All our needs were met absolutely! I will recommend the center to friends, family, colleagues, etc.

Sanjana, R., Beaverton, OR




Due to COVID-19 precautions, Ananda Laurelwood is closed to the public until further notice.

Thank you for your interest.