Testimonials for David Seybert – Qigong

Qigong was GREAT. Instructors and participants were welcoming and nonjudgmental, so I could concentrate on learning. Peter R., San Rafael, CA

Truly enjoy the Qigong practice – the movements married with the highlights of my retreat. Wayne K., Portland, OR

Qigong was a great intro – informative but not overwhelming. David was enthusiastic about his practice and sharing. Beth G., Portland, OR

The introduction to Qigong was so helpful, and I would like to now learn more about it. Nicole B., Portland, OR

Exceptional retreat experience in every way, for all people. I have been on many retreats in many places – Ananda Laurelwood best by far! The yoga and Qigong practices were all excellent – superb teachers. The presenters [David and Miriam] are the best – all living examples of practitioners on the path. Solid knowledge – but most important – live every day as gentle instructors and promoters of practices. They were gentle. Kind. Effective. The retreat facility is comfortable. The natural setting – nature and beauty. Rooms and environment – felt could really settle in and be here. Michelle D., Vernon, BC

The weekend was calming, peaceful, joyful and informative. Chi gong was enjoyable – I would have liked to go more in depth. The grounds are beautiful. The welcoming energy from everyone working here. Julia M., Portland, OR

Qigong was very calming and centering. I love how in sync the presenters are. They both offer their own experiences and advice while still being very much on the same page. I like that everything is so centralized. Eating, sleeping, doing yoga, walking in nature and meditation. It makes it easy to immerse yourself and gives a lot of ease to the routine. The food was delicious. Keyne W., Portland, OR

It’s an ideal environment to quickly “unplug” from life’s daily stresses and learn lifelong techniques for an improved quality of life. The most usable idea was to make incremental changes. I loved the Chi gong practice. The retreat center has great energy, beautiful surroundings, and warm, open people. The food was excellent and the lodging comfortable. Grace G., Henderson, NV

I loved Chi gong! Enjoyed Miriam and David very much as presenters. Excellent food, comfortable rooms, everything in one building. Fabulous! Cindy M., Vancouver, WA

I liked the Chi gong – it was new and different. The food was AMAZING. The location is very serene and calming. I like the dorm style too. Kendra C., Portland, OR

The lovely, accepting and compassionate souls at Laurelwood introduce you to the divine inner spark in yourself and others. I really liked the pranayama and mantra techniques and the overall practical advice to set oneself up for success in meditation. I loved the yoga. I was especially surprised by how much I enjoyed the Chi gong! I most like to the energy, the kind facilitators, and the food at the retreat facility. The food and lodging was wonderful! Laura S., Portland, OR

Chi gong was surprisingly enjoyable for me, as I did not know what it was initially. I liked most how the retreat facility is all-inclusive. It provided everything I needed. The food was amazing. I thought vegetarian food was supposed to be bland. I was impressed. The lodging felt like I was in a bed and breakfast type of environment. Jasmine J., Seattle, WA

Qigong was awesome, and I would have liked to go through all of the 8 forms again. Miriam and David were both great. Warm and approachable, legitimately interested in everyone’s story and input. Their strengths were that they were fun, energetic, and caring. Peter S., Las Camas, WA

I liked learning the basic 8 (Qigong) poses. I never knew there was a foundation! I wanted to get back into Qigong and this was such a great foundational course. David was very knowledgeable, interesting, thoughtful with his teaching approach. Rebecca P., Tigard, OR

The best part was practicing meditating. It was most helpful to learn about keeping the spine straight and its relation to breathing. Was a great introduction to yoga. Chi Gong could have been one more session! David and Miriam were calm, informed, and patient. The food was tremendous! Lodging was comfortable. Kirsten A., Portland, OR

The energy and the people at Laurelwood surpassed my expectations! I liked the Chi Gong class and the walking meditation. The food was fantastic and the rooms clean and inviting. I thought there was a good balance in the overall program schedule. Maria L., Gaston, OR

I liked best that Chi Gong and walking meditation. I didn’t come into the weekend with expectations and I really enjoyed every aspect of it all! It was helpful to do a bit of physical movement before meditating. I feel like that helps me to get into a meditation easier – will definitely incorporate that into my practice! Yoga was great Chi gong was great! Maybe even a few more moves if there’s time in future sessions. The grounds are beautiful. I love that there was so many places to explore/hike/walk. Food was fantastic! Lodging – great! Rebecca T., Gaston, OR

Chi gong also eye-opening info regarding energy behind practice. Hard to hear outside – though I loved being outside. The facility has such peaceful surroundings and there were great healthy food choices. Perfect – –nice mix of outside, inside. Lilywood M., Kihei, HI

I love the Chi gong and walking meditation outside on the lawn. I thought classes were well taught. I thought the presenters were wonderful – great speakers, clear and patient. I appreciated that they allowed everyone to experience and explore at their own pace and comfort level. The grounds are beautiful and there is a sense of peacefulness. Fabulous food, clean rooms and facilities. Vivian C., Portland, OR

Yoga and QiGong sessions were very helpful! Kirtan became a powerful shared experience for me. Thank you!, Namaste….. David E., Hillsboro, OR

I found it most helpful to learn meditation and using yoga and Chi Gong to get the body ready for meditation. That was a very helpful tip I will use in my practice. Rachel M., Eugene, OR

Chi gong was a good beginning. David and Miriam were gentle, knowledgeable, and down to earth. Tonia W., Portland, OR

The Chi gong was relaxing and energizing at the same time. Janelle, Gresham, OR

I liked the yoga classes best. I also like learning Chi gong and will use it at the beach. Miriam and David well work together and were very compatible, complementary of each other. Laura N., Tualitin, OR

David is a very gifted teacher. He has clearly arrived at his knowledge through experience. This allows him to relate to the learning process. He brings humanity and expertise to what he shares. Monica S., San Francisco, CA

I loved that I was able to do yoga, Chi gong, meditation, and chanting in one day! Tatiana L., Monrovia, CA

David is very easy to talk and listen to, presents things clearly and simply, and is happy to explain anything. Jessica C., Portland, OR

I really enjoyed the Qigong practice. Great instruction! David K., Lummi Is., WA

I most like the in-depth nature of each segment of instruction. I found QiGong most helpful and wonderful! There were several different aspects of meditation that were new to me. Each presenter was clearly knowledgeable, prepared, and skilled. Each was willing to take extra time to communicate with participants who asked for additional information or guidance. Virginia H., Eugene, OR

I liked the tai chi and Qigong. The presenters were wonderful and full of useful knowledge that they could clearly communicate. Thank you! Jan H., Portland, OR

The class was well-balanced. I loved all the yoga sessions and Qigong practice. David and Miriam did a good job! Maris A., Newberg, OR


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