Makara (Stephen J. Hopson)

Makara is Stephen’s spiritual name.  It means 1/2 sea creature (dolphin!) and 1/2 terrestial (not from this world!).  He is a former Wall Street stockbroker, bestselling author of “Obstacle Illusions,” the first deaf instrument rated pilot in the world (2006), and now on a quest to help awaken others to their true spiritual potential.  Makara is a Dolphin Ambassador, spiritual way-shower, Reiki Practitioner and a Shamanic healer.   He also leads retreats in Hawaii with wild dolphins.   When people spend time with him, they strongly resonate with his powerful vibration, which has been known to uplift, empower and inspire them to deepen their spirituality.

Visit www.obstacleillusionsbook.com for more information about his book “Obstacle Illusions” and check out Makara’s other websites www.globalspiritualhealer.com and www.sjhopson.com about his mission to make a difference.

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