Living in Community

Explore.  Experience.  Immerse.

Do you want to deepen your sense of purpose and connection, supported by like-minded people living with clarity and harmony?  Are you curious about life in an intentional spiritual community? yogaWhether you are a professional looking for serene housing, a student seeking an enriching gap‑year experience, or a retiree seeking community and purpose, The Village at Ananda Laurelwood residential-study programs provide a supportive lifestyle, integrating social, spiritual, and educational facets of life, all in one locale.

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CoLiving CoWorking

  • An extension of our Extended-stay retreat option, CoLiving is ideal for entrepreneurs, work-from-home, and local commuters who want more connection in their lives.
  • Set in the beautiful Laurelwood valley, just minutes from Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, McMinnville, Newberg, Sherwood, Portland.
  • Flexible housing and meal plan options
  • Group meditations and educational evening programs

Karma Yoga Internship

  • Up to three months of immersion in village life, based on cooperation and simplicity. Internships include daily meditation, classes exploring universal truths, and helping at retreat center, vegetarian kitchen, small-scale farm, or eldercare programs.
  • This is an ideal program for someone seeking to explore their connection with their inner wisdom and joy, apply that connection by helping others in the community and retreat center, and build meaningful relationships founded on mutual support and inspiring concepts. It is also an excellent way to gain hands-on experience in a variety of practical skills for exploring potential careers and applying yogic principles to daily tasks of living in an intentional community.

Cities of Light

  • Cities of Light is a long-term program for those committed to a life based on the yogic principles as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda. This program includes four hours of service per week in the community kitchen or retreat center, daily group meditation, and attendance at our weekly community gathering.  Mentoring is available to new members.
  • Current residential students fund their experience through jobs with local businesses, virtual jobs on-line, and retirement, disability, or investment income. The commute to Beaverton, headquarters of a number of large, internationally known companies, is a peaceful, 30‑minute drive through beautiful farmland.

The ideal community member is someone who seeks to:

  • Explore universal truths and direct experience
  • Develop and deepen an inner connection with intuition, inner wisdom, and the divine intelligence
  • Cultivate creativity and inner harmony
  • Build relationships founded on clarity and cooperation
  • Live, socialize, and help others in peace and harmony

Our Philosophy

Life at The Village at Ananda Laurelwood is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, with a commitment to simplicity and cooperation, working together to create an oasis of peace and harmony, a vibration of joy and open‑heartedness.  Community life is an immersion into meditation, yogic principles, nurturing an inner life, and extending our inner awareness into daily tasks while helping others.  Living in community blends all aspects of life:  Social, spiritual, and educational.

So many lives have become unbelievably complex and superficial.  People work harder today to make a living; relationships are increasingly strained, and our systems of education, healthcare, and government are cumbersome and unappealing.  Juggling home life and work commitments keep us awake at night.  Commute distances become longer and more stressful.  Deadlines loom and become ever more demanding.  The feeling of being a cog on the wheel, of not being heard, of being invisible, crowd us into a meaningless reality.  We want to believe that things will improve, but somehow, the spiral into complexity and dissatisfaction continues.

What if you could step away from that spiral and immerse yourself in calmness and harmony?  What if you could learn life skills that would keep you centered, offer insights, and solve situations constructively?

Spiritual traditions from around the globe and across the ages have all taught the same core principles:  Kindness to others, awareness of a direct connection to something beyond ourselves, an inner reality that guides our day.  We study these central truths and learn to incorporate them into our daily lives, our tasks, our thoughts.  We develop and nurture a rich,

Families For a New Tomorrow 2014 Camp

purposeful life.  We live each day surrounded by like-minded people, overcoming obstacles, reaching a common understanding.

Come join our vision, as each of us grows toward our deepest, truest self.  Together, we can build a truly sustainable future together, for the benefit of all humanity.

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