Testimonials: Non-Violent Communication International Intensive Training Retreat April 2015

“Dear Cooks, thank you so much for the love and energy you have poured into my meals. During this week, my body has been nurtured and moved into a place of strength and grace. Many blessings on your way.”
Lizbeth, D., Black Mtn.,NC


“A couple of times you ask “Do you have any questions.” It amazes and surprises me every time. I heard it like you’re really open to a reply. That makes me happy. Thanks.”
Tineke H., HeiligLundstichting, Netherlands


“Dear Housekeeping Staff, Thank you for holding such a warm, loving, and nurturing space for me these past 9 days. I have felt rejuvenated, safe, and deeply appreciate your loving commitment to this precious work.”
Lizbeth S.,, Black Mtn.,NC


“Beautiful Ananda Community! I felt excited before my meals: taste, nourishment, and love! The beauty of the space, the care of the community, the ease of being here, thank you, I have so much gratitude for the way you are making change in the world possible! The space. The love.”
Isaac, Portland, OR


“Dear Ananda Community, I felt so touched by your warm, caring service and support for my well-being. It’s been like being held in a nourishing embrace all these 9 days. Bless you for your generous gifts!”
Vika M., Portland, OR


“Dear Hosts, I feel excited every mealtime – the food has been so nourishing and tasty – really helps me feel at home  It is been such a wonderful experience for me to stay here. I feel grateful to you all.”
Will J., Oxford, UK


“Thank you for your gentle hospitality, delicious food, cozy spaces and friendly faces.”
Kris M., Santa Cruz, CA


“Dear Yogananda family, thank you so much! The warmth, kindness, friendship, and care that you’ve shown me have really met my needs for safety, connection, love, and community”
Vimala, Mingaladon, Myanmar


“Dearest Beloved Ananda Community, thank you so much for your hospitality, extra care, and welcoming. We all enjoyed your presence and attention that you all gave individually to make our stay here so wonderful! David your contributions were amazing… and Michael in the kitchen…, all of you, so appreciated! I feel a warm glow in my heart and I will always think of you in this experience with love namaste.”
Joy, Portland, OR


“My deep gratitude goes out to all dear souls at Ananda who I did not see – those who make my bed and cleaned my room before I came and will do so again after I leave: to the ones who fixed the broken taps and doors and walls and so much more, to care for the building that houses such positive intention – such love. The dear ones in offices, behind computers and phones, and in the garden and grounds – dear all of what and who makes up Ananda – the divine in me salutes the divine in you. Thank you”


“To all the dear ones with Ananda Laurelwood – thanks so much for so richly and compassionately holding the space for us and with us.”
David E., Hillsboro, OR


“Thank you for your nutritious and tasty food: medicine you helped heal all my innards!”
Mika M, Surrey, B.C.


“Dear David and Miriam, thank you so much for holding the visible and invisible container of direct support through answering requests and maintain the physical and spiritual space. Your care allowed a deep opening and unfolding that was beautiful for me to witness in our group. Love, love, love and light to you all at the Ananda center.”
Marisa S., Portland, OR


“Chefs Yogananda, so much care, love, and aesthetics went into the meals that you blew my mind and heart. So tasty, so inspiring. Thank you from deep in my belly and heart. You rock!”


“Dear Ananda Center Community, I want to share my gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality from you. I particularly appreciate the love and nourishment in the food that was provided. I loved the diversity of cuisines and the vegan options that are in sync with mine values and help for my body. Wishing you a connecting and sustainable community going forward.”
Linda M., New Vernon, NJ


“Dear Ananda center, thank you so much for all your love, care, support, and nourishment. It felt so easy and so comfortable to share this beautiful space with all of you… The synergies between our group in the Ananda community was felt by all. Specifically the way that you all embraced us… The smiles, the warm greetings, the flexibility you shared throughout, and your willingness to work with us to make this a transformational experience for everyone was incredibly meaningful. I love knowing that this community exists and is a companion on the path to bringing love out into the world. Thank you again… 1000 times thank you!”
Aimee R., Missoula, MT


“Ananda community, I feel huge gratitude for sharing this space and your warmth and care. I felt such comfort here. Thank you for being with us and all the work. I hope so much you felt our care and respect of your space”
Marcia C., Poulsbo, WA


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