Testimonials for David Seybert and Miriam Rodgers

Testimonials for David Seybert and Miriam Rodgers

David Miriam meditation

David is a very gifted teacher. He has clearly arrived at his knowledge through experience. This allows him to relate to the learning process. He brings humanity and expertise to what he shares. Monica S., San Francisco, CA

October 2018

The silent retreat was wonderful. I was able to gain the silence and clarity I needed to focus on myself. I really enjoyed the yoga of vibration and chakra evening. It was powerful and really spoke to me. The format and pacing of the meditations were perfect. As a new meditator it was just what I needed. Brit A., Portland, OR

The Silent retreat was subtly revelatory. I wouldn’t change anything. I would love a part two. I felt the format and pacing of the guided meditations was the perfect balance of shorter sessions followed by longer stretches. Alistair L, Portland, OR

I had a wonderful experience and appreciated how thoughtfully the weekend was planned. The yoga sessions, Chi gong, and walking meditations were all terrific and much appreciated. Especially the chakra and Chi gong classes. I liked the format and felt the pacing was fair. Joshua K., Venice, CA

As a beginning meditator, the shorter meditations were a great introduction. And helped to build toward the longer sits. The night meditations were my favorite as the dim light made it easier for me to focus. I love the Chi gong, walking, and yoga practices. Paris H., Portland, OR

September 2018

I needed a break from my daily life to find peace. At Ananda I was able to stay positive and feel the relief coming from the practices. I really enjoyed the restorative yoga – it was transforming. I will certainly come back. Self-awareness is a path and journey and this is just the beginning. Daniela C., Portland, OR

I needed to turn off the cell, let go of some things, and change some habits. My expectations were exceeded! I most like being consciously aware of breath without controlling it. Teachers were fantastic. Josh H., Hillsboro, OR

I just wanted to learn about meditation. To see if I can actually train my mind to do it. I feel like, with practice I can. Excellent instructor. Thank you so much, David for sharing your amazing gift – I am blessed. Monte E., Fairview, OR

The weekend absolutely met my expectations and more. I wanted to learn to meditate and how to continue to practice this in my daily life. I love the guided meditations – and helped me stay on target. I’m not as good doing it by myself I hope with practice I will get better. Molly M., Washougal, OR

I had no expectations, however – although I’ve been to many meditation classes/retreats over the years, this was by far the best one! Very well thought out, presented, and I appreciated the incremental process. Akaija

My goals were to be open and receptive. David presented the many ways one can meditate, energize (chakra, superconscious living exercises) giving me the opportunity to choose what resonated with me. I liked the instruction on creating a space and time. Michelle A., Petaluma, CA

I am a novice and wanted to understand more about mindfulness and meditation. I gained insight that seems practical in real life. David is thorough and knowledgeable. I like his real-world experiences and stories. He allowed us plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Randi M., Portland, OR

The technique I will take with me is the chunking of longer sits into manageable time frames to extend the length of my overall practice. I appreciated the level of guidance. Yoga was wonderfully relaxing. I appreciated getting to know our teacher better and the time he spent getting to know us. For me this was the biggest advantage. David is very kind, approachable, understanding, supportive, and genuine. Sharon P., Washington DC

Retreat was excellent and my goals for learning how to be more mindful were definitely met. David is excellent at helping with the guided meditation. His clear calm voice exactly the right moment to help with focus. David was very informative and knowledgeable in his practice. He is very able to answer questions and guide you to be successful. Very satisfying experience. Holly T., Tigard, OR

Meditation sessions were very helpful. Realizing it’s a long journey and this is a baby step. David was able to help me understand the breadth of the course. I would love to come back and focus in depth sessions on each one he taught. Kenika G, Portland, OR

All sessions were geared towards nondenominational beginners, which I appreciated. More walking meditation (particularly if weather permits outdoors) would be great. Julie C., Bellingham,WA

August 2018

I wanted to give myself some dedicated time away from distractions to learn how and when to meditate. My goals were met! I think for me the most helpful part was learning about how to sit, options for breathing and how to make it part of my everyday habit. Chi gong was excellent! I would have loved to learn more, maybe do an outdoor class. I felt the teachers were great, easy to follow and very personable. I personally would have enjoyed a more group feel as it felt very much like a solo experience – but maybe that was intentional. Pam H., Woodinville, WA

Connection to myself was my main goal and I certainly realized it! The rhythm of the days was perfect just enough structure with quite a bit of personal time in between. I appreciated the genuine nature of each teacher I met. Each radiated joy and care. They wanted to teach. David’s voice is like an angel. Amy V., Seattle, WA

My goal was to have a relaxing weekend with my daughter that was full of yoga, meditating and with a spiritual feeling. My goals were very much met. The yoga was really great and meditating his back on my radar. The teachers were great. I really felt their enthusiasm and how beneficial Ananda has been in their lives. Susan F., San Diego, CA

I just wanted to focus more on meditation and self-care. My goals were met! Loved Miriam’s affirmations with the chakras. Really enjoyed Miriam’s class! And Chi gong! Glad to practice walking meditation. Nancy N., East Hampton, MA him him him him

June 2018

The presenters, teachers and staff treated me well and helped me feel as though I was a part of the community!!! The environment and energy helped me feel more content….. And a little more blissful. The most usable idea I received revolved around stilling my mind. Levi W., Portland, OR

The “back to basics” meditation and yoga guidance to help me anchor my daily practice. I enjoyed the different yoga sessions a lot. Nice to be shown how gentle is powerful! Mary T., Seattle, WA

I like having the opportunity to discover yoga and Chi gong as a part of a meditative process. The guided meditations were very useful and practical. Yoga was very relaxing and helpful to stay at peace. Chi gong was a new experience! I appreciated the practical side of the retreat. The teachers way of speaking of their own experience made and accessible. Emeline K., Montpellier, France

My husband and I wanted to get away from the business of life and make room for ourselves and our spiritual practices. Cindy C., Eugene, OR

I wanted to learn basics for meditating at home. I am leaving with a solid foundation in feel able to continue with what I’ve learned. My main concern was that I wouldn’t be able to stay focused – I feel okay now with being very gentle with myself when my mind wanders and bringing myself back. Qigong was particularly wonderful. The instruction was very clear and easy to follow. The teachers were all lovely. The sessions with David and Miriam were very useful and inspiring. Suiya K., Sedro-Woolley

The calm, accepting atmosphere and guided meditation helped me towards my goal to be more mindful and present through meditation. I feel confident that I have been given the tools I need to accomplish my goals. Miriam and David were both exceptionally welcoming and calming in their teachings. Especially to the guided meditations I appreciated the forgiving calm tone used by David. Miriam offered me a soul connection that I have not previously experienced. She was definitely intentionally placed in my life path and I will be forever grateful. Being in her presence is like a homecoming. It is where I am supposed to be. The inspiration I feel gives me such hope and comfort. Michelle, Medford, OR

I wanted to reboot my meditation/yoga practice and I’m leaving with some helpful tools to do that. I appreciate the emphasis of how we reintegrate what we learned in our home environment. I loved honoring the divine feminine in prayer and starting that phrase was lovely. The best Chi gong instruction I’ve yet to receive. Broke it down in small enough increments I could follow. I love the team teaching approach. Jacqueline B., South Beach, OR

I wanted to learn how to start a meditation practice. I think I can now. By getting real experience. Just doing it (with gentle help) great experience. No disappointments. The Chi gong was interesting and challenging, answered some questions about what it is. The teachers without exception were kind, welcoming, and helpfulness itself. Anne S., Mount Angel, OR

April 2018

Both meditation and yoga classes were very helpful for achieving my goal is to find peace and grounding. David and Miriam were both great! Very good insight and helpful techniques. Drawing from personal examples is helpful. The location is fantastic. The room was comfortable and clean. The food was fantastic! Loved having access to snacks between the meals. Melissa S., Portland, OR

Exceeded my expectations. I was able to ask any question and instructors listened and responded openly. I was especially blessed with a one on one with one of the staff members. I loved all of the yoga sessions. It was helpful to be exposed to a wide range of meditative and chanting practices. The instructors were very articulate and was helpful to hear about their journey. The facility was quiet, clean, and comfortable. It would be nice to turn half of the hall lights off at night. The food was very good and it is so nice to have access to tea and fruit throughout the day. Ron T., Bend, OR

I wanted to get inspired to start a regular meditation practice, and I feel my goal was met. I found a cushion I really liked and I’m coming away with many practical cues to use in practice. The restorative yoga was wonderful. Qigong was a great introductory class, I liked that it was explained as “Taoist yoga.” The presenters [David and Miriam] were excellent. I really appreciated their openness and honesty. They did a great job at explaining meditation in a very open and accessible way the setting is very beautiful and conducive to quiet reflection. Rebecca W., Victoria, B.C.

My goal was really to be open to all the experiences of a first-timers weekend. Participating in the myriad of opportunities – hatha yoga, Chi gong, restorative yoga and the kirtan gave me the “full meal deal.” Through these I was able to explore the meditation responses that my own body, mind, and soul resonated with. The restorative yoga was extremely healing for me. The Chi gong was something I’ve always wanted to explore so it was a great addition to the weekend. The kirtan opened my heart through one of my favorite expressions – music and song. For the teachers [David and Miriam] I say keep doing what you are doing. Each one of you offered your truth and hard in a beautiful heart centered way and created a relaxing, accepting environment. Katie L., Beaverton, OR

The yoga was great! Was the perfect way to start the day. The restorative yoga was deep and thoughtful. What a great way to recharge! The Chi gong has me thinking about going to classes closer to home. I really appreciated the ability to move and work on energy. I appreciated the teachers’ (David and Miriam) ability to share their personal experiences of how they ended up on their path. I felt engaged without pressure. I loved the serenity of being in the hills and the lush environment. The food was good. Heather M., Portland, OR

I experienced the best meditation I have ever achieved and will continue to learn. I felt like I was part of a spiritual community. Restorative yoga was excellent. David and Miriam were excellent teachers. Being in my 70s and more than a little deaf I couldn’t always hear Miriam’s soft voice. I enjoy the sense of a centered, grounded spiritual community. Ken W., Kamloops, B.C.

March 2018

Yes, my expectations were gladly met, loved the place, the people, the food. My most special moments for the kirtan, the prayers and all the meditations. Kirtan was simply beautiful, a blissful experience. I only did one yoga session and it was perfect (restorative). Chi gong was good, although I prefer yoga. All my comments are positive, wish there was more time and activities. I take home my new mantra from David’s prayers, “Let me be the channel of your love and life.” Food was fantastic, lodging is good and affordable, also clean. Wish my bed was a bit softer but it’s okay for a few days. I loved the Buddha garden, the walks, my room. Laura G., Vancouver, B.C.

A best like the third eye awareness and lots of meditation. My expectations of hoping to experience the deep, expensive, concentrated mine cultivated in meditation was met. I plan to take it with me and reestablish my meditation practice. Also was able to recharge and reset. I enjoyed all of the different yoga sessions especially the yoga Nedra practice. The kirtan was powerful, beautiful, invigorating, and set an energetic tone into the next day. David and Miriam strength are their experience, patience, calmness, and warm presence. I most liked the nature and peace of the retreat facility. I also loved Dana’s art. And the smell of meals being prepared. The food was perfect. Flavor, healthy, and variety. Lodging was simple and clean. I would’ve loved longer meditation sits but I know this is first-timers. I will be back! Thank you! Jena B., Corvallis, OR

My hope was to achieve inner peace and greater clarity, so yes my expectations were met abundantly. I liked best the kirtan and meeting your staff. The most usable idea was the Hong sought technique. I loved the meditation combined with yoga. This made meditation more accessible to me. I love Chi gong – I think I meditate in movement and loved the energy flow of it. The kirtan was pure joy and light. I learned so much from instruction and observation of David and Miriam (I want to learn more from you!) Every teacher here glowed. I loved the grounds especially the chunky/happy chickens. The kitchen provided yummy food with love that fed the body and soul. The meditation and yoga room felt like home. The lodging was very good for the price (is not the lodging for me – it’s who’s in it). Nicole A., Portland, OR

My expectations were to have more calmness and less self-consciousness about how I connect with Ananda. My expectations were over met in a good way. I feel relaxed, open, willing to participate and learn, and safe to be myself, where I am, to explore, take risks, make mistakes and grow. The different yoga sessions were fantastic. I loved the Chi gong practice. A beautiful demonstration of working with energy. The kirtan was amazing, moving, and joyful. The strengths of Miriam and David are their humble, gentle approach that makes Ananda feel safe, welcoming, open and flexible. The way you work together is a lovely example of a peaceful, cooperative, non-ego-partnership. Your sharing personal experiences helped lessons feel non-intimidating, accepting, encouraging, and flexible. The food and lodging was delicious, welcoming, homey, comfortable, cozy. Dora, Oakland, CA

David and Miriam taught three wonderful classes – in detail. Many tools were used to help us learn and I loved the handouts! I very much enjoyed each yoga session. It was useful having different teachers as well. Both David and Miriam have such beautiful energy, very inclusive of everyone, calm, loving, and a sincerity of wanting us to learn and grow. JuJu, Newburg, OR

The yoga sessions were great and so was the Chi gong practice. The best part of the weekend was the kirtan chanting group. One of the chance touched my heart deeply and helped to heal my grief. I most liked the quiet area and the friendly teachers and patrons. The food was outstanding. The room simple, basic and clean and pleasant. The only downside was not being able to drink the tap water and had to go to the cafeteria to refill my water bottle. Pam D., Portland, OR

January 2018

Deep in the Oregon countryside, lies a serene place to nourish your body and soul and emerge refreshed. All the props for yoga and meditation were great! I loved the yoga. [David and Miriam] gave lots of good information but I want more. Both were very quiet and calm which is great. The thing I most liked about the retreat center is that it is here! Close to home. It’s accommodating and peaceful. Beth B., Portland, OR

This is a spiritual community with an amazingly open heart to people of all walks of life. This is a great place to find your own path, while being surrounded by folks that live consciously. The first timers covers it all, from what Ananda is about, why to meditate, how to meditate, and how to take your practice back home. Miriam and David are kind, patient, and quite clear in their instruction. The yoga sessions were great. What a variety! I liked the difference in the energy of the presenters. David and Miriam work slower and more deliberately, which helps us to gain comfort. Much of the information transferred to Susan’s yoga class, so the faster pace was welcome. It’s cliché, but the food is amazing. Ken T., The Dalles, OR

The meditation, yoga, and Qigong helped settle my busy mind, and I could drop into my heart and feel connected again to life and love. Yoga was great, gentle and provided its purpose – to calm the mind for meditation rather than a competitive exercise class. Qigong was amazing. The presenters [David and Miriam] were very informative, I especially liked calm simplicity of explanation and techniques, very clear concise. Gentle and felt they really honored every person in the group. The food is full of love and devotion and I felt so cared for, being gluten-free and vegan. Priya McK., Honolulu, HI

The weekend’s retreat was energizing, restorative, supportive, uplifting in a nourishing and supportive environment. There were plenty of activities with no pressure to join or not in as much or as little as you feel you need. I was able to spend time with a focus on myself and to learn new practices that I can incorporate into my daily life. I wanted to find some peace and to slow my mind. I think all the presenters showed different glimmers of practices I can choose to bring into my life. The friendly approach of the presenters was much appreciated. I really liked how their teachings complemented one another. The retreat facility is beautiful, peaceful and not too far away from the city. I love the trails and the rolling hills. Stunning. The food was exceptional.  Juliet N., Maple Ridge, BC

I was hoping to begin a meditation practice and expand upon my yoga skills. My expectations were met! The best technique was learning how to quiet my mind. The yoga was perfect. Everyone did great in their teaching. The retreat facility was quiet. The land beautiful for walking/hiking/relaxing. Comfortable spaces for all activities. The food was simple and delicious, accommodating to all diets. Lodging was clean and comfortable. Tonya S., Sandy, OR

The Center provides a calm environment for exploring different styles of yoga and meditation. I was looking for an introduction to yogic practice and to expand my awareness of meditation practices. My expectations were exceeded. I really enjoyed the format and pace of the sessions. I wouldn’t change anything. I liked the Ananda Yoga best. All the instruction was fantastic. Great food. Everything was great. Jason W., Bellingham, WA

August 2017

Lovely, secluded spot perfect for those wishing to tune out the noisy world outside and tune in inside, with staff, accommodations, and food that perfectly enhances the meditative atmosphere. All my expectations were met. I definitely feel my goal has been achieved. The technique I like a lot is the Hong Sau while meditating. It really helps me focus back when my mind wanders. Qigong was amazing. And kirtan was fun and energizing. David is a very good guide in meditation. His voice is nice and helps keep you on task with meditating. Miriam is very kind and wise. She listens well and answers truthfully from her heart always connecting us to her. She is not “holy” and above us in her demeanor or words. Pete is a wonderful teacher, as is Susan. Both were clear and helpful in the poses. Dyane B., Ephrata, WA

 Opening and welcoming atmosphere and beautiful location with a good balance of personal retreat time and learning new skills in meditation. I needed time away from busy city life and for me, ideas and props for meditation are very appreciated. David and Miriam are great teachers – complementary. Maureen D., Portland, OR

 Great experience in learning how to use the tools of yoga for groundedness, personal growth, spiritual exploration, and spiritualizing daily life. Practical and accessible instruction that I can take with me and replicate and incorporate into my personal practice. I achieve my goals of reestablishing spiritual practices and groundedness in my daily life. The framework and structure for how to meditate and build the meditation practice was very useful. I really appreciated the exposure to the different modalities, some of which were completely new such as Chi gong. Powerful experience of group vibration at the kirtan. Each presenter brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to their sessions and it was great having variety of instructors. Shaun T., Richmond, B.C.

 I am a travel writer and will be including Ananda in two articles. The three-day first-timers retreat is an opportunity to have an introduction to meditation practices in a contemplative, warm and safe environment. You learn techniques and the theory of why as well as how to adapt what you learned into your outside life. I especially appreciate the importance of setting up a place and time dedicated to meditation. I loved the Chi gong session. David and Miriam set a tone with their soothing voices and intentional, attentive listening. Chi gong was a perfect introduction to a practice I had years ago. I loved kirtan. Ann R., Paulsbo, WA

 This was an enchanting and intimate weekend about participating, learning and excellent sharing and teaching by two well experienced meditators. I would highly recommend this weekend to all who seek inspiration and support for a deeper practice. I gain an appreciation for the Ananda path and I had fun. I felt I was able to participate at my own pace. Mele M.

 The weekend retreat was beautifully peaceful. Take a break from the busy world and spend time with yourself in nature. The best thing I heard this weekend was that meditating did not mean you turn your thoughts off. You find ways of acknowledging them and do not follow them down the rabbit hole. I struggled with trying to figure out how I could ever possibly shut off my thoughts. Yoga and Qigong were very peaceful and relaxing in their own way. I really enjoyed experiencing something new. The presenters were wonderful and very welcoming. There was no judgments or expectations and they really let you go at your own pace. Victoria H., Spokane, WA

 Amazing experience. Highly recommended. My expectations were surpassed. Using yoga to prepare for meditation was something I had never heard before. I would love to do more Chi gong. The yoga sessions were super good. Qigong was beautiful. Kirtan was fun and a beautiful way to end the day! I really enjoyed everyone! Liz B., Washaugal, WA

 A great introduction to meditation. Learning how to incorporate yoga into the routine and how to better balance for the poses. I enjoyed learning the different styles. Qigong was excellent and would recommend more. David – thank you for Chi gong! Miriam – you are such an inspiration! Pete – thank you for both yoga sessions – felt very comfortable. Great teacher. Susan – the 2nd session yesterday was fantastic (healing). Linda B., Washougal, WA The weekend was enjoyably informative – light and pleasant. My expectations were released and I found I am finding and able to learn and receive more fully. My goals were met and learning to establish meditation techniques to support a regular practice. The best idea I received is following the techniques and allowing myself to let them go. The Yoga Nidra experience was very revealing and vivid. I met myself in a completely new yet familiar way. Kirtan was lovely. Surrendering into the words for moments gave me a feeling of trust and relief. Kind and clear presenters. Open to questions and answers also brings insight and new perspectives. Kristyn A., Austin, TX

 Ananda Center is a relaxing and spiritual get away from the chaos of everyday life. If one is looking to get in touch with the divine, Ananda is the place to go. My expectations were met as I feel more peace and I loved the energization exercise. I also loved all the yoga sessions and Qigong was probably my favorite. I think all the instructors did fine. I loved the calmness of each one. Natalie B., Ellersbury, WA

May 2017

Exceptional retreat experience in every way, for all people. I have been on many retreats in many places – Ananda Laurelwood best by far! The yoga and Qigong practices were all excellent – superb teachers. The presenters [David and Miriam] are the best – all living examples of practitioners on the path. Solid knowledge – but most important – live every day as gentle instructors and promoters of practices. They were gentle. Kind. Effective. The retreat facility is comfortable. The natural setting – nature and beauty. Rooms and environment – felt could really settle in and be here. Michelle D., Vernon, B.C

The program was thorough and engaging. There was great energy and compassion shown by the presenters. The most usable idea was that it is fine to experiment and find the techniques that works best for yourself. Yoga was gentle and effective, as was the Chi gong. I enjoyed the variety. Kirtan was joyful and to a non-singer, non-musician, it was not at all intimidating. All the presenters were excellent! The retreat center is peaceful and beautiful. All the needs were comfortably met by the facilities so one can relax more easily into the practices. The food is healthy, tasty and plentiful. Peggy L., Castle Rock, WA

Kirtan was definitely the most fun and enjoyable time all weekend. I really like to do yoga with Pete. The location is incredibly beautiful. I enjoyed the food overall. Leigh J., Denver, CO

Our experience was a gold nugget. Do not miss it. Exceeds expectations. All of it was excellent. I loved the kirtan and was very happy that it is a part of the path at Ananda. Chanting for me has been and continues to be the path to my heart. David and Miriam, it has been wonderful to meet you too. You both are wise, openhearted, open-minded, kind, and welcoming. You are meant to be teachers! I hope to return. The retreat facility is set amidst natural beauty. It is open to all people not just the Ananda community. Was very universal principles – not dogmatic. Was warm, welcoming, friendly, devoted. The food is amazing and lodging is simple, clean, and comfortable. That is all one needs. Vindu B., Vernon, B.C.

The weekend was calming, peaceful, joyful and informative. I leave feeling significantly more grounded than when I arrived. Yoga was enjoyable – I am used to slightly more physically rigorous class but I enjoyed Pete’s style and left each class feeling good. Chi gong was also enjoyable – I would have liked to go more in depth. The grounds are beautiful. The welcoming energy from everyone working here. Julia M., Portland, OR

It was a calming and joyous experience. The environment is so peaceful, patient and happy! I feel the knowledge here was very useful. I really enjoyed the yoga sessions and was amazed at how energized I felt after the energization. Qigong was very calming and centering. I love how in sync the presenters are. They both offer their own experiences and advice while still being very much on the same page. I like that everything is so centralized. Eating, sleeping, doing yoga, walking in nature and meditation. It makes it easy to immerse yourself and gives a lot of ease to the routine. The food was delicious. Keyne W., Portland, OR

One of the best gifts I have given myself in a long time. I rediscovered that peace is inside me, it just has been dormant. The program was very good. They are all different types of yoga and Ananda resonates with where my physical body is right now. So I feel positive about honoring my body and continuing this type of yoga. Pete has a wonderful positive energy and was very supportive. Excellent vegetarian food. Janet W., Portland, OR

This workshop is for anyone who would like to expand his or her spiritual life. The program works well for any belief and is nonjudgmental and very welcoming and accepting. The yoga sessions were varied and Pete was an excellent instructor. Kirtan was joyful – and uplifting and happy experience. I did appreciate the flexibility of being able to ask questions and receive feedback. The course was not so rigid that the presenters had to stay with the curriculum. Thank you! The food was excellent! Dede C., Kelso, WA

February 2017

It’s an ideal environment to quickly “unplug” from life’s daily stresses and learn lifelong techniques for an improved quality of life. The most usable idea was to make incremental changes. I loved the Chi gong practice. Miriam and David created a safe, loving environment. They have expanded thinking in an inclusive way. The retreat center has great energy, beautiful surroundings, and warm, open people. The food was excellent and the lodging comfortable. Grace G., Henderson, NV

It was a wonderfully orchestrated meditation for newbies! A relaxing, and peace filled retreat. I love the tips on making a meditation area and all the different positions to meditate. I can’t think of anything I would change. I loved Chi gong! Enjoyed Miriam and David very much as presenters. Excellent food, comfortable rooms, everything in one building. Fabulous! Cindy M., Vancouver, OR

If you’re seeking meditation and serenity… First Timers weekend retreat will get you started. Miriam and David work well together. Their voices are calm and restful. I liked most the community, the surrounding and peaceful presence of space. The food and lodging was outstanding/healing. Lynn M., Burns, OR

It was truly relaxing and ideal for winding down from stress. Was a healing and calming experience. I loved the meditation and breathing techniques and will incorporate into daily life. I hope there will be longer retreat offerings in the future. The yoga teachers were excellent. Loved the inclusion of affirmations in between poses. The presenters were perfect! Loved them both. I like most the staff and teachers of the program. Also the environment of the retreat facility with this food and clean rooms. The food was excellent. Yummy, tasty, and clean. Likivi F., Chicago, IL

The workshop gave me very practical and easy to understand information on how to practice meditation. Very supportive and encouraging. The most usable idea was that practicing, even a little bit, is better than an “all or nothing” approach. I liked the slower, “restorative type” yoga that we had on Sunday. The Chi gong was wonderful. The kirtan was beautiful. Both Miriam and David were great – I appreciate their mellow and encouraging style and honesty about it all being a constant learning process. The facility is restful with a quiet atmosphere. The rooms are clean and cheerful. The food is varied and I loved all the veggies! Lisa B., State College, PA

The weekend was an engaging entry into yoga and meditation. I enjoyed the meals and the lovely rooms. Joshua S., Vancouver, WA

It was nice but at times I thought it could move a little quicker. I felt too much explanation went into some things but not enough time to practice. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it a 10 – excellent. The most usable technique is the breathing, chanting, and making space and time for meditation and yoga practices. I liked the Chi gong the would have liked to gone through the positions/poses rather than just listening all about them. The yoga was good. I enjoyed the kirtan and want to take the chants with me. The retreat facility is very peaceful. Dawn P., Vancouver, WA

I found the most usable ideas were the pranayama techniques. Yoga was great! Chi gong – I was a bit skeptical, but it turned out to be wonderful. Kirtan was okay. A few more Sanskrit chants would be fine. All the presenters were wonderful. Very knowledgeable and sincere in sharing their experiences. The retreat facility has a beautiful location. The food was amazing! Lodgings were nice, clean, and comfortable. Each day was very well-planned. Erik C., Portland, OR

It was a fun – knowledge and love filled experience. Lovely people, wonderful teachers in a learning weekend. It was great to brush up and relearn through a different voice. I enjoyed the yoga sessions. Chi gong was a little difficult to remember. Kirtan was also enjoyable. Everything was better than expectations. The retreat facility seems totally grounded because of the wonderful staff who are also spiritually grounded and it’s they who make this place wonderful and filled with warmth and hospitality and love. Totally unexpected. The food and lodging were excellent. Tonito S., Dimapur, India

Come find your center with the guide of David and Miriam. Enjoy good, thoughtful teaching and find that you too can meditate. I enjoyed the yoga. I think a restorative yoga at night would be great. Having different teachers was great and that the classes were different. I liked the Chi gong – it was new and different. I felt like the presenters could have a tad more structure to them but I’m very structured so there’s that. The food was AMAZING. The location is very serene and calming. I like the dorm style too. Kendra C., Portland, OR

The weekend was relaxing! Fun! I liked breaking up the meditation into smaller increments of time. Sitting on a specific shaped cushion was helpful. Yoga was good, different varieties of style would be fine. Kirtan was intriguing, though I’m not big on group chanting or singing. The walking trails were a nice place to take a break during the day. I especially enjoyed the silent breakfast. I’m normally so rushed in the morning before work, this enabled me to be mindful and present in the moment and to enjoy the meal. The rooms were clean and comfortable. I liked the experience of sharing a room with someone I didn’t know. It made the weekend more of an adventure. I met a lot of great people. The food was awesome!! Jenni K, Vancouver, WA

The weekend was a gentle, graceful introduction to meditation and Ananda yoga with lots of compassion and delicious meals. I found it most helpful to take time to find my seat, and to perform the simple breathing exercises and ease into meditation. The yoga sessions were really lovely. Appreciated that there were many different timeslots. The teachers were stellar. Had never done Chi gong before – enjoyed the practice and the metaphors. Kirtan had great energy and talented performers. The presentations were all quite good. David has a knack for explaining things well. The campus is beautiful. The teachers are talented. The food is delicious. The overall energy of the center is powerful and peaceful. Lisa A., Vancouver, WA

The retreat was a good introduction to meditation, Ananda yoga and offers a chance to channel your spiritual side. Energization was interesting – I like that it warmed the body up. The yoga sessions were great. Chi gong was good. I’m not very spiritual at all, so kirtan did not speak to me. Everyone was just lovely, very considerate and presented clearly. The retreat center is in a great area – very serene and relaxing. Great food! Shaina P., Portland, OR

In need of chill-out time? Come get centered and generate some peace and harmony to share with the world. The lovely, accepting and compassionate souls at Laurelwood introduce you to the divine inner spark in yourself and others. I really liked the pranayama and mantra techniques and the overall practical advice to set oneself up for success in meditation. I loved the yoga. I was especially surprised by how much I enjoyed the Chi gong! I most like to the energy, the kind facilitators, and the food at the retreat facility. The food and lodging was wonderful! Laura S., Portland, OR

The workshops were designed to draw you deeper into your spirituality through meditation and chanting. The yoga sessions help to relax you mentally yet energize your body. Yoga was great. The meditation at the end was great. Chi gong was surprisingly enjoyable for me, as I did not know what it was initially. David and Miriam were open and honest in relation to their own experiences. I value honesty a lot these days. I liked most how the retreat facility is all-inclusive. It provided everything I needed. The food was amazing. I thought vegetarian food was supposed to be bland. I was impressed. The lodging felt like I was in a bed and breakfast type of environment. Jasmine J., Seattle, WA


My only expectation was a peaceful guided meditation. I actually came out with so much more! I was taught different meditation techniques and that was the most important part for me. I liked the classes just as they are. This was a First timers weekend and it would be hard for people that have not been exposed to yoga to be more advanced. David and Miriam were very warm, professional, well-spoken and sweet couple. I really enjoyed their classes. And especially David’s way to guide the meditation. Elena M., Lake Forest, CA

I found it most helpful to learn tips on improving and making more consistent one’s meditation practice. I plan to use this knowledge to reinvigorate my connection to universal energies and for furthering my spiritual goals. Yoga was great. Qigong was awesome, and I would have liked to go through all of the 8 forms again. Miriam and David were both great. Warm and approachable, legitimately interested in everyone’s story and input. Their strengths were that they were fun, energetic, and caring. Their weakness was that they made me leave today. Peter S., Las Camas, WA

I liked the balance of yoga/meditation/nature/good food. I did not expect to be in a cohesive group, but that worked well. I expected yoga, I did not expect to be touched spiritually, but a gift that I was. The classes were great, all of them. Kirtan was beautiful, revealing, joyful – an unexpected gift. Miriam and David bring themselves fully to their work with us, and that is all you can hope for in a teacher. The retreat center was beautiful, quiet, no TV/radio sounds! Also love that it’s simple and not shiny, and is livable and being worked on. Surprised that there is Wi-Fi and that made a great bridge – that this actually is the real world, not a refuge (totally). Thanks for giving us this time and space. I hope it continues to be vital and peaceful and welcoming. Christy M. Portland, OR

I liked best the kind and loving instructors and residents are very welcoming. As a beginner, I got a taste of several aspects of the spiritual. I have discovered yoga followed by meditation is very powerful. Gosh, I wouldn’t change a thing. Both David and Miriam have open, happy hearts – just having a conversation with them leaves me feeling like I got a big hug. As a former teacher I always like to leave constructive… but I’m having a hard time here. The retreat center is peaceful -l surroundings and trails. The food! Maria is spectacular. Oh, those buttery cinnamon cookies! Brenna J., Corvallis, OR

I liked most that all the components of this class are focused on centering the mind and the body. My expectation was to learn good practices for this, and it was met. The explanation of how to reach a place of balance and maintain it was very thorough and easy to understand. I think the class was perfect the way it is! I think both Miriam and David did a wonderful job facilitating this class. They work well together. Michael F., Eugene, OR

I liked learning the basic 8 (Qigong) poses. I never knew there was a foundation! I wanted to get back into Qigong and this was such a great foundational course. David was very knowledgeable, interesting, thoughtful with his teaching approach. Rebecca P., Tigard, OR

I really enjoyed the 4 yoga classes I attended. They were energizing and Pete offered modifications to allow everyone to get the most out of it. I found it most helpful to learn the hong sau technique. I had practiced a bit with this before the retreat. I like the moon in pond visualization – I think it will help me to keep my mind focused. Yoga, Chi gong, and kirtan were all great. David and Miriam are totally focused on making the retreat participants comfortable and answering questions. They did not try to impose Ananda’s beliefs on us. The place is very inviting to new guests and it is a beautiful location. Rooms were bright and the paintings were extraordinary! The food was very good and the rooms were comfortable and roomy. Alaine W., Sherwood, OR

I like best sitting in silence. I tried to arrive without expectations. I am satisfied with my experience. I enjoyed the hong sau meditation and may incorporate it into my practice. Miriam and David seem like kind and genuine people. The food is tasty and healthy. The schedule seemed to have a good balance. Martin C., Boulder, CO

The class showed me how I can incorporate meditation into my daily busy life. It met my expectations in that way and was excellent by making me feel more connected to my inner self. I thought it was helpful to learn that there are several ways to meditate. I plan on using it to allow me to meditate in different situations. The presenters did a great job of making sure everyone felt welcome as well as letting people feel welcome to ask questions. I like that there is lots of space and it feels like a very free environment. I was a little skeptical about being vegan/vegetarian at first but the food tasted amazing. I think the program was well-balanced and I didn’t feel rushed between each event.   Leasia, M., Tacoma, WA

I loved the feeling of peace, the energy here was so beautiful. And the meditation practice was exactly what I have been looking for. I like the fact that everything was explained regarding meditation. When I walked into this place I thought I perhaps was meditating wrong. I see now that there really isn’t a wrong way as long as the willpower is there. I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the yoga teacher who was very detailed on every position. Qigong was very interesting as I have never heard of it but it was peaceful. David and Miriam have such a beautiful flow when they teach. I wouldn’t have changed anything. I will definitely be back to this place. I am not vegan and at first I thought that was going to be a challenge. However, that was the most tastiest food. Thank you!    Daisy M., Vancouver, WA

I liked best the mix of instruction and practice. I expected to learn and challenge myself and that happened. I found it most helpful to do energization in the morning and possibly in work situations also that meditation can be just 10 minutes a day. But breathing all day. I did everything – all the yoga classes, Chi gong, and kirtan. I found Miriam very delightful and authentic. I liked David’s flow and energy.     Stacy, Portland, OR

I had very little expectations. On purpose – I liked all of it – the free time to explore and the mix with the classes was great! I really enjoyed learning about Ananda yoga, as well as the guided meditations. I will practice all of it!! Overall I thought this was a very valuable and wonderful experience. It was powerful and will serve as a great resource in the future. I will recommend, nay demand, that everyone I know attend in the future! The food and mealtimes as well as the accommodations were great and the property here is truly amazing. I appreciated the different perspectives and strengths that both David and Miriam brought to the classes. Pete’s yoga was amazing!      Stevie G., Portland, OR

My mind races at warp speed daily and nightly and through meditation class. I was able to finally quiet the noise and just “be.” I’ve never felt better. This wasn’t a part of the class but the way my body reacted to the food. I was so swollen and fatty feeling and by the last day of the weekend, my bloating was completely gone and my body felt purified. So I learned that food choices can change your physical and mental well-being. Miriam and David were awesome. So helpful, approachable, and magnetic. For me this was an awakening to live a better more holistic life. I’m ecstatic to start my journey and plan on coming back here in combination with going to the temple in Beaverton. The vibrations here and the overall positive energy feels incredible to me. The food was a 5 star quality. Whole place was very clean and the bath towels are so soft. The program was perfect.   Julie S., Hillsboro, OR

I liked best the heart opening kirtan! I learned that I actually can sit on the floor with the mugger hugger for sadhana. A happy discovery. The experience is a little different between people who are brand-new to meditation and those who have a longer experience (me). But I realize it’s good to have supportive energy. I was fine with all of it. Miriam and David were wonderful – their energies and how they presented the material. The people put into practice the teachings – it shows. I felt welcomed and cared for by those who have been here. Warm atmosphere and uplifting environment – inside and out.    Joy A., Bloomington, IN

I liked best the silent times and the kirtan. I found it most helpful to learn energization exercises and to practice sitting upright. I appreciated how Miriam tuned into the feel of the group. I think both Miriam and David are sharing what is dear to their heart and that’s awesome.      Tate, Portland, OR

The best part was practicing meditating. It was most helpful to learn about keeping the spine straight and its relation to breathing. Was a great introduction to yoga. Chi Gong could have been one more session! Kirtan was moving! David and Miriam were calm, informed, and patient. The food was tremendous! Lodging was comfortable. Kirsten A., Portland, OR

I most liked the combination of yoga and meditation. I plan to start both a yoga and meditation practice. I also plan to look into Qigong. Miriam and David co-facilitate quite well. I most liked the quiet, view, and where you’ve done remodeling it’s very nice. Ascetics are important in a retreat center so it would be good to get the buildings painted. Karen T., Portland, OR

I liked the relaxing setting in nature and the vibes of the place and the people. I best like learning new ways to meditate. Was helpful to learn the benefits of energization and yoga especially as a preparation for meditation. I love David and Miriam’s presence and calm wisdom and experience that permeates all they do, all we do, and all I do here! Was a great experience, thank you for offering the sacred space for learning and community! I most like the country setting, the quiet, and the simple and clean private room. The food was great, simple, yet fully conducive of the purpose. Dean T., Portland, OR

I best liked the kirtan. I plan to do more yoga postures and expand my yoga practice. Miriam and David were great. Always clear. The food and lodging were satisfactory. I understand the lodging is a work in progress. The schedule was always relaxed, never rushed. Jeffrey R., Santa Cruz, CA

I had no expectations, other than enjoying returning to meditation and yoga in community. The energy and the people at Laurelwood surpassed my expectations! I liked the Chi Gong class and the walking meditation. I loved the kirtan! David and Miriam are both amazing, centered, calm, and intuitive people and it showed in their presentation style. Keep them would be my only suggestion. The food was fantastic and the rooms clean and inviting. I thought there was a good balance in the overall program schedule. Maria L., Gaston, OR

I liked the overall flow. The pace of activities was good. We weren’t introduced to too much too fast. I found it most helpful to learn the meditation techniques. The yoga was great. Just what I needed to get back into practice. My practice had fallen off because make two teachers moved away. Being introduced to this style reminisced me of what I really enjoy about yoga and has motivated me to search for a new teacher that focuses more on the spiritual side of things. I think David and Miriam were very well together. Nice pace. I really like the way you handle introductions. I liked the facility. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Jodi G., Portland, OR

I liked yoga and meditation sessions especially for someone who has back problems it’s helped me a lot to relax. Pete was really good as well. And meditations with David and Miriam are very refreshing. I plan to incorporate Qigong into my daily activities as well. Kirtan was soothing and very relaxing. David and Miriam are both great speakers and very accommodating. The location is very peaceful, surrounded by nature, idyllic setting. I’m not vegetarian but the variety of food they offer is really delicious. The schedule is pretty well-balanced and I was able to relax enough but didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. Francia O., Beaverton, OR

I liked best that Chi Gong and walking meditation. I didn’t come into the weekend with expectations and I really enjoyed every aspect of it all! It was helpful to do a bit of physical movement before meditating. I feel like that helps me to get into a meditation easier – will definitely incorporate that into my practice! Yoga was great Chi gong was great! Maybe even a few more moves if there’s time in future sessions. Kirtan was great! I love kirtan so I found it a beautiful addition to the weekend. The depth of communication of the elements of meditation was great. David and Miriam are both wonderful speakers/leaders. Their kindness, patience, compassion, and love, just emanate. They both have a very welcoming presence! The grounds are beautiful. I love that there was so many places to explore/hike/walk. Food was fantastic! Lodging – great! Rebecca T., Gaston, OR

I like best the reminders in actual practice of dropping deeply into meditation. That following set techniques (deep silence) can happen easily and naturally! It was most helpful. I loved Pete and his yoga sessions. Great info, approachable. Chi gong also eye-opening info regarding energy behind practice. Hard to hear outside – though I loved being outside. Love the team of David and Miriam – they complement beautifully. Thanks for the loving approach! The facility has such peaceful surroundings and there were great healthy food choices. It was a wonderful amount of yoga and meditation. Perfect – –nice mix of outside, inside. Lilywood M., Kihei, HI

I liked best community, friendship and acceptance. I came expecting a relaxing weekend retreat, which was absolutely met. I best liked learning the meditation fundamentals, especially preparing the mind and breathing techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed kirtan, which I have never experienced before. I love the Chi gong and walking meditation outside on the lawn. I thought classes were well taught. I thought the presenters were wonderful – great speakers, clear and patient. I appreciated that they allowed everyone to experience and explore at their own pace and comfort level. The grounds are beautiful and there is a sense of peacefulness. Fabulous food, clean rooms and facilities. Vivian C., Portland, OR

I like how we had at least two meditation opportunities each day to really get accustomed to it. Was most helpful learning about various props to facilitate in the meditation. David and Miriam are both very dedicated and explain things well. Just getting deeper into meditation techniques (for example more mantras, more methods) would be great. The environment and space is very relaxing and the nearby walks are pleasant. Rooms were pleasant and clean and everyone was very kind. Great salad bar. Sahar M., Vancouver, OR

I loved that it was geared towards beginners and walks you through the very basics of meditation. Short sessions and repetitions help you get into remembering the steps to aid in making a practice you can take home. Pete was a great instructor. Thank you, David and Miriam, for being vulnerable and telling us about all your life experiences to help us in our meditation. The food was delicious. I wasn’t sure how it would be being all vegetarian, but the cooks won me over. Lodging was clean and provided all that we needed. Gabrielle R., Hillsboro, OR

The days are filled with instructive and transformative programs but there’s also freedom to choose what to participate in (or not) without pressure. I found it most helpful to learn that yoga is intended to prepare the body to meditate. I will use yoga as a tool to prepare myself for meditation. I loved everything I participated in. Miriam and David are both excellent facilitators. I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the cozy spaces. Soft carpet. Wonderful energy. Natural setting. Beautiful flowers. Lovely sounds from the wind chime and birds too! The food is great. Julie G., Milwaukee, OR

I liked best being able to deepen my understanding of and commitment to a daily meditation practice. I have a more open heart and desire to find more channels for calmness and growth. I found it most helpful to learn that environment matters. I’ve been struggling with living in a “cluttered,” noisy, brusque environment in Southern California and realize I need to make a change to really feel empowered and at peace. I loved David and Miriam! A great complementary duo – with Miriam’s patient and accepting Spirit balancing David’s energy and determined spirit. The meals were outstanding – love the tea available all day. Also the grounds, gardens, and llamas are awesome! I look forward to returning sometime soon! Susan T., Newport Beach, CA

I came looking for a way to “kickstart” my yoga and meditation practices; both had lapsed. The classes gave me some new inspirations and helped me understand the reasons for my “the dropping out.” The energization practice before yoga will definitely help start my days. I found it most helpful to learn meditation techniques to help me let go of judgment of my processing and go deeper into practice. Both David and Miriam are good listeners and thoughtful in responding to questions. I appreciate their interactions when they teach together. I enjoyed it all – learned a great deal. It was great to be outside the city for a while. The food was outstanding – nutritious, delicious, and filling. I hope to return soon. Liz C., Vancouver, WA

I liked best the transparent openness of David and Miriam, really embodying the spirit of Ananda – vulnerability – based on trust. It was most helpful to have a variety of meditation techniques which can be custom tailored for each individual’s breathing, body, soul and spirit. I plan to continue to experiment. Yoga and QiGong sessions were very helpful! Kirtan became a powerful shared experience for me. David and Miriam’s greatest strengths are genuineness and authenticity, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience. First timers weekend is a wonderful introduction to meditation in the Ananda tradition. I love the simplicity, spiritual vibration which is life-giving, and hospitality and grace of the Ananda host. The food was tasteful,, accommodating to dietary needs, nutritious, and plentiful. Thank you!, Namaste….. David E., Hillsboro, OR


I liked the structured days – classes with option of not attending all classes and using the time is personal retreat. I enjoyed the variety of subjects covered and the amount of time spent on each idea/subject. I found it most helpful to learn meditation and using yoga and Chi Gong to get the body ready for meditation. That was a very helpful tip I will use in my practice. The food was amazing and I really enjoyed the community living. Rachel M., Eugene, OR

I like the emphasis on environment. Was most helpful to learn about creating a space for meditation and to learn about environment over willpower. I plan to create a space that is comfortable. Miriam and David strengths are making everything accessible to everyone. I thought the balance was perfect. Michael W., San Francisco, CA

It was perfectly at my level for learning more about meditation and yoga. I found it most helpful to learn comfortable positioning and breathing techniques that are going to help me with my practice. The simple prayers, invocations, and intentions will be easily translated into daily life. Pete was a very encouraging yoga instructor. It’s easy to have anxiety about having a hard time keeping up. He was good at addressing that. Chi gong was a good beginning. Kirtan was entrancing. David and Miriam were gentle, knowledgeable, and down to earth. The food was very nourishing and enjoyable. So grateful to partake! Tonia W., Portland, OR

I liked best the kirtan and the deep conversations at mealtime. And the whole thing was very well organized! Miriam and David are very open and engaging. Amazing food! Bed is comfy, showers hot, very pleased! I would certainly recommend it as an event space! Nancy L., Portland, OR

I loved how casual it is. How we can ask questions at any time. It feels more like a chat  than actual class which is perfect. Everything was helpful. The posture and breathing techniques will certainly help me a lot from now on. The yoga classes are really good as it built up. Starting easier and things being added up each session. Miriam and David were both awesome and have an amazing energy. I liked how clean the retreat facility is and it helps with the peaceful energy all over. Food was really good. I loved all the activities. Vivian R., Brazil

I like best the food, content of workshop, vibe of staff, personality of presenters, and the great facility with excellent gift shop. I found it most helpful to learn that I need to practice on a daily basis. Daily is better than none. The food was A+++. I would do this again 100% perfect balance. We’ll come back ASAP. Steven T., Tampa Bay, FL

David and Miriam were real, practical, and open. Breathing techniques and meditation with the most helpful part of the class. I am a bi-vocational pastor and tend to over schedule. Stress is real in my life. I plan to use what I’ve learned to bring balance. Absolutely loved the kirtan. David and Miriam were very approachable. The couples room is beautiful and comfortable. Not noisy, peaceful. The food was wonderful. As a person with celiac, I really appreciate the safe gluten-free choices. Staff was always helpful and kind! Shari E., Hillsboro, OR

I loved learning the yoga/meditation skills and connection. I like the way you taught meditation set up so we can implemented at home and institute daily in our lives. I plan to set up a corner in my house and institute a regular practice. David and Miriam were very practical, low-key, and down to earth. I enjoyed how you both guided us through the teachings and practices. I like meeting the residents and folks doing the internships and getting a better understanding of the community. Suzanne G., Portland, OR

I enjoyed it all. I like the yoga class and the energization technique. Dru T., Santa Cruz, CA

I liked that they took the time for questions and to always check-in. I found it most helpful to learn the meditation techniques and ideas to quiet the mind. I plan to use energization, breathing techniques and meditation techniques at home. The Chi gong was relaxing and energizing at the same time. David and Miriam are warm and friendly and teach in an understandable way. It was a great balance of classes, yoga, and personal time. Janelle, Gresham, OR

I liked best the kirtan and meeting others. The grounds are beautiful and it feels expansive. Amazing food! Great balance. Rachel P., Boulder, CO

I liked the yoga classes best. I also like learning Chi gong and will use it at the beach. Miriam and David well work together and were very compatible, complementary of each other. Laura N., Tualitin, OR

I liked the varied experiences, the accepting, kind and generous teachers. My expectations were to introduce my sister to meditation. Those were exceeded, and for me I experience joy at being in a committee of people who value meditation and its benefits. My favorite was yoga and body acceptance, but for my practice of meditation I “remembered.” The importance of every day community. All was wonderful! I thought having the variety was exceptional and saw the impact on myself and sister – freedom to explore, to be where I was without criticism of self. Miriam and David strengths were their timing, humor, self stories that give permission and hope. Also there were clear directions, acceptance of all beliefs. Allowing people to be where they were with warmth and welcoming us all. The food was great and varied. Sandra T., Tigard, OR

Miriam and David did a very good job. Thank you for your knowledge! It was a wonderful opportunity to recharge with mindfulness and meditation. Priscilla, D., Tigard, OR

David is a very gifted teacher. He has clearly arrived at his knowledge through experience. This allows him to relate to the learning process. He brings humanity and expertise to what he shares. Monica S., San Francisco, CA

The practical and timely advice on how to meditate was so helpful! Thank you so much for creating a safe space for us to learn and grow. Miriam and David in particular were so sage and genuine. Thanks! Stephanie K., Colorado

I loved the closeness I felt with them [David and Miriam], a safe peaceful haven and style of learning. Cyndi R., Liberty Lake, WA

David and Miriam were wonderful! I found it most helpful to learn visualization and breathing techniques for meditating. These will help me greatly while on my own. I loved that I was able to do yoga, Chi gong, meditation, and chanting in one day! Tatiana L., Monrovia, CA

Miriam and David have a calm presence, kindness, and were good at answering questions. Individual instruction may be helpful. QiGong was great. Belinda B., Seattle, WA

I enjoyed being welcomed into the community and getting a chance to learn about this way of life. It was helpful to learn the whole meditation process. How to prepare for it and what to expect. Both Miriam and David felt authentic and real in sharing their stories. Natalie C., Portland, OR

The presenters were just excellent – knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, and friendly. The best thing about the weekend was being able to try meditation and feeling as though I can now keep up a practice and develop it. I learned so much about the right way to do it from David! We learned a lot and we enjoyed every moment together in this idyllic setting. Thank you all! Yvonne A., Seattle, WA

Great job! Super patient with everyone’s questions and great job with facilitation of group activities. Sky E., New York, NY

David is very easy to talk and listen to, presents things clearly and simply, and is happy to explain anything. Same for Miriam, and I love her singing and playing the harmonium. I wish I could hear that every day. Everyone was so welcoming and I really felt at ease, with no pressure at all. Jessica Curtin, Portland, OR

I wasn’t sure that meditation would be for me because my brain is always working at million miles a minute, but the breathing techniques and walking meditation really worked for me. I had a perfect, and better than I expected experience. This is by far the best, most relaxing\liberating experience I have had a very long time. Thank you so much. Alyssa M., Sherwood, OR

Thank you so much for everything! I feel I have some great tools now to practice meditation, which is why I came! I love the kirtan and singing together. Everyone was wonderful. Maureen B., Dallas, TX

Everything I needed, I found in this program. Catherine S., Dallas, TX

The staff is excellent. Energy here is great and meditation techniques are very valuable. I think David and Miriam complement each other very well. They’re both very knowledgeable, friendly, and high vibration people. Susan M., Ashland, OR

David and Miriam are both very warm and supportive! I really enjoyed the Qigong practice. Great instruction! I best liked the instruction on how to start small, and help establish a routine for meditation. David K., Lummi Is., WA

Dear David and Miriam, thank you so much for holding the visible and invisible container of direct support through answering requests and maintain the physical and spiritual space. Your care allowed a deep opening and unfolding that was beautiful for me to witness in our group. Love, love, love and light to you all at the Ananda center. Marisa S., Portland, OR

Presenters were quite impressive! Awesome! The meditation techniques and clearing the mind was the most helpful that I learned. I will definitely make meditation more a part of my life. Hopefully every day! It will be shocking to go back to my life at home but I have new tools to help create the life I want to live. Sandra P., Eureka, CA

I never thought I could learn so much over the weekend. I thought I already knew quite a bit about yoga and meditation, but there were definitely quite a bit of eye-opening moments. You were lovely, beautiful people to learn from. It was an entirely calming and peaceful experience. There were so many smiles and so much love throughout the weekend. Ananthi R, Seattle, WA

The presenters are wonderful, dedicated, and loving. I’ve never meditated before, and didn’t think it was possible. I learned to relax and clear my mind in order to meditate. I learned the most amazing techniques and now find that I can meditate. Diana, K., Cincinati, OH

I love the sense of community. I was hesitant before my arrival but found myself instantly “at home” with the guests and facilitators. This in turn, allowed a deeper opening and a richer experience. It was most helpful to learn how much singing/mantras help my meditation practice. I plan to use music and singing in my regular practice as it helps me to center and calm my racing thoughts. The presenters, David and Miriam, were wonderful. They both have a very calm and easeful manner. It was a splendid experience. I loved it! Kelly R., Bend, OR

I most like the in-depth nature of each segment of instruction. I found QiGong most helpful and wonderful! There were several different aspects of meditation that were new to me. Each presenter was clearly knowledgeable, prepared, and skilled. Each was willing to take extra time to communicate with participants who asked for additional information or guidance. Virginia H., Eugene, OR

It’s hard to choose what I like best about the weekend. I’d say the pace of activities, nice and slow, steady, plenty of time for rest and reflection. The Saturday night kirtan was magical. Diane R., Eugene, OR

The entire experience was wonderful. The group – magic. I found it helpful to learn that whatever way I meditate, whatever way I do yoga, or the poses, it is personal, it is perfect, it is okay. I found each of the classes informative. Thank you, Miriam and David, so appreciated your sharing your gifts with us. As you say in America, “awesome.” Antionette A., Dublin, Ireland

I deeply benefited from the community, the teachings, and the delicious food. I so enjoyed learning more about meditation: how to do it and when to do it. Also the different breathing techniques to use while meditating. I really enjoyed the yoga class that I took this morning (Sunday). I enjoyed all the presenters. Everyone did a fantastic job. Hailey E., Eugene, OR

I loved best learning with others. When we all breathed together, it was magical! Was most helpful working with the breath in a variety of ways. I will keep that awareness. The presenters did a great job! I appreciate their willingness to share their knowledge, both verbally and in printed material. Jamie B., Grants Pass, OR

The class gave such positive encouragement and intention to personal needs, experience, etc. The presenters were friendly and personable. It was a lovely way to share values and experience with a variety of people. Jim M., Hillsboro, OR

I found it most helpful to learn about the preparation for meditation – the prayers, posture, chanting. I’ve always jumped in with less success. Both presenters felt very grounded. Rebecca R., Portland, OR

I enjoyed the people, the teachers, and the magic of the program. Learning how to prepare for meditation and how to sit for meditation was very helpful. I plan to use everything I’ve learned here when I return home. I was very happy with the presenters. Arielle L., Los Angeles, CA

I enjoyed the guided meditation that compared thoughts to pebbles being thrown into a still pond. That was useful for my practice to let the thoughts ripple on and bring myself to the still center. I felt the true genuineness in the presenters‘ practice. I felt safe. Jessica M., Beaverton, OR

I enjoyed the energy of the community. I enjoy learning about meditation. I never realized there were so many things to it! I completely enjoyed the presenters. The teachers‘ joy is infectious. Sandy G., Lake Forest Park, WA

I found it most helpful to learn how to intentionally make a physical space and mental preparations for meditation at home. Thank you for being so genuine. Shari N., Vancouver, WA

I appreciate the teaching of the basics and fundamental aspects of meditation. Loved the guided meditation. I found the teaching on posture useful as well. Was most helpful to learn tools to be able to sit comfortably and properly. Melissa J., Eugene, OR

It was helpful to learn to take time and invest into myself. And I liked the tai chi and Qigong. The presenters were wonderful and full of useful knowledge that they could clearly communicate. Thank you! Jan H., Portland, OR

I loved all of you! Miriam is so special. David so kindhearted and knowledgeable. I feel much more comfortable with my meditation practice. Thanks for a wonderful weekend. Emily P., Phoenix, AZ

I found it most helpful to learn the different postures for meditation and how to use the kneeling benches and cushions. Beginners yoga was perfect for me after recently having surgery. Ronae C., Ridgefield, OR

The class was well-balanced. I loved all the yoga sessions and Qigong practice. David and Miriam did a good job! Maris A., Newberg, OR

I found it hopeful to learn all the different sitting aids that one can use. I also like that time was taken to listen to everyone in the class. Diana S., New York, NY

I best liked the basic concept of making peace through meditation a reality in our everyday realities. It was most helpful to learn to be present with myself and accepting of what’s in the moment. Yoga was fantastic. I really enjoyed the kirtan also. David and Miriam were wonderful. Jocelyn H., Woodburn, OR

I best liked the gentle guidance of the instructors. It was most helpful practicing with others. I would have liked ever-increasing meditation times. QiGong was very nice. David and Miriam listened well and made helpful suggestions to students issues. Patricia , Sherwood, OR

The class had a free-form movement. It flowed informally as well as spiritually. I found it most helpful to learn the yogic techniques of meditation. It was good to see Qigong added as variety to the experience. Kirtan was great. We need this in our daily lives. David and Miriam did very good as a duo. I feel that working off their syllabus, they had more to offer. They should go in this direction to grow and expand. It was a great experience. Matthew W., Skamania, WA

You were all so loving and caring. You made every individual feel special. I loved the positive energy and attitudes. The support and quiet understanding from the staff and the gentle, nurturing environment. Jinny W., San Diego, CA

I liked best the nonjudgmental group. It was interesting and very supportive. It was most helpful to learn how to make time and space in everyday life. David and Miriam were lovely, supportive and without ego. Both were great and a nice balance. Jeni, Whitehorse, OR

The class opened up a whole new highway to help with my spirituality/growth. I found it most helpful to learn how to listen and be still. Thomas P., Lewiston, CA