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  • Contentment - 2 bedroom apartment with living/dining room, kitchen, and bath – $840.00
  • Harmony Suite – $670.00
  • Premium Queen with en suite bath – $600.00
  • Hostel-style Lodging – $316.00
  • Cozy Twins – $422.00
  • Comfy Full – $430.00
  • Serene Queen – $470.00
  • Pet-Friendly Room – $450.00
  • The bunk-bed room – $316.00

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How and Why of Rudraksha Malas

With Peter Copley and Pooja Copley

November 29 - December 1, 2019

Rudraksha seeds have been used for counting Japa and Mantras for millennia. The seeds are said to shield against negative energies, purify your life, food and water, and they balance your Ida and Pingala. During this class you will learn more about the history of wearing and using Rudraksha Malas as well as make a mala for yourself.

The class fee includes supplies to make a mala for yourself using Rudraksha Seed Beads with stone or glass counting beads. There will be additional supplies available for those who wish to make Malas to give as gifts for the holidays.


Peter Copley
Peter Copley is a Certified Ananda Meditation and Yoga Teacher. He went to Edger Cayce’s ashram as a teenager and ever since was interested in meditation. He studied for his Masters of Divinity in METHESCO and served as an assistant minister at First United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Ohio. He has…
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Pooja Copley
Pooja Copley grew up in Kolkata, India. She completed her Bachelors Degree in Physics and Masters in Management from University of Kolkata, India. She felt insecure and disappointed by the temporary nature of career, relationships, and human feelings. She started an active meditation practice in 2005 and went to Sarada Mission in…
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