• A) Contentment - 2 bedroom apartment with living/dining room, kitchen, and bath – $770.00
  • B) Premium Queen with en suite bath – $680.00
  • C) Premium Queen – $550.00
  • D) Premium Twin – $510.00
  • E) Deluxe Twin – $500.00
  • F) Standard Twin/Full – $440.00
  • G) Hostel-style Lodging – $396.00
  • H) Pet-Friendly Room – $530.00
  • (All prices include $220.00 base amount)

EMBODY THIS: A Movement & Mindfulness Retreat

With Sangeet Bachan Kaur

December 14 - 16, 2018

Thank you for your interest! At this time, registration for this weekend retreat is closed. Please check the online calendar for other programs.

Are you ready to listen?

To your body, that is. Dive into the mind-body connection through movement, meditation, and visualization practices used to transform consciousness and actions.

In this weekend retreat*, you will:

  • Explore and express yourself in a safe and creative space
  • Experience how visualization and the imagination impact behavior
  • Access deeper states of consciousness
  • Distill the essence of an experience and learn to fully embody it
  • Learn to integrate mind-body connections into daily life
  • Dance. Ecstatically

This dynamic retreat offered at the Ananda Center at Laurelwood features mind-body techniques used in meditation, art, theatre, therapy, and community development– as well as yummy vegetarian meals and a breath-taking rural landscape just outside of Portland, Oregon within a blossoming spiritual community.

No experience necessary; just a willingness to play and explore.

Embody This.

You won’t regret it.

*If you would like to come for the program on Saturday only, click here.


The way Sangeet blends body awareness, spirituality, and a knack for creative logistics makes me feel empowered in my own magic to make bigger moves. From her I’ve learned how to come into dialogue with my body and intuition as partners.–Q.A.W.

Working with Sangeet is like stepping into a warm room. She is very aware of people’s energies and respects people of all ages with her listening heart. I would trust her with any one’s imagination and personal growth. —J. Zodrow

Sangeet offers a safe and supportive space where I am free and unafraid to get spiritual!K. Kore

Collaborating with Sangeet allowed me to reclaim vision in my life, trust my intuition, and birth a sense of community. I still practice a meditation Krista introduced me to.C. Patton

Sangeet’s healing work transformed my life! My world has completely changed and expanded, and I’ve never been happier, more capable, more fulfilled, more loving, and more empowered. I went deep into myself and reclaimed my personal sense of power! From this profound, life-changing experience with Krista, I have embodied unbending authenticity, gratitude, self-love, and self-worth ever since.B. Francis



3:30-6:00 Registration at Harmony Hall

4:30-6:00 Yoga

6:00-6:45 Dinner

7:30-9:00 Introduction to Movement & Mindfulness:   Ease the mind and listen to the body with meditation, communication,                                                                                                       and improvisational movement.


(Also available as Day-Only)

6:30-8:00 Yoga/Meditation

8:00-8:45 Breakfast

10:00-12:30 Energy, Ease & Visualization:   Dive deeper into the mind-body connection using physical exploration,                                                                                                       visualization and techniques by Michael Chekhov

12:45-1:30 Lunch

2:00-3:30 Authentic Movement:   Integrate body and mind for elevated access to consciousness with this technique used in                                                                       spiritual, therapeutic, artistic, and community development.

3:30-4:30 Personal Retreat Time

4:30-6:00 Yoga

6:00-6:45 Dinner

7:30-9:00 Ecstatic Dance:   Share the journey with free-form dance!


6:30-8:00 Yoga/Meditation

8:00-8:45 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Experience–Essence & Embodiment:   Distill the essence of an experience and learn to fully embody it. Then                                                                                                          learn how to integrate the experiences of the retreat into daily life.

12:45-1:30 Lunch


Sangeet Bachan Kaur
Krista “Sangeet Bachan Kaur” Kolibri is a teacher of integrative arts, empowerment coach, and creative consultant. She holds a Master’s of Educational Studies specializing in experiential education and alternative epistemology. Krista has also trained in shamanism, meditation, yoga, and theater performance. She has led classes for a variety of age…
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