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Symphonic Meditation for Inspired Performance

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Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 9:15 am to 9:00 pm
Ananda Center at Laurelwood 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd
Gaston, OR 97119 United States
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[add_to_cart item="Symphonic-Meditation-Feb-Day-Rate" quantity="user:1" text="Register"] Fresh and delicious vegetarian meals included for Saturday lunch and dinner.

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A spiritual retreat weekend just outside Portland, Oregon
to upgrade your musical experience from:David conducting at MR

  • stage fright to dynamic presence,
  • spinning mind to centered focus,
  • dry technique to inspired flow.

In this retreat you will learn a four-step process:

The Hush—How to create Dynamic Stillness.

The Heart—How to deepen your perception of genuine inspiration.David Eby Spirit

The Lift—How to engage your energy and catch the rising wave.

The Flow—How to perform consistently with flow & inspiration.

All sessions specifically orchestrated within a safe, supportive environment for you to create personal wellness and the inner and outer space in which inspiration naturally flows.


Retreat Outline:


9-9:30am Orientation: The 5 Keys to Freedom in Performance

9:30–10:45 The Hush: Experience the marketable benefits of dynamic stillness

11:00–12:30 The Heart: Learn how to open the vault of the heart to perform with depth and inner freedom.

12:45 Lunch

2:00–3:30 The Lift: Guided introspection to modulate the Inner Critic & turn the tables on stage fright

4:00–6:00 The Flow: Individual practice and coaching time to incorporate awakening ideas.

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Concert by David Eby and Special Guest

Ananda Laurelwood

The Ananda Laurelwood Campus


[add_to_cart item=”Symphonic-Meditation-Feb-Day-Rate” quantity=”user:1″ text=”Register” ]

Fresh and delicious vegetarian meals included for Saturday lunch and dinner.