Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the most scientifically studied method of meditation and has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and to improve mental health and concentration. Mindfulness is a modern presentation of ancient meditation techniques that are central to the Buddhist vipassana and zen traditions.

mindfulness meditation

We’ll explore:

  • Resting in silence and stillness – through guided meditations
  • Mindful movement and action – through walking meditations & qigong
  • Watching the breath, watching the mind, asking “who is watching?”
  • How to be unconditionally present
  • How to clearly see ourselves, just as we are and what is happening, just as it is.

Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, we become aware of the mental unrest that arises when “what is” isn’t how we think it should be.  We learn to calmly observe our thoughts, emotions and sensations and to open into the luminous tranquility of our inner wisdom.

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