Culinary Certification Program

Our Culinary Programs offer participants an opportunity to learn the art and science of modern vegetarian cooking.  Through hands on experience in a bright and supportive environment, students will learn safe and delicious food preparation for both vegetarian and special diets in an uplifting atmosphere grounded in meditation and yoga.  Our chef training is practical, affordable, and fun!

Our programs are customized to your interest and availability.  Please call 503-805-7756 or email for more information or to register for a residential internship, culinary retreat, or day program!


Our Certification Program is a three-module program designed to teach basic vegetarian cooking, knife skills and techniques, kitchen safety, nutrition, menu planning and much more.  Scroll to the bottom to see an outline of the Culinary Certification Curriculum for each module.

Our unique program can be tailored to meet individual time commitments and interests.  We offer weekend, weekly and monthly sessions with both residential and non-residential options to fit your individual needs.  Each hour of instruction is priced at just $24 and is paired with four hours of practicum in our working kitchen.

Programs can be accrued toward a Culinary Certificate if all three modules are completed within one year.


  1. Weekend Culinary Retreats complete 1-2 instruction hours based on the lesson of your choice, plus 4-8 hours of practicum.  Popular choices are baking, side dishes, or adding vegetarian dishes to meat-based diets.   Commute to our center or stay overnight through a personal retreat booking.
  2. Residential Culinary Retreats cover a full lesson for each week of your stay, including 5 hours of instruction and 20 hours of practicum.  Special pricing available for overnight stays longer than 2 weeks.
  3. Karma Yoga Culinary Internships of one – three months.  Each module can be completed in one month with 5 hours of instruction and 20 hours of kitchen service per week.  Participants also receive additional classes and support on developing a personal meditation practice.  Visit the Karma Yoga Internship page for more information or apply now!


Our Apprenticeship Program offers a six-month program for the more dedicated student interested in gaining a more in-depth culinary experience.  After successful completion of our Culinary Certification Program, each participant will become an integral part of our retreat kitchen team, honing their cooking skills but also focusing on developing communication and team building skills necessary for working in a group environment, menu planning and design for large groups, research and supply ordering, senior staff support as sous chefs, macrobiotic menu planning, and crop harvesting from the Ananda garden. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program students will understand the skills necessary to produce balanced, delicious vegetarian meals, from garden to table, for the home or commercial kitchen.  Residential and non-residential options available.


Volunteer Opportunities provide opportunities for learning and gaining experience in our kitchen without working towards certification.

  1. Karma Yoga Internship kitchen shifts: Weekly participation in the kitchen as part of a general residential Karma Yoga Internship. Kitchen shifts will be alternated with shifts in housekeeping and on our small-scale organic farm. Students will learn basic vegetarian cooking and teamwork.
  2. Volunteer kitchen shifts: A non-residential option for setting your own schedule for volunteering in the kitchen to learn basic vegetarian cooking and teamwork.


Culinary Certification Curriculum

Our certification program is divided into three modules intended to be cumulative, each one building on the lessons from the previous section.

Module I – 20 hours instruction / 80 hours practicum (one month residential program) – $480 total cost

Basic Sanitation and Kitchen Safety
Knife Handling Skills
Cutting/Chopping Techniques and Styles
Proper use of Kitchen Hand Tools, Mixers, Blenders, and Machinery
Vegetarian Nutritional Standards

Module II  – 20 hours instruction / 80 hours practicum (one month residential program) – $480 total cost

Five Basic Sauces
Basic Soups, Mains, Salads and Desserts
Identifying Vegetarian Protein Sources
Mixing Grains, Legumes and Dairy for Proper Nutrition
Basic Vegetarian Menu Planning

Module III – 20 hours instruction / 80 hours practicum (one month residential program) – $480 total cost

Amazing Side Dishes
Ethnic Spicing and World Cuisines
Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Sugar Free Cooking
Advanced Baking; Breads and Pastries
Cooking for Large Groups


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