Group Retreat Testimonials

Shan Ren Dao – July 2017

It is gorgeous here!!! The outdoor spaces so thoughtfully set up. The gardens etc.! The rooms are just fine. Comfortable, sweet, well-tended. Thank you so much for your hard and thoughtful work!! The food is clearly thoughtfully prepared. Lodging totally fine. Shira S., Brooklyn, NY

Ananda Laurelwood is magical – the staff (especially the blonde woman in the kitchen!) were so helpful and friendly. The nature is incredible – owls, snakes, coyotes, hawks, bunnies, and deer. Thank you. I really appreciated being able to pick up a clean towel halfway through my stay. Food was very fresh and thoughtfully prepared – thank you! Jeevan S., Portland, OR

My stay was peaceful and inspired. The meals are so thoughtfully and lovingly prepared. My room is comforting, the bedding was fresh, soft and restful. Nice to be able to get fresh towels whenever needed. The sunsets divine. All the grounds, trails and walk ability factors are wonderful. May want to improve/update the back hallways. Make a few private restroom options available. Sharri R., Portland, OR

The people, nature, food, were so lovely and peaceful. Bathrooms are crystal clean! The food was very, very well prepared with such care for the life of the food. Thank you so much. Kyoto D., Portland, OR

My stay was so sweet – the beautiful setting, the animals, flowers, bees, fresh air… ah! So magical and healing just to walk around and explore the grounds. I was delighted with the food, thought every meal seemed fresh and vital, and I appreciated the spirit it was served in. Everything was accommodated so perfectly! Thank you! My every need was met! Kristen M., Portland, OR

Ananda Laurelwood was comfortable with inspiring landscape. The food and lodging were lovely. Robin S., Rockport, MN

My stay was very good and pleasant. I loved the wildlife and sounds around us, the trail to Yogananda Gardens would love to return and see its completion! The food was delicious! Loved the greens available almost every meal. Jessica Yl, Portland, OR

It was incredibly peaceful! The Ananda Center was so hospitable and held such wonderful space for us. The food was wonderful. I was grateful for the opportunity to camp. Taylor, Portland, OR

The food was amazing!!! I felt welcomed and loved and cared for and free. Everyone I met was deeply kind. My heart was touched by the sweetness and kindness I received from everyone. The food was better – really – than I would have made for myself at home and I am a cook. The lodging was comfortable and simple, in fact just right. Shoba S., Portland, OR

Peaceful. Pretty good food – would have liked something different for breakfast. Trisha P., Alder, OR

Everything was so awesome – the land held us so magnificently and each person I met was trustworthy, loving and filled with light. The food and lodging was fabulous – I loved the shrine. Kathryn L., Seattle, WA

My stay was wonderful – although most of it was in silence – everyone was warm and friendly. Peaceful environment – beautiful grounds. I especially appreciated the trust factor: doors unlocked, freedom to walk the grounds and choose camping spot and know that my things were safe wherever I left them. I camped and I did not stay inside – camping areas were beautiful. Food was excellent! I will buy a cookbook when it is done! I really appreciated that you had fruit, peanut butter, tea, etc. available 24/7. In this process we sometimes skipped meals so it was wonderful. I appreciated that you listed all the ingredients and made notes on the board about main allergens. Would like outlets in the bathroom for blow dryer and shelves or someplace to put toiletries while brushing teeth. Liza M., Portland, OR

Ananda Laurelwood was lovely! The food was great! One suggestion – presoak or cook longer the black-eyed peas and the green split peas. Barbara B., Portland, OR

It was a lovely setting for our retreat. The food was delicious and the cooking staff was so thoughtful and kind. Thea S., Portland, OR

My stay at Ananda Laurelwood was lovely, peaceful, serene, and supported. I was very comfortable and happy here and felt the positive intentions of Laurelwood overall in the positive and helpful energy of all the staff. I would appreciate more variety in the salad bar – tomatoes, artichokes, other pickled veggies. I would certainly return for retreat in the future. Regina W., New York, NY

My stay was calming and restorative. It was very grounding and nourishing spending time here! Food was very delicious and made with such care and love. I was camping and it was delightful. Kyle R., Portland, OR

My stay was lovely, full of nature and good food. I stayed in a tent on the property which was great! And made a lot of animal friends. The food was great. Sarah B., Portland, OR

Great stay! I had everything I needed and it made being in silence easy, because the staff were respectful of that. The food was excellent. Did a great job of making a variety of vegetarian food delicious. I camped and I loved that. Anonymous

Path of Bliss, April, 2017

lotus symbolizes awakening

The calm, peaceful atmosphere enables all to focus on their calling, meditation, and Dharma. The grounds are beautiful and restful, which create an open conduit to spiritual awakening. The food is wholesome and delicious, helping the mind to focus on its own or shared path. The rooms are spacious and the beds were wonderful. Ryan D., Vancouver, WA

I most liked the calm and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks for the tea in the meeting building. Very tasty food. The room had everything we needed. Angie H., Vancouver, WA


I liked the beauty of the environment. Very good food. Very clean facilities. The upgrades are helping to make the facilities really welcoming. Arianne, N., Portland, OR

I liked most how close you are to Portland. Beautiful surroundings. Lots of fresh air. Lodging is fine and the food is good. Maitri, Portland, OR

Beautiful location, incredibly fast Internet, clean. Your food is very good. I appreciate the ingredients book for folks who have special dietary needs. Juan Diego D., Vancouver, WA

 The rooms are very nice and the exercise getting from one building to the other was welcome. Our diet is difficult to accommodate and Laurelwood managed. Dada Jagad, San Francisco, CA

I liked most the green hills of Oregon. The sentient atmosphere. The room is fine. Doris O., Everett, WA

The retreat facility was clean, comfortable, with serene settings. Good sattwic food!! Thanks!! Raksha, Hillsboro, OR

I liked most the location! And the food and the spiritual vibration. The lodging was very comfortable and the food really is outstanding! Ruai G., Halfway, OR

Things I like best are the spiritual atmosphere, the grounds and the service that the staff gives with a warm heart. The food was simple and good. The signs about the ingredients are important for our group. Kamala Q., Eugene, OR

The retreat facility is wonderful. Excellent food. I slept like a baby. Didi A R., Eugene, OR

Beautiful location and sentient environment. Food is good. Meri C., Puyallup, WA

Bedrooms are comfortable. I like that you provide linens and towels. I loved the little hike up to your shrine. Diane M., Seattle, WA

SERVAS US Annual Conference:  Sept 30/Oct 2016

servas-usaThe food was very tasty and I was glad to see fruit available in between meals throughout the day. I really liked the bright white towels and clean bathroom(s).   Sharon V., Seattle, WA

The grounds were expansive and beautiful, not to mention peaceful.   I was very comfortable in the rooms and grateful that the windows opened to bring in cooler air and the sound of rain!   J.E., Grand Rapids, MI

One of my favorite things was having coffee available before breakfast was served and how things were flexible to meet group needs. What was interesting is that I like meat but while I was here, I didn’t miss it at all!   Steve K., Sequim, WA

There was sufficient quantities of food all of which were excellent! The atmosphere was friendly, clean and comfortable.  Mary Jane M., San Francisco, CA

I liked the history of the place and the hospitality of the friendly staff.   The rooms were large with upgraded windows and excellent beds. I liked the wide variety of meeting rooms.     Norman M., San Diego, CA

The HUGE trees on the property were lovely! I enjoyed eating healthy food for a change (from meat). The locally grown fruits and vegetables were a treat.   The yoga instructor was super!   Don Y., Redding, CA

It was very considerate and practical when you made available extra umbrellas for to use on rainy days!   I enjoyed conversing with the various residents. I liked the abundance of nuts, cheeses, eggs and yogurts.   Stephanie H., Naperville, IL

Despite the many duties the staff and residents were doing, they all appeared calm, helpful, welcoming, kind and pleasant. The yoga teacher was a gem – he led a gentle class in a very welcoming way.     Lindajoy F., Rohnert Park, CA

Re-Purpose Retreat:  October 2016

repurpose-logoI liked the vibe of the retreat center the most. You could feel the love being here. The healthy food was prepared with love. My room was very comfortable, including the bed. I appreciated that gluten and dairy free options were available. The facilities worked very well for the retreat!

I loved how there were no locks on our doors and the fact that we could have tea anytime of the day/night. The people were friendly and open.  

There was a sense of calmness and peacefulness on campus. I enjoyed taking Yoga from Peter.   I loved the boutique and bought a couple of books!

The dorm type style worked well for me.   My needs were met and wouldn’t you know that I was actually first introduced to vegetarian meals and they were good!   The boutique was rather inviting with fun and spiritual things for sale.

Having silent breakfast every morning was a lovely experience for me. The views and the air plus hot showers and good food were all very enjoyable, including the adopted stray cat that was super friendly to everyone.

Kagyu Changchub Chuling (KCC):  June 2016

kcc-imageThe location and views were fantastic! There was plenty of room to find a place of solitude. Staff efforts toward meeting our needs was always done with a smile, allowing for a deep, rich experience.   I really appreciated your efforts to use vegetables from your garden! I had a rich meditation retreat where I was able to focus inwardly with my basic needs met.” Linda., Portland, OR

The meals were clearly and thoughtfully prepared and designed to accommodate many dietary preferences, not to mention tasty! Our meeting space was not perfect but we were able to adapt well. The snacks and tea provided were very generous. We ARE coming back!Ryan, Portland, OR

My needs were met with hot showers, soft towels, space to practice yoga and solitude. Your food preparers have a HUGE job and they do it with grace. Have you considered asking for donations/tips for the kitchen workers? It would allow us to practice generosity and might help them too. I hope to come again!Cynthia L., Portland, OR

Step Up Camp:  August 2016

The food was absolutely wonderful. I normally eat meat but I didn’t miss it this week! A really big firepit would be wonderful if you had one! I liked the food, staff and accommodations.Brandt S., Portland, OR

I’ve facilitated camps for almost a decade. Ananda has one of the friendliest, most welcoming staff that I have ever experienced. They were a blessing! A lot of the rooms worked well for student activities. They were clean. The meals were great but there could be more diversity for breakfast. The schedule was just fine!”   A., Portland, OR

I enjoyed the peaceful and welcoming energy the space held. The surrounding nature was so healing and I personally loved the food as it was fresh, healthy and plentiful. Thank you for having us!Xitlalli., Portland, OR

Kagyu Changchub Chuling (KCC):  August 2016

kcc-imageThe food without exception was delicious! I loved he variety of cuisine and flavors. There was no sense of scarcity in the dining hall.   I was impressed with the restrooms/showers that were always so clean and well supplied. Although I was in silence, I felt the staff here was respectful and easy to be around!”   Linda B., Portland, OR

I liked the natural setting, evidence of your vision and the fact that your organization is a work in progress which appeared to be as expansive as the view. There was that sweet feeling décor in the rooms. The cooks were exceptionally joy filled and never seemed fanatic like some chefs!Carolyn P., Portland, OR

The setting was serene and beautiful with lovely places to walk. The food was absolutely wonderful – keep it up! The only thing was the shrine room in the basement felt a little closed in and sterile but still nice.Marci, Portland, OR

“The incredible and gentle support given by the staff powered a profound retreat. Thank you!Michel F., Tacoma, WA

Each room was neat and clean. Harmony Hall was charming and nicely furnished. It was great having the freedom to stroll on the property.   The food was great – maybe “too great”? I ate more than I usually do. The coffee supply early in the morning ran out before the staff came in. Maybe put out more at night? Otherwise the food was tasty. I would like to come back again!Pat P., Portland, OR

The staff was amazingly gracious, competent and helpful. The accommodations were comfortable and I loved the flavorful variety of the food. The Chapel was very clean, comfortable and set up in a way that made it easy to see and hear the speaker whose tone was soft at times.  If I could, I would go into permanent retreat here – I hope to come back!”   Bonnie W., Portland, OR

I loved the expansiveness of Ananda Laurelwood. The food tasted fresh not to mention there was ample, generous helpings for those on special diets. The guest rooms were comfortable. My room happened to be next to the bathroom and the sound did not travel! I liked how there were extra towels and blankets on a shelf in the hallway on a need-to basis.   I loved the love that was put into the staff’s work!Mary T., Toronto, Ontario Canada

The food was very delicious and well flavored with just the right balance. The dining room was always clean and well cared for. The shrine room was comfortable but at times it was noisy with running water, the compressor outside and the air conditioner (this was a silent retreat). I camped so I can’t comment on the guest rooms. The staff was cheerful and helpful!Charlotte K., Hubbard, OR

The closets were nicely laid out with both shelves and hangars. It was good to have hooks in both closets. The bed was a little too soft for me but okay. I liked that my room had a sink. The staff was very friendly and quiet yet gentle and loving. It is an excellent place to have retreats.” Peter W., Portland, OR

I look forward to watching Ananda Laurelwood grow! The grounds are beautiful and the vistas from the trails are inspiring. The food was very generous and accommodating with so many different options like gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, OH MY!” Linda G., Portland, OR

Portland Center for Spiritual Living:  June 2016

PCSL LogoI loved the peaceful environment and the yoga that was offered. I was worried about the vegetarian diet, but was surprised to find I very much enjoyed the food provided. It was very filling and kept me full. I enjoyed the big pillows and bathroom toiletries that were provided. Also the dessert was awesome. I liked the trails to walk. I love the kitty. I would come back. I look forward to seeing how you develop areas and buildings you’re not using yet!     Shannon F., Kelso, WA

I liked most the scenery and the places of quiet space. The room was nice, the bathrooms could use an update. Melody V., Vancouver, WA

I liked the openness and light – windows and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. It was so peaceful and the atmosphere is very loving. The rooms were awesome! Again the light and bright colors made it warm and inviting. The availability of linens and towels was great. Diane T., Portland, OR

I liked the overall feeling of being here. I like the food and I am not a vegetarian. You do a great job. Our room was nice and the bed comfortable. I love that I had my own pillow! Our needs and expectations were very well met. Thank you. I would consider coming back and keep trying to think of other people to tell about you.    Suzi F., Lake Oswego, OR

The atmosphere is so peaceful and still – love the natural light in buildings and the overall deep heart quiet of the grounds. Loved the food! So lovingly and nutritionally prepared. Lodging is so quiet and comfortable. Rooms with cotton bedding and natural/light color palette are very cheery. Really enjoyed the outdoor spaces for quiet reflection and meditation. Everyone went above and beyond in their helpfulness and generosity of spirit. Very accommodating.    Ruth, West Linn, OR

I like most the ambience of the place. I appreciated the variety of food offered for those with dietary restrictions so that there was no fuss. Well-seasoned meals. The dorm rooms are just “retro” enough. Our needs and expectations were met excellently. The cheerful and nurturing attitude are a heart’s delight. Ann F., Milwaukie, OR

I like the quiet, views, stars, walking past, overall tranquility, the huge outdoor wind chime, I felt welcome. The food is terrific! I saw a gal preparing food late at night listening to chanting. Food taste better here because it’s made with love. Kitchen staff was friendly. There were big, bright rooms with good closet space. Comfy beds. It’s clean albeit old. There’s much potential for all the space. I would love to come again for sure. Thanks for your prayerful presence!       Kathryn R., Portland, OR

I love the scenery – the nature setting is beautiful, peaceful and serene. Although vegetarian food a new experience, yet everything was delicious. The dessert cart on Saturday night a delight – especially the loving service. The sleeping room is very comfortable, loved having a sink and vanity in the room. Walking trails and map are very helpful – loved walking up to the shrine. Thank you for the loving essence present on the land and in the buildings and in each person.    Anonymous

I love the windows in the main room we used. I most like the beautiful property. The food was great, salad bar great. I had some problems with all the stairs. A few more ramps would be nice. I would come back. Deb, Vancouver, WA

The landscaping is lovely. I particularly like the field of daisies at the top of the steps in the orchard. I love the chimes and the peace of this space. I really liked the meals. The rooms are very nice. They are a refuge. You appeared to anticipate our needs. As a disabled person and as a person with certain limitations, the stairs were a major issue.    Anonymous, Beaverton, OR

I liked the quietness and the peacefulness. The food was good being gluten-free and dairy free. Our needs were met just fine. I didn’t know the building was as old as it was. I always want to come back.   Danah B., Camas, WA

I liked everything. It’s really a wonderful place. The food was excellent. Thank you for the desserts.    Sarah S., Milwaukie, OR

The rooms are great. Steps are challenging. Food service was awesome.   Brenda R., Gresham, OR

I love the grounds. I love the silent/quiet areas. I love the attention to gardens, plants. I love my bed! The quilt/cover, beautiful! I love having quality food cooked by someone else! I felt satisfied. I loved eating salad greens picked fresh. The above things made the environment perfect for me. The cleanliness was apparent. My room is light and airy. Yes, I would come back! Janet A., Portland, OR

Everything was great. Yes, I would come again. Kaye C., Gresham, OR

I most like the rural setting and the walk to the shrine. My bed was quite comfortable. I found the stairs an unexpected opportunity for exercise. Anonymous, Vancouver, WA

I enjoyed the quiet zones. The spacious rooms. The rooms were clean and comfortable. Anonymous

I liked most the quiet and the good energy. The food was wonderful. I would absolutely come back. Amy R., Vancuver, WA

Such beautiful scenery. The food tastes good. Everyone is very accommodating. Jean, Portland, OR

I like most energy and presence in this place. I felt blessed by the Corinthian bells. The food was wonderful. I appreciated having dairy options and various offerings. I appreciated the outdoor seating. The rooms were comfortable with plenty of room. I appreciate the shower being stocked with toiletries. I would love to come again. Thank you for a great space – I can’t wait to see it when you fully realize your vision! Deborah S., Vancouver, WA

I most like the silence and the view. The lodging is fine. I wish you served meat dishes. The people were great! Thank you. Jane, Portland, OR

I loved the view, the food and lodging were excellent! Thank you, thank you, for your efforts. Also the yoga was great!!! Paulette H Portland, OR

The quiet atmosphere, the meeting room, nice sitting areas, beautiful gardens, lovely setting. The food was good. Room is very nice and comfortable. Meeting space was very nice. Anonymous

I most like the energy, rooms, views, food, and people who work here. Yes! I would come back. Linda, Portland, OR

I most liked the presence of Spirit! The food and lodging were perfect! Our needs and expectations were met joyfully! Will be back in January. Kathy B., Vancouver, WA

I love the rooms we met in with all the windows and the grounds. I love that Yogananda was everywhere. The food was fabulous. I am a vegan and it was a joy to have vegan food. But to have delicious vegan food was marvelous. Everything was very nice. We had everything we needed. I would definitely come back. Corinne V., Milwaukie, OR

The lodging was four-star. My bed perfect – everything clean. Our needs and expectations were met perfect. Sylvia K., Vancouver, WA


Santosha Yoga Teacher Training: Jan 2016

Santosha Yoga Logo for TestimonialsNice people, beautiful setting. Food was good and the rooms were warm and comfortable. It would be so nice to match loving spirit here with a facelift to the facilities. Staff was very kind and helpful. I would come back, but I would love to see the building painted! Alexa G., Portland, OR

I liked best the kind and gracious staff. The food was delicious and lodging is clean and serviceable. I would come again! Lauren M., Beaverton, OR

I best liked the contact with the nature. The food was great with a lot of variety. I liked the rooms and everybody was very kind, very friendly and respectful. Alejandra H., Portland, OR

The location was nice and peaceful. The food was amazing and I appreciated all the gluten free and vegan options. The lodging was adequate. Overall it exceeded my expectations. Would definitely consider returning to this quiet space. Megan P., Tigard, OR

Everyone was very kind. The food was extremely healthy and meals were well organized. The lodging was very appropriate for a retreat setting and the food was beautifully prepared. Kristin B., Beaverton, OR

The staff was just lovely. I really appreciated the energy that was shared with our group. The meals were very good and I loved hearing the chefs singing while they prepare them. The food was great and plentiful. I appreciated the consideration for dietary restrictions. The lodging was perfect for a retreat setting. It really invites a sense of community. Everything was really wonderful. Thank you so much for the hospitality and sharing your space with us. Mary S., Portland, OR

It is a peaceful place to bring our community together. Everything was wonderful and would definitely consider coming for our next retreat! Dina L., Portland, OR

I best liked how homey it is. The food was great and all our needs and expectations were met. I would definitely consider coming back. Everyone here is very friendly and accommodating. Enjoyed my stay very much. Vicki R., Beaverton, OR

It’s a lovely location. And the space we used downstairs was perfect for our group. It met all of my needs and expectations. The rooms were very quaint and it made me feel at home. Everything very much helped cultivate an ambience for an inward experience. Thank you. Julia B., Portland, OR

Everyone was so kind and helpful. The lodging is very good. The food was okay and I loved the salad and avocado jalapeno dressing! It was very nice and I would definitely return. Diane A., Beaverton, OR

Portland Center for Spiritual Living – Jan 2016

PCSL Logo for TestimonialsRooms were great. The showers too. Meals excellent. People awesome energy. Yoga and energization exercises amazing. I have an injured foot and was able to modify and the teacher was excellent. The fields and environment outdoors is beautiful. Thank you!! Consuelo V., Portland, OR

The rooms were wonderful, the chapel incredible, and the energy warm and welcoming! The food was fantastic, I looked forward to each meal as an adventure for my taste buds. I love the energy, the atmosphere of open trust and love. Kathy B., Portland, OR

Accommodations were good. The meals simple and healthy. Ambience – great, people great. Loved the soups, scrambled eggs every day was great. Sylvia K., Portland,OR

Your food is excellent! Your staff seems nice and though I haven’t been able to talk to them, just hearing the murmurs of conversation, your staff appears to be happy and cohesive. Love your director!!! The rooms were clean and so was the bathroom. I’m signed up for women’s retreat this summer. Paulette H., Portland, OR

I thought the facilities did not match what was online but that’s okay because I know it’s a work in progress and it is evident that you’ve done a lot. The room was clean and bright. It was comfortable. The meals were good. I’m not a vegetarian but still good and plenty to eat. I LOVED the yoga. I was able to attend two classes and they were both great! Suzi F., Portland, OR

Step UP Camp #1 and #2 Aug 2015Rhythms-of-the-Universe

The best thing was the high quality food and patient staff. I love the bedding situation with nice pillows and sheets. Everything was perfect. You all were very helpful! Thank you! Denise E., Portland, OR

I liked most the staff’s approach to their work and their mindset. The rooms are great. I’m not a vegetarian, but I felt that the meals were super fulfilling and tasty. I felt that all the amenities were outstanding. Joe, Portland, OR

The beds are really comfortable, the friendly staff and the spaces we use during the day were what I liked best about the facility. I am a vegetarian and I really enjoyed the food. I loved the veggie burger. The meeting space was great. Anonymous, Portland, OR

It’s hard to pick one thing about the retreat facility that I liked most. All the pieces came together for a great experience. It was another great week. You all are amazing and patient. Thank you for serving us and our kids. Beriah, Portland, OR

The best thing was the flexibility of the staff in working with our students. There was wonderful food selection and comfortable and clean lodging. Our meeting space and outdoor areas were wonderful – thank you. Anonymous, Portland, OR

The bedrooms were cozy and clean. The facilities were really nice and our needs were met. Kayla, Portland, OR

Thank you for hosting us! William, Portland, OR

The best thing was the welcoming space – no bad energy – the wind chimes and the welcoming staff. The food and lodging was great! Thanks. They were clean – spacious – sunny. Everything was great! Thank you – we had a lot of logistics to achieve and you all really helped us out! Y’all are great! Thanks. Nico, Portland, OR

I most like the friendly staff. The food was great! Our meeting space in the outdoor areas were great! Karina, Portland, OR

I most liked the food! And the great beds! And the wonderful staff! A++ on food and lodging. A++ meeting all of our needs and expectations. Thank you! Teaghan P., Portland, OR

I appreciate that we were the only group here so we could really make it our home this week. The food is very good and the rooms are very comfortable. Everything was very well-suited for our experience. David is a great host. He and the rest of the staff were very accommodating and met all our needs in a timely fashion. Beriah, Portland, OR

I loved the peacefulness, the friendly staff, and the comfortable rooms. The food was a step out of my comfortable zone, because I am an omnivore, but I was pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious. Excellent support and responsiveness to our needs. Thank you! I love the chimes and all of the seating areas. The grounds are so beautiful. Nikia, Portland, OR

The food was great – the rooms were comfortable – David did a great job as retreat liaison. I was nervous about not having meat for the week but the food was very nourishing, tasty and there was a good variety. All our needs were met and I so appreciated the extra coffee! Xochilth F., Portland, OR

The facilities are so airy, and restful. They make you feel well taken care of. We loved having the whole campus. The food was clearly cooked with love. The food and lodging were both lovely and intentional. All the meeting rooms and outdoor areas were great. 95% of our experiences with staff were positive, kind, and respectful. David was particularly generous and compassionate with us. We are really grateful for him and his hospitality. Robin, Portland, OR

I loved the peaceful, beautiful surrounding nature and the kind staff. The food and lodging was excellent! I will miss the food. All our needs were met, great staff! I would definitely come back. Joe, Portland, OR

NW AutoHarp Gathering 2015 

slideshow pic 1

Superb food! Service with such kindness and so accommodating. Yoga was a great way to start the day. Thank you for the boutique. I plan to return as an individual. Jan R., OR

I liked the accepting calm that we needed to learn in. The food was exceptional in a wonderfully good way. Our needs were so nicely met, it was natural, no synthetic agendas. Thank you. The meals and ambiance are powerfully marvelous. The joy of being in a place where the workers smile because they want to is a valid acceptance of those of us who are guests. Your smiles carry this place. Thank you for a joyful weekend. Jerry, C., Crescent City, CA

I liked most the beautiful and natural environment. Michael M., Milwaukie OR

I liked everything about the retreat facility: the rural setting, excellent food, very friendly staff. Comfy rooms. As a vegetarian I loved the food! Great variety and you didn’t skimp on the flavor. The spaces were great. I loved the quiet. I would come back. It was lovely. Colline C., New Westminster, BC Canada

It’s obvious that there is a full commitment to renovations at Ananda Center. The improvements from last year to this are apparent. Thank you for your attention to handicap needs. While not a vegetarian, I always find your food to be filling and of excellent quality. The need for protein was well met. The guestroom is comfortable and quite accessible. Appreciate the ramps! Coming here is like coming home to calm. Your staff is so inclusive, welcoming, calm and centered. There is a great peace here. Thank you all. It is the peace that I needed more than even the music. Holly T., Reston, VA

I liked the very pleasant relaxed ambiance. The food was very good! I am a very happy camper. I would be happy to return next year. Kit N., Washington County, OR

This is my second visit with the Autoharp gathering. The facility is excellent for auditorium and workshop spaces! I hope we’ll be here next year. I am not a vegetarian and I found the food excellent! Merle K., Bellingham, WA

Good venue within the classroom building. The food was very tasty and healthy. There was plenty of it! Ambiance was very conducive to enjoying music and instruction. Jim H., Gilbert, AZ

The thing I like most about the retreat facility was the people! Also loved the environment. So lovingly created….. the chimes, the views, altars. It really affected me. Thank you. Loved the rooms. So sweet and comfy. Love the food! The heat was not even a factor. Last year I felt tentative about the “new space.” Now I’m hooked. It’s home. So grateful. Susan W., Seattle, WA

The dorm room is wonderful- comfortable mattress! The food is also wonderful! Most everything was great. I would definitely consider coming to the retreat again next year. Colleen H., Bellingham, WA

I loved most how friendly, peaceful, and easy it was to get around. The food was diverse, good, always fruit available. Everything was so good. I always love the honor system in paying for things in your shop. I want to believe there are still honest people. The staff was very friendly. Anonymous, Portland, OR

I liked most the bedrooms and the quiet, helpful welcoming staff. The food was quite adequate and I loved the berries/apple crisp and the scalloped potatoes! Ann N., Sebastopol, CA

Such a lovely setting and lots of homegrown produce. Delicious vegetarian food. Nellie K., Bellingham, WA

Very friendly and helpful staff. Food was great – well seasoned with lots of variety. Karen T., OR

Good fruit, friendly people, comfortable beds – who could ask for more? Herb H., OR

Great food! I live really looked forward to each meal. I was happy to see Ananda residence interacting with us and participating in some of our events. That makes me look forward even more to returning next year – it makes me feel part of the Ananda community. Sarah L., OR

Beautiful, clean and fresh rooms. Excellent meals, helpful staff. Good spaces for workshops and performances. Rebecca R., OR

Shan Ren Dao Retreat and Mini Reunion

Laurelwood Bell Tower GardenThank you for facilitating this retreat. I appreciate all the touches of beauty and devotion here. And the food is wonderful! Kathryn, P., Portland, OR

David, thank you so much for hosting our retreat. It was good to be back at Laurelwood! Warmly, Andrea W., Portland, OR

David, thank you for helping us with our time here. The Shan Ren Dao Mini-Retreat is dear to our hearts and I appreciate being able to have it at this sacred space…. Full of love, peace, and kindness. With gratitude, Rita S., Portland, OR

Thank you David for making my time here comfortable and enjoyable. I appreciate all that you do to keep things running smoothly so we are able to go deep and do our inner work. Much gratitude, Inez C., Portland, OR

The spirit of service abounds in the community. The view from the hillside…. the warm, welcoming staff…. and the flow is what I most liked about Ananda Center at Laurelwood. Michael, Jacob, and the whole kitchen staff did an excellent job responding to our many needs…. with kind attention and care. The food was nourishing and delicious– just right for the retreat process. We especially enjoyed the soups. And the final meal which included a stupendous dessert! Our needs and expectations were met in an easy process with a comfortable meeting space and lovely outdoor areas. Such a wonderful supportive community. Thanks all for being extremely attentive and supportive. Laurie R., Portland, OR

Michael and the kitchen staff were so helpful. It’s clear that the staff put their love into their work. Anonymous

I most liked the orchards and surrounding environment! Hasina C., Portland, OR

The best thing about Ananda Laurelwood is the thoughtful environment and terrific food. Our needs and expectations were met in every way and more. It was a terrific stay. Thank you all so much. Chelsea M., Woodland, WA

I most liked the beautiful hillside view! Sounds of the birds! Quiet – peaceful! Fantastic sunsets. Wonderful sound of the chimes. Such a peaceful community and loving presence! Very comfortable room with clean carpet, comfortable bed – attractive blanket and comforter. It was quiet and I slept well! Food was delicious! I was surprised to feel this because I’m not accustomed to a vegetarian diet – especially because I eat dairy free. But I felt energized and peaceful from the food! The rooms, meeting space, outdoor areas, everything was perfect for this retreat. I loved my stay! Daron W., Los Angeles, CA

The food is excellent – as is the view at Ananda Laurelwood. I was struck by how hard you all are working to make the experience of your guests unique and restful. The room is great – I had the corner southwest room. The meeting room is perfect for our retreat. I wanted to hike and I enjoyed the logging road. Meg H., Portland, OR

The best thing was the food! Also the crystals around the garden and the swallows. I especially loved the wind chimes. Thank you so much for caring about us and providing such a great experience. Nicole, S. Portland, OR

I especially liked the food… and the moon… and the planets. The food is phenomenal. All our needs were absolutely met. I just really adore the kitchen staff. Thank you! Rachel K., Portland, OR

Tara Approach – March 2016

Tara Approach Photo for Review PageThe community is lovely and so heartfelt welcoming. The food you prepare and offer is incredibly nourishing. Everything was fantastic on all aspects. Our meeting space was wonderful. I would definitely consider returning. Carolyn S., Seattle, WA

I love the space of our classroom, and the garden with the chimes and Quan Yin statue. The food was delicious and the lodging warm, welcoming, sweet, and safe. Everything was great and blessed. Thank you! Deepti S., Dallas, TX

The food is excellent. And the meeting space was perfect. Elisha S., Hilo, HI

I liked most the welcoming atmosphere and receptive, natural, relaxed vibe. The food was excellent, artistic nourishment. The lodging is comfortable and your reclaiming and refurbishing wonderfully. Our meeting room was a natural setting and the creation of the center and grounds helps! I would consider coming again for our next retreat. Michelle W., Louisville, KY

I liked best the intentional way in which everything is cared for and carried out! Delicious food, wonderfully clean and simple and beautiful facilities. Martine F., Indianapolis, IN

I liked best the kindness of the staff. Also all the art and faces of holy people that surrounded us. The food was great! Lodging was adequate and clean. I loved our meeting space where we met. The facility is obviously undergoing improvement and would become more comfortable. I’m so happy to know about this place and have it as an option for my programs. Stephanie M., Gresham, OR

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