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Conscious Living for Conscious Dying: Create. Learn. Serve.

Ananda House is a conscious compassion-based elder care home founded on the hospice precepts introduced by Swami Kriyananda, one of Paramhansa Yoganananda’s direct disciples and founder of Ananda Worldwide. We eldercare internshipare dedicated to promoting conscious living and serving God in our residents by deeply listening to their needs and offering our lives as channels for divine light.  In meditation and yoga practice, we set aside our little ego and become able to serve, not with personal desire or judgement, but with the greatest love and acceptance.  Living these ideals takes strength – emotionally, spiritually, and physically – as well as authenticity and humility.

You can start the process of joining Ananda Center at Laurelwood with three simple steps.

1.  Application – Download the application to your computer, complete it using your processing software, and email it as a text or PDF file to efl@anandalaurelwood.org. You may also complete the application by hand and mail it to 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd, Gaston, OR  97119.

Internship Application – For the Karma Yoga Internship ($500/month plus cleaning deposit).

Cities of Light Application – For the Cities of Light residential-student program ($1350/month plus cleaning deposit).

2.  Application fee – Submit your $30 application fee on-line


What you’ll learn:

The Eldercare Certification program gives you the opportunity to learn hands-on skills and spiritual tools alongside our residential team of caregivers who have dedicated their lives to spiritual practice.  Through studying concepts and putting them to use in an intimate home atmosphere, you will learn:

  • Ananda’s unique eldercare mission and values
  • How to be aware of and address loneliness, helplessness, and boredom   in the elder population
  • How to facilitate discussions with elders that draw from them a sense of worth
  • Secrets of emotional healing through song and how to use music for upliftment
  • How to lead a spiritual practice for elders, including affirmations, Superconscious Living Exercises, and the Conscious Living Prayer.
  • How to facilitate a conscious death
  • The principles of Raja Yoga.

This program is an ideal way to deepen your existing experience in caregiving by incorporating spiritual precepts, or to explore a caregiving as a vocation in a rich, rigorous, and supportive learning environment.


The ideal intern:

If you have a caring and open nature, a high degree of integrity, and a sincere longing to develop your spiritual practices and serve as a channel for divine peace, love, and joy, the Eldercare Certification program is an ideal way to embrace personal transformation and nurture your vocation.  Certification involves:

  • A minimum of 20 hours of on-site training and service at Ananda House per week.  The length of time needed to complete certification varies from person to person, but will be between one and three months.
  • A maximum of 12 hours of general service at Ananda Laurelwood, including attendance at all Ananda Laurelwood internship program classes and events
  • Completion of the Ananda Raja Yoga course, offered several times a year at the Ananda Portland Temple & Teaching Center or at Ananda Laurelwood
  • Submit to a background check and finger prints per state regulations.
  • Have valid first aid and CPR training card.

Those who are or have been a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) are strongly encouraged to apply, but all training will be provided for someone who learns quickly and has a pure heart.

The Eldercare Certification program can take 1-2 interns at any given time, must be arranged to coincide with a local Ananda Raja Yoga course, and is combined with a full-time Karma Yoga Internship of at least one month’s length. If you are interested in this program, you can apply for it directly, or decide during a general Karma Yoga internship that you would like to pursue it.  All Karma Yoga interns participate in regular service shifts at Ananda House so everyone has the opportunity to become familiar with and support the program and residents.


Certification Cost:

  • $500 – Karma Yoga Internship program fee
  • $300 – Eldercare Certification training fee
  • $395 – 14-week Raja Yoga Course (offered Fall & Spring in Beaverton)


Conscious Living Prayer

based on the “12 Precepts of Evening Hospice by Swami Kriyananda and shared daily at Ananda House

May I have the courage and wisdom to face the past

May I offer every regret into God’s love and Infinite Consciousness

May I accept past errors as simple facts, trying to see that it was God, through my imperfect understanding who did it all May I relinquish all attachments.

May I release the grip of ego-consciousness.

May I release one by one every desire and attachment into the Supreme Bliss

May I forgive past hurts and betrayals.

May I give universal love to everyone, even to so-called enemies

May I see that everyone is motivated, however misguidedly, by the same soul-craving for Satchidananda (Ever existing, Ever Conscious, Ever New Bliss)

May I concentrate on Infinity May I practice devotion May I learn to overcome fear by realizing that I am not this body or personality, but a unique aspect of the divine finding my way home.

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