Culinary Internships

Our culinary internship program is for those trained to cook, who’d love to learn to cook, or who’d like to further hone their skills and become experienced chefs of an industrial retreat kitchen. While building your repertoire and ability tInternship spiritual, spiritual internship, gap year permaculture, karma yoga summer, karma yoga ashram oregon, spiritual retreat oregono cook for large numbers of people, you also have the potential of advancing to kitchen management.

Come have fun with us
Join us in Grace, our kitchen in Green Hill Café. You will be serving at the heart of the campus. Discover new possibilities and grow toward fulfilling your highest potential. Experience the unfoldment of learning through your hands and in your heart.

What to expect
Participants have the opportunity to experience food preparation and service in an uplifting atmosphere.  As stewards of Grace (the kitchen), we are devoted to creating and maintaining a positive vibration in the food, through our service and consciousness, and in all of our thoughts and actions.  The vision is to provide a nourishing experience to all whom we serve, on all levels—body, mind, and soul.

Personal transformation
Transformation often comes through dedicated pursuit of the universal ideals with which we seek to align ourselves.  As an intern, you will be involved in the daily flow of Grace.  Whether serving meals, preparing salads, leading meal preparation, harvesting vegetables, or cleaning the dining room, a sense of joy can grow in your heart.Internship spiritual, spiritual internship, gap year permaculture, karma yoga summer, karma yoga ashram oregon, spiritual retreat oregon

Celebrate the creative process
As well as the development of your intuitive abilities, we support spiritual practices in the service of food preparation, and will collaborate with you to find the direction you wish to take in the kitchen.  The internship program is open to people of various levels of aptitude and spiritual aspiration.  Our goal is to support you in finding what you seek, both in and out of the kitchen.

What You’ll Learn
Every intern will have the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Basic vegetarian nutritional standards
  • Knife handling skills
  • Baking breads and desserts
  • Various cooking techniques and styles
  • Use of kitchen machinery
  • Food-prep and food-handling safety

Additional skills and experiences
For interns who choose a longer stay, allowing for a deeper exploration:

  • Leading meal prep
  • Creating side dishes from scratch
  • Sauces, dressings, and marinades
  • Creating recipes
  • Meal planning
  • Intuitive and devotional meal prep
  • Food ordering and budgeting
  • Supervising kitchen organization
  • Garden-to-table meal planning

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Thank you for your interest.