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Finding Light
What to do when darkness crushes you down

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Finding light is a powerful concept. We all know what darkness feels like, a darkness of the soul, of the heart. It’s awful. So we’re drawn to the light because that’s where we feel better. Swami Kriyananda talks about a dark room and how turning on the light completely erases the darkness, as if it… Read more »

Guilt: Is It Useful?
Is Guilt Helpful?

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Has guilt ever played a role in your life? I sort of laugh, even as I write the question, because, in our culture, of course guilt plays a role, at least from time to time. Using Guilt Our parents used it; our teachers used it; our best friends even used it; we used it. Guilt can… Read more »

The Art of Simple Living in an Intentional Community

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It’s taken a while for me to understand the importance of connections, connections with friends, connections with family, even the importance of connections with strangers. For most of my adult life, I’ve wanted to be a writer. One compelling reason was the opportunity to dwell in a creative flow for large chunks of time. I… Read more »