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Energy Has Its Own Intelligence
Stepping into a flow of energy

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“Energy has its own intelligence” is one of my favorite phrases. Maybe I like it so much because it’s one of the divine truths that came to me early in my exploration of Ananda, yoga, and meditation. What the heck does it mean? Energy waits for you to do something We were in the midst of remodeling our temple… Read more »

Collage Tarot: Create Your Own Spirit Cards

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Create Soul stirring and Spirit inspired collage tarot cards! Through simple and spontaneous COLLAGE images we can access our inner wisdom and catalyze our growth. The Collage process opens the channel of communication between YOU and your SOUL.   In a fun and playful atmosphere we create a series of collages- each one on a small… Read more »

Painting from the Heart & Soul 5-day Retreat

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Dana Andersen

  Unleash the Joy and Passion of your own Unique Expression Discover the bliss of losing yourself in the vibrant flow of creative energy and creative process.  Register by Jan 15 to receive $20 off! This full-immersion ‘energy flow’ painting workshop retreat near a Portland, Oregon hosted by Ananda Laurelwood, a community founded on the teachings… Read more »