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Dance with Joy! Awakening through Art, Music and Movement

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You will be amazed at the energy and vitality of your own unique creative expression. Sound and music, rhythm and movement can heal the body and awaken higher consciousness as we attune to the rhythm of the universe.

Art as Spiritual Practice with Dana Andersen

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ENJOY Meditation and Cultivate Devotion through Creative Process Creative process can open the doorway to a profound spiritual practice.  Often we struggle to sit still and quiet the mind.  Yet when we engage in a creative flow, its actually EASY to drop out of the mind and into a place of deep concentration.  Doing something fun, creative and easy you… Read more »

Spirit & Soul Collage ~ Weekend Workshop

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Your own unique ‘Spirit & Soul’ Collage Cards will give you a ‘reading’ of your present situation, your obstacles and allies, your medicine and your gifts. You can ‘read’ the future that is unfolding through your soul’s own guidance.