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Sharing the Wealth
Meditation changes the world

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Ananda is a puzzle. From the time I was young, I sought to share with others the best that I knew. That persists to this day. However, the ability to do this has become less obvious. For some time that sharing consisted of friendship, healthy approaches to food, clothing, natural and organic foods and farming… Read more »

5 Reasons to Meditate

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Have you been thinking about starting a meditation practice? Here are 5 reasons to meditate today. 1. Find Calmness Within My favorite metaphor for meditation is the ocean. At the surface the ocean is restless with breaking waves, but the ocean depths are always calm. We have that calmness within us. Sitting still in meditation… Read more »

Yoga Lives Here

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I’m living in a building with 30 people, one hour south of Portland, in the countryside of Oregon. We are living on 55 acres of land, the building we are currently in is large enough to accommodate 200 or so¬†people, not to mention there is another buildings this same size on the property. Why am… Read more »

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