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The Power of Community

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Nayaswami Kriyananda said, “I never let anything affect my state of consciousness.” When I first heard that, I thought he meant he never allowed anything near him that affected his state of consciousness. Something inside me secretly hoped this was the correct interpretation, because, deep down, I wanted an excuse to avoid situations that made… Read more »

Mystic Laurelwood

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The land at Ananda Center at Laurelwood has a mystic feel. For over 100 years this has housed a community that focused on manifesting God in their lives through prayer, contemplation, and service. I first visited the campus in September of 2011 and was captured by its spell. I enrolled in the Cities of Light… Read more »

A Place of Becoming

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John building steps

Laurelwood is a place of becoming. The center is growing, changing, expanding. Being a part of this unfolding has been amazing.  I have grown spiritually and socially,  It was hard for me to imagine before “diving in” how many challenges, breakthroughs and life truths I would encounter. Living among 50 kindred spirits can be exhilarating,… Read more »

Speak to Me Divine Mother

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Today I said, “Divine mother, speak to me.” And so she did. “I want to hear you open up.” And so she did. I was in the dish room, she came in and said, “That was just such a lovely meal, all that peeling and chopping that you did. Thank you.” I heard her whisper to… Read more »