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Connect with Nature

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Being in nature and connecting with nature aren’t the same thing, as is so wisely pointed out in the excerpt below from a blog post written by Joseph Cornell, author of Sharing Nature with Children: When outdoors, many people are so engrossed in their own private concerns that they notice little of their surroundings. I… Read more »

Mandala: the Sacred Art of Centering

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Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”, the primordial shape that represents wholeness, completeness and unity. This ancient and enduring archetype resonates deeply within the human psyche. It is found in all cultures and time periods. Carl Jung discovered that the Mandala, as a potent archetype of the human psyche, could be used as… Read more »

Find Deep Peace and Personal Transformation in our Upcoming Programs

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Deep Peace for Warriors “Bring peace first to your own heart, then send it out on gentle rays of light to all the world. The more you radiate your peace outward, the more you’ll find yourself protected from all harm.” -Swami Kriyananda from Living Wisely, Living Well If you are interested in experiencing and sharing… Read more »

Laurelwood Charrette Visioning Process – Creating Something from Nothing (Day 3)

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Laurelwood visioning

By Friday morning we are ready.  We’ve walked the land; we’ve explored the buildings; we’ve practiced charrette; we’re ready for the big show.  We unanimously agree to the rules of play: Positive comments, expressions, sounds, body language at all times Brainstorm – Causal Level (Details/mechanics come later) Respect all persons (God is center everywhere) Time… Read more »