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Sharing the Wealth
Meditation changes the world

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Ananda is a puzzle. From the time I was young, I sought to share with others the best that I knew. That persists to this day. However, the ability to do this has become less obvious. For some time that sharing consisted of friendship, healthy approaches to food, clothing, natural and organic foods and farming… Read more »

It Wasn’t What I Was Expecting, But It Was Just What I Needed

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Editor’s Note: Jenn McKnight is one of our new interns who came two weeks ago to experience an Ananda Laurelwood internship. She’s the mother of four children, ages 3-16, and she wanted to have time to recharge and heal.  Be prepared to laugh out loud, chuckle inside, and weep with  gratitude and honor for the work we do… Read more »

Energy Has Its Own Intelligence
Stepping into a flow of energy

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“Energy has its own intelligence” is one of my favorite phrases. Maybe I like it so much because it’s one of the divine truths that came to me early in my exploration of Ananda, yoga, and meditation. What the heck does it mean? Energy waits for you to do something We were in the midst of remodeling our temple… Read more »

Finding Light
What to do when darkness crushes you down

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Finding light is a powerful concept. We all know what darkness feels like, a darkness of the soul, of the heart. It’s awful. So we’re drawn to the light because that’s where we feel better. Swami Kriyananda talks about a dark room and how turning on the light completely erases the darkness, as if it… Read more »