Teacher Reviews and Testimonials for Jacob MacLeod

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jacob_teacher_portraitI liked the yoga best. I found it most helpful to learn how to send healings to others as we finish our own spiritual ritual. The presenter was excellent. Colleen, F., Colusa, CA

I found the meditation and yoga techniques most helpful to learn. I plan to continue doing these practices. The presenters had a very calming, peaceful energy that I deeply appreciated. The workshop was beneficial for my sense of calm. Eric S., Vancouver, OR

Jacob was very welcoming and receptive to all questions. He dealt well with our distracting baby. I liked best the chanting, always chanting. Zeke C., Monroe, WA

The class answered many questions, large and small about yoga Ananda’s yoga, and God. Jacob was wonderful. He was able to hold the center throughout. His comments were always compassionate and thoughtful – obviously very knowledgeable. I’m so glad I made the trip. Mary Lou C., Park City, UT

Good job answering questions. Brad, Hillsboro, OR

I like the freedom to make this experience your own. This was very powerful for me. It’s not about doing something “right” you can make the experience your on and that let me go to places I didn’t think were possible. It came to this thinking meditation was this grand thing that I could possibly grasp in the weekend. This showed me how simple an incredible meditation can be. All of the presenters made me feel calm and welcome. There’s no judgment here. I went into this to push myself out of my comfort zone and what I’m walking away with this more than I could have ever imagined. This is truly made me think about myself in an entirely new way. Marian, R., Portland, OR

Jacob was wonderful. He has a knack for tapping into the flow of the group. Crosby R., Portland, OR

I really enjoyed being removed from city life. The scenery is amazing and everyone is very friendly. I was already familiar with Yogananda and the techniques that were taught, but the retreat helped show me the importance of a regular/daily meditation practice.

Jacob was friendly and welcoming. He was an informative teacher who was very open to answering questions. He obviously loves what he does which shows in his teaching style. Jacob was great! Brian G., Portland, OR

There was a really open, flexible and fluid vibe. Lots of space for sharing different perspectives and a full that ease of scheduling with everything optional. I will remember many of the anecdotal stories that Jacob shared to remind me in more challenging moments with my own practice. Jacob is super patient, tolerant, generous of spirit and emulating the joy that the practice and Ananda can bring. Great stories, great voice, and inspirational. I’m excited for what you are doing and knowing this is just the beginning manifestation and vision for a rural, residential, and spiritual retreat facility so close to Portland! Isa D., Portland, OR

Jacob has an amazing voice and presentation style. I liked best being with other people who want to work on themselves. And the music was ecstatic! It’s helpful to know that meditating at regular times, specific times, deepens and accelerates one’s practice. I liked the free time because it allowed me to get a massage! Rebecca M., St. Helens, OR

My favorite part about the class meetings has been Jacob’s knowledge of the practice and his energy. He’s very gentle and welcoming in discussions and creates a very safe and supportive space for us. I most appreciate the opportunity to have breakfast with the community in silence. Sharing space with people without needing to fill it with sound has been marvelous. Mindfully eating and letting go of the idea that communal eating like even during family dinner, require dollars verbal socialization and really can flourish in silence. Jacob obviously has a very committed practice and very much appears to live it. He tells stories and relates them back to discussions effortlessly. He’s great at holding space for where people are and he’s also humble that makes him very approachable. Katy, H., Salem, OR

[The class was]…well paced and supportive. All levels catered for. Non-judgemental. The music was beautiful! I enjoyed the classes where we explored various, simple meditation techniques. These are the things that I can definitely take with me. The yoga sessions were perfect. They were gentle but energizing. So refreshing to have early morning practice.

Jacob was a skilled facilitator. He drew in the entire group and managed to speak to and include people of various experience and levels. His singing is beautiful… Roisin O., Gorey, County, Wexford, Ireland

I found it most helpful to receive the beginning understanding of how to let energy guide meditation and tools to start a manageable spiritual practice. The information was fascinating. Yoga was good for me. I liked best the mental safety and quiet friendliness of the community. Sue G., Portland, OR

Jacob was very warm and welcoming. Alyssa G., Manzanita, OR

Jacob connected well with me and he was very helpful…I enjoyed his energy and stories. Randi M., Portland, OR

I received a deeper understanding of meditation and actually doing it. The most helpful part was learning how to meditate. Jacob was very authentic and honest. Corey G., Beaverton, OR

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