Experiencing Joy: Harvest Day and benefit concert

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David Eby and Lori Henriques perform for Living Wisdom School benefit.

We had a couple of annual events last weekend that were very inspiring. On Friday night, Living Wisdom School (LWS) had a fundraiser for their new school building. A wonderful concert featuring Lori Henriques and David Eby.

Lori composes and performs as a pianist and singer. She is well known in the music industry for her work in the “Kindie” genre (music inspired by children and for children). Watching and listening to her is a treat for all ages! She also teaches music to the kids at LWS.

David Eby is the Music Director for Ananda Worldwide, plays cello, and teaches how to raise your consciousness through music and how to be an inspired performer. Both of these professional musicians’ goal is to be expansive with feeling and how to share it with others. But, they do it in such different ways!

Harvest Day at Ananda Portland community.

Harvest Day at Ananda Portland community.

The second annual event was Harvest Day at the Ananda community in Portland. Everyone comes for a day to work together for the improvement of the community. A group of us from Ananda Laurelwood went to help in whatever way we could. Many community residents come to Laurelwood when we have a work day. It doesn’t seem like work because everyone is so joyous and having a good time while many things are getting done — tree trimming and chipping, apples and plums being made into various forms for storage for the winter, creating shrine space and grooming the gardens, cooking and eating together — all these and more, but with a spirit of joy!

Harvest Day

Harvest Day

Interacting with those connected with Ananda’s various centers of joy has such an uplifting and fulfilling experience that finding happiness is becoming a reality for more and more seekers.

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