Being Ever-Present Here and Now

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By Shaun Finn, Laurelwood Intern

imageThe past few weeks, I have made it a habit to sit outside and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the Laurelwood campus while reading a book. I found myself at odds of being truly present with the nature around me, while also focusing my attention on the book in my hands. In this dilemma,  I decided to pick back up an old book of mine, The Sacrament of the Present Moment, by Jean-Pierre de Caussade, an eighteenth-century Jesuit monk who lived in France. A line from the book spoke to me very much: “God speaks to every individual through what happens to them moment by moment.” I felt a strong sense that God is sending a message in each moment; it is just up to us to listen for it.

Every moment that passes us by is either a moment that we dive into and embrace to the fullest or disregard and miss out on the limitless messages God has to offer each one of us. People miss out and ignore the present moment in various ways — anxieties, fantasies, stories, racing thoughts, restlessness, distractions, multi-tasking, the list goes on and on. Wake up and smell the roses. Be present. The only time to awaken is now. Just as the list of distractions that take us out of the moment is endless, so is the list of wise sayings and teachings that are guiding us into the now. Most of us lead lives that could and should be less busy, and most of us would love to really be less busy and fully enjoy each moment as it arises. But, for one reason or another, life goes on and we find ourselves again rushing to make breakfast for the kids, get them off to school, take the dog out, pick up coffee for the morning meeting at work, and prep ourselves for that meeting all by 8 a.m. On top of that, where did that morning meditation practice fit in?

There is an obvious challenge at hand, and for some, it becomes so daunting that our yoga and meditation practice, personal health, and relationships with God, family and friends, all suffer from the lack of attention that we make available to dedicate to each activity. It is clear that those are the most important aspects of our life and should not be sacrificed. Those alone can keep us plenty busy. Then add in everything else life throws our way and the challenge only grows. It is also clear that there are only 24 hours in a day and schedules fill rather quickly.

Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the twentieth-century spiritual masterpiece, Autobiography of a Yogi, said, “Read a little. Meditate more. Think of God all the time.” In this quote, I find his guidance to coming into the now especially effective. With every activity we partake in, we should think of God. Soon enough the busyness that comes with those chaotic mornings turns into diligent service to God and earnestly listening for God in everything the present moment has to offer.

Next time you find your mind racing from the endless list of items needing to be tended to presently, think of God. Meet God in the now. The rest will follow.

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  1. heidi

    Just what i needed to read this busy monday morning…I’m going to stop reading my email now and go talk to God..


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