Practical Spirituality for Mystics With Bills To Pay

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Medical intuitive Caroline Myss spoke in her classic recording, Spiritual Madness, about seekers throughout the ages who spent a whole lifetime preparing to ask the “big spiritual questions” they knew would turn their lives upside down.

Most mystics today aren’t found praying behind cloistered walls or blessing the world from a cave in the Himalayas. Today’s spiritual seekers are required by the Dharma of our times to hold jobs, found businesses, raise families, sustain relationships and earn their own way in a materially-driven world.

At Ananda extraordinary everyday people do all this and more. We continually ask the big spiritual questions and live out the answers to the best of our beings. Eventually we come to understand how the richness of God’s creation works. Love comes back to support us when we allow our unique sacred energy, divinely given to us, to flow freely through to others.

Fortunately for us, most have been gifted with wisdom and talents that can be of great service when we finally connect with those who are looking for what we have to give. These may not be the big spiritual questions of the ages, but it is likely we then ask, “So how do I find the people who most want what I have to give? And, speaking practically, how do I infuse everything I do with God’s love and still pay my bills on time?”

Last week I received the link to a video from Kalamali at Ananda Village (just click on the photo below to watch it on YouTube). This skillful blend of current marketing best practices and spiritual reminders from Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda speaks directly and delightfully to these questions. I hope you will find great ideas to keep you focused on what’s truly important. May you magnetize Divine Grace to your workplace and your projects!

10 Online Marketing Tips from Kalamali1. Have fun (Enthusiasm, positive attitude, inspired by God)
2. Share inspiration (Come from a place of sharing the inspiration that comes from a higher source
3. Sharing is caring (Remember the bigger picture, why we are here. We are offering service to those who will benefit.)
4. Clarity and focus (Having a strong core leads to a more uplifted experience for us and for the audience)
5. Set the intention (Express communication with more magnetism. Attracts support from the universe.)
6. Be creative (Swami Kriyananda emphasized. Audience feels your expansiveness, enthusiasm. Attracts more inspiration from the universe that sticks out in the audience’s mind)
7. Be Dharmic (Share credit with the original source of anything posted. Be true to who you are without trying to impress others. Adharma loses power because focus is lost.)
8. Be unattached to the outcome (Remember we are doing this for something higher than self. Attachment blocks the flow. Yogananda stressed, “Never give up!”)
9. Maintain harmony within your team (Swami Kriyananda says harmony is most important. Unity creates a synergistic affect, a much higher level than we can reach on our own. The goal of online marketing is content shared exponentially–when this is a team approach, we can build on each others’ contributions. Study results: A positive attitude makes people 30% more productive.)
10. Cooperation (Not only internal, but with people and groups outside of the marketing team, even so-called “competitors.” Positive energy is where it’s at in this Age. The more that is shared from other sources on the web, the higher your credibility and trustworthiness grows, especially with Google.)

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by Pat Rutan, Senior Business Analyst and Ananda Oregon web project coordinator

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