A Place of Becoming

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Laurelwood is a place of becoming. The center is growing, changing, expanding. Being a part of this unfolding has been amazing.  I have grown spiritually and socially,  It was hard for me to imagine before “diving in” how many challenges, breakthroughs and life truths I would encounter.

Living among 50 kindred spirits can be exhilarating, when we connect to each other’s highest self.  It can be humbling when we falter and our self-centered egos step up and take front stage.

Sometimes, often… processes and interrelationships are messy.  That can be tough for me.  I have learned to live with more ambiguity than I would normally “like”.  Just allowing ideas and emotions to flow through me and not act or have an immediate answer allows what is ‘trying to happen” have space to do just that…. become.

There have been moments that I decided I must deal with something, hash an item out with someone, solve a problem.  Instead I just let it go; for an hour, a day  or a week.  When I reflected back on the issue at a later time  I knew that letting go was the best choice.  I got out of the way of letting God’s divine flow do its magic.

Opportunities for creativity are endless at Laurelwood.  Resources can be scarce.  This leaves more opportunities for creativity.  Working with scrap materials, turning over every stone in search of solutions, contributions  or connections allows me to become open to serendipity, kindness and grace,

One truth that I have to  remind myself of from the Bhagavad Gita is that I have has the right to work but not the right to the fruits of my work.  Being attached to the outcome is what causes suffering and separation from God.  Just being helpful and proactive brings a great deal of joy.  Truth be told:  much of what we do here is working on vision…. long term vision.  It is  likely we will not see the finished results of our labors in many projects.  That is not the goal.  However, we can join in the the infinite flow of grace that is always present. Becoming that flow and sharing the light of God in all of us IS the path.

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  1. janakidevi Steinmetz

    Thank you, John. We are all working on these issues all the time. Thank you for voicing them so clearly. You are a good writer. Live in joy


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