“Merge with me,” by Bardia Behmard

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Friday July 20, 2012


Location: Ananda Laurelwood


Merge with me


Abandoned buildings merge with me

Let me feel your presence


Let every new coat of paint we brush

Touch the hearts of a thousand fold


Let every ever new meal

Fill our bowls


Feed our souls


Where every cut of the knife

Is a slice closer

To the heart of the divine


Let the labor filled days be coated with God’s ecstasy

And the country side nights be dreamt next to thee



Let these abandoned buildings become a sanctuary


Where these memories will play

On the playgrounds of our minds forever

 Bardia Behmard is an Ananda College of Living Wisdom Student currently completing his teaching degree in Education for Life. Bardia is currently enrolled in the Cities of Light program at Ananda Center at Laurelwood where he is enjoying the beautiful Oregon summer.

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One Response to ““Merge with me,” by Bardia Behmard”

  1. janakidevi Steinmetz

    Thank you, Bardia. Good to see your poet in action again. I particularly like the line, “Let these abandoned buildings become a sanctuary” It says so much and with such poignancy.
    As ever in Him,


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