The Shift – Summer Solstice

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Summer solstice came and went and with the change in season, a new energy is felt by all. It was an intense week for many and for some, quite emotional. It seems the energy is pressing us, pushing us to our max.  I see that we are all being hit on every level and pushed to face every imaginable limitation and blockage. We are being presented with the opportunity for further growth and ascension and we are moving forward, fast.

Last night I watched an architectural presentation by a Laurelwood resident here, Julian Potter, who created an architectural model for rebuilding a tornado stricken community in the mid-west. He based his plan on community oriented city planning rather than the old model for hundreds of single family units. I am convinced the world will be looking towards Ananda centers as guiding lights and forward thinkers in the years to come. This type of forward thinking seems to be the only option for moving forward into a new earth.

I had a deep conversation with a friend of mine here yesterday, her name is Peggy, she is in her mid 80’s and is my close friend and confidant. Yesterday we were chatting, Peggy with her raw food smoothie, me with a box of tissues, crying. She leaned over kindly and said “this is a really safe place to work out karma”.  This is a safe place to be and there are people studying here that come from all walks of life but somehow it works.

My friends here have cofirmed that I have really changed since arriving three months ago and I must admit, those three months feel like years. There is something amazing about being able to share the deepest and darkest parts of myself and know that I am in a safe place to go into those things and heal.My start here was somewhat of a rough one, having arrived straight from city living, working intensively on completing a business program and many other obligations. I came with my fair share of stress, dis-appointments, negativity and past pain. It took about a week to begin the emotional dexotification and it has been an ongoing process ever since. The diffrence now compared to three months ago is that there are days, when the joy is all there is and it builds. The light inside me is building and now, the bouts of sadness are shorter and shorter.  The daily meditations, yoga, friendship, fresh air, clean food have all contributed to building me back to strength.  This past week, I have really started to feel like myself again, like it’s safe to come out and show myself. It’s not that I have changed from being here in any way, it’s that I am becoming relaxed enough to be who I am.

One of our new friends at Laurelwood commented that he felt high. It’s not an uncommon feeling and somtimes I even feel like I am becoming who I used to be when I was a kid, before built up walls and masks took the predominance. I feel blessed beyond measure to be in school here, formally or informally.

Nine of us just started Yogananda’s cleansing diet. A nine day cleanse focused on deep cleansing and release of toxins. It is quite the experience but I feel with the change in season, it is the perfect time to shift the energy. That is exactly what is happening I feel, the universe is asking us to shift with the new energy of the planet on a whole. We can say yes or we can say no, but regardless, it will come. So much of attunment, acording to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, requires mental relaxation while putting out tremendous energy to stay in the divine flow. This is something I am working on but I cannot imagine doing it anywhere else or with a safer group of people.

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  1. Manisha

    You’ve articulated such heartfelt richness in describing your awakening heart. We are all blessed to be able to absorb your words. Thank you, Clarity.


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