Awaken the Chakras

The practice of meditation and yoga has a beneficial effect on more than the physical body. Yogis also recognizechakra meditaion the existence of a subtle energy body, which plays an important role in our mental and physical health and our spiritual development.

The most important features of the subtle energy body are the 7 energy centers (chakras) which are located in the central channel (sushumna) of the energy body.

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In this retreat*, we will:

  • learn a simple yet effective meditation technique to bring awareness to the chakras
  • explore the connection between the chakras and our psychological and emotional states
  • use meditation, yoga asanas and pranayama to direct energy upward in the sushumna and awaken and stimulate the chakras
  • become aware of how the chakras and sushumna act as a “memory bank” for our mental habits and thought patterns
  • learn how to transform negative habits and thought patterns into positive spiritual qualities
Ananda Yoga