Ananda Yoga Drop In Classes for Summer 2016

Pete Jordan YogaAnanda Yoga $5 Drop In Classes at Laurelwood the Summer!

Ananda Center at Laurelwood holds 3 regular weekly $5 drop-in Ananda Yoga classes. They are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:30-6:00pm and are held in the Yoga/Qigong/Dance/Movement Room in Expansion Hall.

Experienced, Certified Yoga Teachers

Our classes, taught by experienced, certified yoga teachers, are also attended by guests, interns and residents on campus. You may also consider attending our upcoming Weekend Yoga Retreat, come for the weekend or just Saturday to enjoy a deeper experience of yoga and a special Restorative Yoga Class.

Yoga Class Location on Campus

Summer classes are generally held in Expansion Hall. All Yoga classes during winter months, will be in the Harmony Hall guest and resident facility. Come and check out Harmony Chapel of All Religions, our newest and most beautiful yoga studio space located on the ground floor of Harmony Hall. You will need to delve a little deeper into our campus (and may even be tempted to stay for dinner after your yoga class in our Green Hill Cafe next door!).

Yoga Stephen MeeraDirections to Yoga Classes

Classes are held in either:

Expansion Hall Yoga Room, located at 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd, Gaston, OR 97119


Harmony Hall: continue west from Expansion Hall and turn Left at Academy Way (on left just past the large gymnasium and before the Seventh Day Adventist Church and LACE Center), follow the drive up the hill to the large 3-story building with a green roof. Follow signs to Harmony Hall and Guest Parking. When you have parked behind Harmony Hall, you may either go through the Green Hill cafe or around the east end of the building, when you reach the front of the building you will see a few concrete steps down to the Harmony Chapel (also called The Chapel of All Religions). Please feel free to ask any staff or residents in the cafe or kitchen to point you to the Harmony Chapel. The first time finding us may be a little challenging so allow a few extra minutes.