Testimonials for Yoga

January 2018

I liked the balance of moving asanas followed by a quiet meditation. I appreciated the “total” concept of integration of the various aspects of yoga to end with meditation in the sequence. David and Miriam were very friendly and welcoming. I was impressed that they can both teach the class (hold poses) and talk at the same time. I enjoyed the affirmations for the asanas. The time spent here met my expectations of being able to relax from the “treadmill” of outside life to join a heartful community with synchronistic spiritual aspirations/practices. I felt the warmth of the collective community intentions here and was able to sink into it. Holly R., Eugene, OR

 All the props for yoga and meditation were great! I loved the yoga. Beth B., Portland, OR

I was hoping to get insight into what each of the postures was meant to do. David and Miriam have a wonderful energy and passion for both yoga and meditative practice. They are a great duo for making you feel comfortable with beginning a new practice. Ken T., Hood River, OR

The meditation, yoga, and Qigong helped settle my busy mind. Yoga was great, gentle and provided its purpose – to calm the mind for meditation rather than a competitive exercise class. The presenters [David and Miriam] were very informative, I especially liked calm simplicity of explanation and techniques, very clear concise. Gentle and felt they really honored every person in the group. Priya McK., Honolulu, HI

I was hoping to begin a meditation practice and expand upon my yoga skills. My expectations were met! The best technique was learning how to quiet my mind. The yoga was perfect. Everyone did great in their teaching. The retreat facility was quiet. The land beautiful for walking/hiking/relaxing. Tonya S., Sandy, OR

The Center provides a calm environment for exploring different styles of yoga and meditation. I was looking for an introduction to yogic practice and to expand my awareness of meditation practices. My expectations were exceeded. I really enjoyed the format and pace of the sessions. I wouldn’t change anything. I liked the Ananda Yoga best. All the instruction was fantastic. Great food. Everything was great. Jason W., Bellingham, WA

Miriam and David are kind, patient, and quite clear in their instruction. The yoga sessions were great. What a variety! I liked the difference in the energy of the presenters. David and Miriam work slower and more deliberately, which helps us to gain comfort. Ken T., The Dalles, OR





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