Aumkara Newhouse

Aumkara Newhouse, a certified Ananda Meditation and Yoga teacher, is a former aerospace industry engineer (MSc Metallurgical Engineering), and has been helping people unlearn non-helpful habits through yoga and meditation for decades. In addition, he is the developer of Meridian Charging Therapy a no needle acupuncture modality of bodywork.
Aumkara also practices Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese healing art and is certified in a muscle-based chiropractic modality, Myotonic Facilitation.  Helping create the Ananda Laurelwood campus, hiking, cycling, cooking, publishing poetry, singing and music fill out the rest of his time along with strong a daily practice of yoga and meditation.
Check out his website at:  http://aumkarastructuralbodywork.com

Events with Aumkara Newhouse

Freedom from Pain: Movement, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition
June 30, 2017

What is TRUE HEALTH? Health does not mean mere existence. Keeping out of the hospital is not health. To be able to resist disease, to bear strain, to stimulate mental vitality, and to feel the body as a luxury—as a bird feels when shooting through the air, and as a…

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