Living in Community

Learn.  Experience.  Live.

This is a crazy time and place to be alive.  Everything is becoming more complex. We work harder to get by, our relationships are becoming increasingly strained, and our systems of education, healthcare, and government are failing.  We know something new and better is trying to happen, and that we have an important part to play, but we aren’t clear about what that is or how it all fits together.  We can get so sad that we withdraw, or so angry that we take action without clarity or compassion. Sometimes we try to numb ourselves with distractions, but we still feel a sense of momentum pulling us forward.  All of our experiences, all of our wounding and our longing, have created an entry point for true transformation because we just can’t continue do to things the way they’ve always been done.

What if each of us embarked on our own hero’s journey, answering that inner call to discover why we are alive in this time and place, and joined forces with like-minded souls to uncover the unique spark we alone can spread? In community, we rub up against our wounding and get triggered, so that we know where we are stuck.  We form deep, supportive friendships that mirror our gifts, our wholeness, and our potential so we can move forward.  And we work together, using the diversity of our minds, hearts, and wills, to enhance our own experience, solve problems, and create new projects.  We explore age-old, time-tested philosophical, practical, scientific methods about how to become present, how to manage our energy, how to connect with the reality beyond ourselves, and how to have an experience of wholeness.  And as we put these ideas to the test, we begin to break the hypnotic limitations of our habitual thoughts, feelings, and sense of self, and step outside of the ways we’ve been socialized to be, so that we can experience what’s underneath.  Grounded in that incredible sense of infinite peace, love, and wisdom that is our own true self, we are strong enough to face things as they are, overcome our fear, and be guided towards the steps we can take to find our joy and do what we were each uniquely born to do.

Nothing will change in this world until we each expand our awareness by changing from the inside out, and our greatest power in this process is our freedom to choose who and what we surround ourselves with.  The communities of the future will not survive unless they are full of the brightest, most generous, and most innovative souls dedicated to meeting the needs of the moment with integrity and authenticity. Come join our efforts to each become our deepest, best selves, so that we can build a truly sustainable future together for the benefit of all humanity.


Karma Yoga Internship experience

  • Contemplate universal truths through daily readings and weekly classes
  • Deepen your connection with your inner self through daily group meditations and learning techniques you can practice on your own
  • Cultivate your creativity, intuition, and self-expression through art, music, writing, and nature-based activities that give you a deeper experience of yourself and a broader perspective on the world
  • Open your heart through devotional chanting, affirmations, and building relationships with other truth-seekers founded in empathy, acceptance, and forgiveness
  • Learn practical skills for living and experience a transformational level of vitality through shared service in our retreat center, including vegetarian cooking, small-scale organic farming, construction, and elder care.


Cities of Light residential experience

  • The Cities of Light residential experience is a deeper experience of community best suited to those who have completed a 3-month internship or who have work, family, or other obligations that make an internship impractical.  This program differs from our internships in the amount of service performed (just 4 hours a week) and in the support provided.  New participants are assigned a mentor to assist their transition as opposed to participating in structured intern programming such as daily circles, special classes, and organized recreation.  Participants do, however, have full access to community meditation, yoga, and evening classes.
  • The application process involves an initial tour followed by a trial stay in our residential dorm, attendance at all community meditations, meals, and events, and participation in kitchen service.  Approval is based on feedback from current residential program participants.
  • Current participants in our Cities of Light residential program fund their experience through jobs with local businesses, virtual jobs on-line, and retirement, disability, and/or investment income. The commute to Beaverton, headquarters of a number of large, internationally known companies, is just 30 minutes through beautiful farmland.

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