Testimonials for Peter Jordan, Miriam Rodgers and David Seybert

Yoga Teacher PeteI really enjoyed Pete’s clear expertise and confidence holding the space in the classes.  The best thing about the class was it allowed me to focus on my purposes by providing a clear, safe, supportive structure. I was pleasantly surprised by the food. I didn’t need any of the snacks that I brought! The schedule was great! I felt proud to have done six hours of yoga in one day! I loved using the affirmations and plan to use them in developing my personal practice. I look forward to coming again!
   Allison L., Portland, OR

This is a peaceful and gentle introduction to both yoga and meditation. I liked Pete’s quiet humor so early in the morning (yoga). And I liked how Susan went around and helped you get into your the pose. Personally I’m not a fan of kirtan. It just doesn’t move me. But I may keep trying. I do like simple Sanskrit phrases. Randi F., Trout Lake, WA


Meditation Teachers

I liked best the transparent openness of David and Miriam, really embodying the spirit of Ananda – vulnerability – based on trust. It was most helpful to have a variety of meditation techniques which can be custom tailored for each individual’s breathing, body, soul and spirit. I plan to continue to experiment. Yoga and QiGong sessions were very helpful! Kirtan became a powerful shared experience for me. David and Miriam’s greatest strengths are genuineness and authenticity, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience. First timers weekend is a wonderful introduction to meditation in the Ananda tradition. I love the simplicity, spiritual vibration which is life-giving, and hospitality and grace of the Ananda host. The food was tasteful,, accommodating to dietary needs, nutritious, and plentiful. Thank you!, Namaste….. David E., Hillsboro, OR

I most loved the accepting attitudes of Pete. Also the encouragement to modify and take care of ourselves. The response to vulnerable sharings – normalizing that we are all dealing with insecurities and challenging emotions. I found it most helpful to learn to do a little at a time and create one’s own practice, using techniques such as asanas. I liked learning about energization, meditation, Chi gong and the Ananda philosophy as well. I liked all the sessions and that they were different. I especially loved Restorative and Nidra yoga visualization. I’m grateful for everything and very glad I came. I needed to open my heart again and this did it. I most liked the friendly people offering smiles, help, and information. The attitude of acceptance and tolerance and peacefulness was what I liked most about the retreat facility. Witnessing the culinary students in action with cooperativeness and kindness the people showed each other.    Dora C., Oakland, CA

I most liked learning new things. Each class has something new and different to add. I found the meditation techniques to be the most helpful. I enjoyed the weekend and I felt a benefit from each class I attended and it was different with each one. All the presenters were very enjoyable and knowledgeable.   Tessa M., Boise, ID

The instructors are very personable and very approachable. Everyone was friendly, happy, and open.  I liked the affirmations. The Restorative yoga was fantastic. And I loved the lighting and coziness in restorative yoga. The energization exercises were also very helpful. I think I would like to learn different approaches to yoga. The Chi Qong was most helpful. I loved the personal touches of guitar, music, and relaxing music. Padma M., Bloomington, IL

The best thing about the class were the experienced teachers, amazing food, clean rooms, and loving friendly staff! The most helpful was meditation with Pete using yoga to calm down the anxious or negative thought patterns. Each teacher brought different viewpoints and strengths to their sessions. All were harmonious.   Janis P., Creswell, OR

The days are filled with instructive and transformative programs but there’s also freedom to choose what to participate in (or not) without pressure. I found it most helpful to learn that yoga is intended to prepare the body to meditate. I will use yoga as a tool to prepare myself for meditation. I loved everything I participated in. Miriam and David are both excellent facilitators. I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the cozy spaces. Soft carpet. Wonderful energy. Natural setting. Beautiful flowers. Lovely sounds from the wind chime and birds too! The food is great.  Julie G., Milwaukee, OR

I liked best being able to deepen my understanding of and commitment to a daily meditation practice. I have a more open heart and desire to find more channels for calmness and growth. I found it most helpful to learn that environment matters. I’ve been struggling with living in a “cluttered,” noisy, brusque environment in Southern California and realize I need to make a change to really feel empowered and at peace. I loved David and Miriam! A great complementary duo – with Miriam’s patient and accepting Spirit balancing David’s energy and determined spirit. The meals were outstanding – love the tea available all day. Also the grounds, gardens, and llamas are awesome! I look forward to returning sometime soon! Susan T., Newport Beach, CA

I came looking for a way to “kickstart” my yoga and meditation practices; both had lapsed. The classes gave me some new inspirations and helped me understand the reasons for my “the dropping out.” The energization practice before yoga will definitely help start my days. I found it most helpful to learn meditation techniques to help me let go of judgment of my processing and go deeper into practice. Both David and Miriam are good listeners and thoughtful in responding to questions. I appreciate their interactions when they teach together. I enjoyed it all – learned a great deal. It was great to be outside the city for a while. The food was outstanding – nutritious, delicious, and filling. I hope to return soon. Liz C., Vancouver, WA

I liked the structured days – classes with option of not attending all classes and using the time is personal retreat. I enjoyed the variety of subjects covered and the amount of time spent on each idea/subject. I found it most helpful to learn meditation and using yoga and Chi Gong to get the body ready for meditation. That was a very helpful tip I will use in my practice. The food was amazing and I really enjoyed the community living. Rachel M., Eugene, OR

I like the emphasis on environment. Was most helpful to learn about creating a space for meditation and to learn about environment over willpower. I plan to create a space that is comfortable. Miriam and David strengths are making everything accessible to everyone. I thought the balance was perfect. Michael W., San Francisco, CA

It was perfectly at my level for learning more about meditation and yoga. I found it most helpful to learn comfortable positioning and breathing techniques that are going to help me with my practice. The simple prayers, invocations, and intentions will be easily translated into daily life. Pete was a very encouraging yoga instructor. It’s easy to have anxiety about having a hard time keeping up. He was good at addressing that. Chi gong was a good beginning. Kirtan was entrancing. David and Miriam were gentle, knowledgeable, and down to earth. The food was very nourishing and enjoyable. So grateful to partake! Tonia W., Portland, OR

I liked best the kirtan and the deep conversations at mealtime. And the whole thing was very well organized! Miriam and David are very open and engaging. Amazing food! Bed is comfy, showers hot, very pleased! I would certainly recommend it as an event space! Nancy L., Portland, OR

I loved how casual it is. How we can ask questions at any time. It feels more like a chat  than actual class which is perfect. Everything was helpful. The posture and breathing techniques will certainly help me a lot from now on. The yoga classes are really good as it built up. Starting easier and things being added up each session. Miriam and David were both awesome and have an amazing energy. I liked how clean the retreat facility is and it helps with the peaceful energy all over. Food was really good. I loved all the activities. Vivian R., Brazil

I like best the food, content of workshop, vibe of staff, personality of presenters, and the great facility with excellent gift shop. I found it most helpful to learn that I need to practice on a daily basis. Daily is better than none. The food was A+++. I would do this again 100% perfect balance. We’ll come back ASAP. Steven T., Tampa Bay, FL

David and Miriam were real, practical, and open. Breathing techniques and meditation with the most helpful part of the class. I am a bi-vocational pastor and tend to over schedule. Stress is real in my life. I plan to use what I’ve learned to bring balance. Absolutely loved the kirtan. David and Miriam were very approachable. The couples room is beautiful and comfortable. Not noisy, peaceful. The food was wonderful. As a person with celiac, I really appreciate the safe gluten-free choices. Staff was always helpful and kind! Shari E., Hillsboro, OR

I loved learning the yoga/meditation skills and connection. I like the way you taught meditation set up so we can implemented at home and institute daily in our lives. I plan to set up a corner in my house and institute a regular practice. David and Miriam were very practical, low-key, and down to earth. I enjoyed how you both guided us through the teachings and practices. I like meeting the residents and folks doing the internships and getting a better understanding of the community. Suzanne G., Portland, OR

I enjoyed it all. I like the yoga class and the energization technique. Dru T., Santa Cruz, CA

I liked that they took the time for questions and to always check-in. I found it most helpful to learn the meditation techniques and ideas to quiet the mind. I plan to use energization, breathing techniques and meditation techniques at home. The Chi gong was relaxing and energizing at the same time. David and Miriam are warm and friendly and teach in an understandable way. It was a great balance of classes, yoga, and personal time. Janelle, Gresham, OR

I liked best the kirtan and meeting others. The grounds are beautiful and it feels expansive. Amazing food! Great balance. Rachel P., Boulder, CO

I liked the yoga classes best. I also like learning Chi gong and will use it at the beach. Miriam and David well work together and were very compatible, complementary of each other. Laura N., Tualitin, OR

I liked the varied experiences, the accepting, kind and generous teachers. My expectations were to introduce my sister to meditation. Those were exceeded, and for me I experience joy at being in a committee of people who value meditation and its benefits. My favorite was yoga and body acceptance, but for my practice of meditation I “remembered.” The importance of every day community. All was wonderful! I thought having the variety was exceptional and saw the impact on myself and sister – freedom to explore, to be where I was without criticism of self. Miriam and David strengths were their timing, humor, self stories that give permission and hope. Also there were clear directions, acceptance of all beliefs. Allowing people to be where they were with warmth and welcoming us all. The food was great and varied. Sandra T., Tigard, OR

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