Testimonials for Dana Lynne Andersen

Dana is a world class teacher whose work belongs on the global stage.   Seana Mc Gee bestselling author and relationshipDana Andersen expert

“This is not about art – its about LIFE!  In one short weekend my heart blasted open and I felt brought home to the core of my BEING. An enormous flow of creative expression poured out of me – I was like a child again. All that we did was healing and deeply meaningful. This course utterly transcended my expectations.”  ~ Jenny, Denmark

 Dana is a visionary for the consciousness community. Her work awakens us.  Robert Mc Dermott President Emeritus of California Institute of Integral Studies

“I hesitated going to Dana Lynne Andersen’s weekend intensive called Seed the Vision because I, too, am a facilitator for expressive arts and human liberation. What could she teach me, I wondered, and yet something kept pulling me to her and to the event. I emailed her to ask if she thought her work would be helpful to me. Having a fine-tuned antenna for people who are authentic and wise, I was moved by her response which was open, affirming and down-to-earth wise. In person, Dana is all of that and also loving, calm and confident and easily able to adapt to the changing energies of a group. She is full of grace, enthusiasm, humility, humor, clarity of purpose and pure in her passion. She models a radiant humanness and nourishes the divine creative spark in each of us. Thank you, Dana, for shifting the trajectory of my life.
Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D.

In this class I discovered myself, the right direction for my life, and the steps I need to take. This is so much more than an art class! Simonetta Italy

A class with Dana is like being in a healing waterfall of Divine Energy- Emanuela Costa

A creative journey exploring the inner spaces of perception – In this class I had a powerful shift in my awareness and in my energy. Felice Guarino Spain

“Dana is a charismatic teacher who presents profound teachings with strength and authority while nurturing her students like a mother.”   Angeli Liguori Italy

The Transformative Arts program is the deepest, most profound work I’ve ever experienced.  Discovering your own Self, recovering your own Being and healing your heart- all this while in a joyful state of childlike creative flow. Dana holds a space that makes it safe and easy for every one of us to blossom.   Certification Student

 “I can’t speak highly enough of Dana’s ability to convey significant information about the creative process, while allowing for and encouraging each individual to follow their unique creative thread. It was a joy to be in this workshop and I hope to be able to work with her again. Dana is a light in the world!   ~Marj Cannon, Wisconsin USA

“In the “Painting from the Heart and Soul” workshop, creativity poured out of me.  I relaxed for the first time in seven months and found my unique imagery in the process.   ~Jennifer, USA

I thank God and I thank Dana for this marvelous week filled with love and light.  Orenella Soracco Italy

“Five days of rich experience; full of surrender, sharing, and creativity- make this such a beautiful art course, and also a wonderful workshop of introspection and connection with our Soul! While painting and creating with a variety of pastels and watercolor paints, each person experienced new approaches to the painting process. We discovered that art is not possessed exclusively by artists, but by everyone whose goal is to be a pure and inspiring channel of the only unique creator … God!”   Loretta S Portugal

“Thanks to this experience I could speak, sing and dance without the judgment and control of the mind. It is wonderful to be born for the first time and become aware that there are many beings of light that wait for me with so much love. Today is my first day of freedom.”   Vibram Borrelli Italy

“This course helped me to no longer impose mental limits on my artwork, but only to follow the divine creative flow. I met extraordinary people, with whom I shared very special experiences.”  ~ Claudio Monello, Italy

Dana is a gifted midwife of creativity. If you are ready to be born again- with aliveness, with passion, with authenticity…then it is time for you to come to her course. Alexandria France

Painting, dancing, playing like a five year old and really laughing! I have never had so much fun in one weekend. This is way beyond an art course- this is about LIVING! My heart is alive and my soul is singing. Andrea Reynolds USA

Dana is brilliant. Her lectures are among the most inspired I have ever heard.   Ira Strasser Germany

 I’ve never experienced anything like this work. Its about authenticity, originality- freedom of expression, passion, joy…. I can’t stay away! Maurizio Conte

 This work nourishes on all levels! Rich food for the mind, sweet food for the soul. Susan Alberta Weber USA

“This art painting and collage experience has opened a part of me that is childlike, joyful and adventuresome. I am entering the third phase of my life, filled with a joy, an excitement, a curiosity that will carry me through these next three decades. And then, this wave of creativity and vitality will dissolve upon the beach on the other side, depositing me with a gentleness and love that will enable me to find my footing in a new world with ease and grace.” Lorraine Vann

“Dana’s paintings always have a message which comes from intuition and the heart. This way of painting, where the painter enters into an inner flow becoming an instrument of a greater power, is astonishingly well taught at the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness. In their courses people can directly experience this creative process and see not only its beauty but also its healing power, and the doors it opens to oneself.”  ~ Mihai Huber, Romania 

“This course gave me the possibility to open a certain part of myself, to open a door in order to let out my emotions, observing them and working on them through the process of creativity. Bringing this creative flow into all things; a flow of colors, of light, of joy, touched my heart, showering it with real joy, expanding it more and more. To start a new life made out of this joy, these colors, this love for life itself.” Claudio Monello, Italy

The class was an intense and profound experience that has left its sign of lasting significance on my heart   Ileana Alegretti

“The Arts and Consciousness workshop was transformative for me.  I began the week anticipating I would receive some instruction about how to “do art” framed in the context of spirituality.   Following the workshop, I now know that my creativity is so much more than “doing art” and that engaging in the creative process is essential to me as a spiritual being.

Dana is such a gifted teacher, grounding all that she offers in metaphysical concepts that have evolved from numerous luminaries, both contemporary and of previous generations.  She structured the workshop so that we used a variety of art materials, yet provided complete freedom and encouragement as to how they were to be used, thus allowing for the development of the creative flow that fit for each person.  Never once did she demonstrate a right way to do something – that was so refreshing to me, as I have had little experience with art techniques and was concerned I might not measure up to outside expectations.

In addition, Dana planned activities that encouraged us to embody the art that we created.  These activities helped develop a felt sense of the creative flow working through us, body and soul.  I came to understand myself in relation to my artist process because I had the opportunity to experience it bodily, along with others, in a non-judgmental and fun environment.

I can’t speak highly enough of Dana’s ability to convey significant information about the creative process, while allowing for and encouraging each individual to follow their unique creative thread.  It was a joy to be in this workshop and I hope to be able to work with her again.  Dana is a light in the world!   Marj Cannon


Testimonials of Dana’s Artwork:

This must be the loveliest artistic rendition of Master’s great poetic masterpiece I have ever seen . . . You have a gift, and this kind of artistic expression is very much needed. I stood in front of your painting with the Samadhi Poem and felt again the great inspiration of Master’s expression of Cosmic Consciousness.  Anthony Plumer

As for your incredible work, I’ve only started to really reflect on it and will be returning to your site many times. I think your “DNA” is extraordinary — what an inspired evocation of the interface between spirit and matter. Anonymous

…you are the most brilliant and clear channel of conscious art on the planet!!!    Elizabeth Johnson

Your work, “Jacob’s Ladder,” is astonishing — the story it tells of “the inner worlds” with such extraordinary beauty, grace and simplicity. It illustrates spiritual realities in a way that words could never do. Amazing, really. Diksha McCord

Your “song of creation” is utterly beautiful. You’ve been creating wondrous things, as I see and hear, and your work is now being honored and celebrated all over the globe. I’m thrilled for you and am sharing with many people here. You make visible the universal language of God.  Jan Tarr






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