Testimonials for Dr. Lowell Chodosh

I best liked the flexibility to work on and discuss topics based on participant questions and interest. Lowell-close-up-3-200x223Also, getting a treatment was very helpful. There were lots of great insights and learning this weekend. One of the biggest takeaways for me was to be consistent no matter what. “Do it badly if you have to, but do it!” Lowell is thoughtful and very in tune with the group. He follows up with discussions by researching info off-line and bringing it back to the group. He also remembers comments and checks in with participants about issues brought up earlier. The only suggestion I have for improvement is clock awareness and time management. On the flipside, it’s nice to have flexibility to go overtime and finish the discussion. I most liked the scenery and setting, room accommodations and the food. The schedule was great! Nice balance. Amazing food, comfy bed, quiet and peaceful environment. I will be back. Thank you for the hospitality. Kristen S., Eugene, OR

I really liked learning in depth about prana and practicing working on energy with other people. It was also most helpful to learn the history of Yogananda and have in-depth information about meditation and yoga practice to understand energy. I would have liked it to be longer. The weekend flew by too fast. Lowell is a wonderful speaker and is so knowledgeable. Was an excellent program. I would love to see more retreats like this one. I loved the campus and walking around the trails. Heather S., Eugene, OR

I loved getting back in touch with my innate ability to perceive the energy that flows through another’s consciousness. The best session was the hands-on with time to process what we observed. Thank you – it was delightful to spend time with you and communicate with people seeking their next spiritual step on their journey. Shani, F., Portland, OR

The best part of the class was the warmth and enthusiasm of our instructor. The clear explanation of prana working through body, mind, and spirit was helpful. I plan to use this after I leave here. The assignments, handouts, and format were very helpful to my understanding of the pranic concepts. Erika S., Portland, OR

Lowell’s passion for Yogananda and his ability to simplify and explain his teachings with the best part of this class. Lowell’s own perspectives on using mind/body/spiritual energy for healing as used in his naturopathic practice was also a highlight of the class. I thought Lowell was great! Passionate, empathetic, interactive (not just lecturing), articulate, and his use of stories to teach the concepts was one of his strengths. I most like the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the yoga instructions, and the peacefulness of the location. Harry O., Port Coquitlam British Columbia, Canada

I found it most helpful to learn how to check out the energy of others and to learn about interiorizng. I most liked the peacefulness and green beauty around the retreat facility. I think what we got was perfect. Sonya W., Lake Oswego, OR

If you plan to offer any seminars in teaching Pranic Healing on yourself and others, I would be VERY interested. Thank you, again, for the insightful and very energetically presented seminar. Susanne, K., Carlton, OR

Lowell is full of information and very passionate with what he does.Magda Petrou, Seattle

Lowell’s class was rejuvenating, recharging, kind, informative, casual yet structured well. The course was thought-provoking and provided me with definite tools to take home and utilize. It promoted a continued desire to continue upon my spiritual path. – Julia Doherty, Astoria, OR

Lowell’s presentation was delivered with innate, spiritualized intelligence and a blend of casual/prepared style. He has a common sense scientific approach. And he has an extremely clear, effective delivery with a delightful concurrent playfulness. He spoke to my higher, better nature and encouraged me to think deeply. Julia Doherty, Astoria, OR

Lowell is fabulous! I love it here! A weekend was not enough! Would love to come back for a weeklong retreat where I could be treated by Lowell as part of the package. The best thing about the class was the enthusiasm of the instructors and the welcoming vibe from the community. Patrick K., Seattle, WA

Lowell, you are amazing and very knowledgeable. Anna – Seattle, WA

Lowell’s enthusiasm for the material and his familiarity of the information shared was the best part of the class. I loved learning about our energy in the things that can affect it (both negatively and positively). Shannon, S., Portland, OR

Lowell was great. I really appreciated his passion. I really loved and enjoyed the intimacy of a small group. Italy – Seattle, WA


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