• Camping – $330.00
  • Contentment - 2 bedroom apt. w/ living & dining room, kitchen and bath – $650.00
  • Deluxe Room - Queen bed w/ private bath (no shower) – $500.00
  • Men's Private Room – $440.00
  • Men's Shared Room – $390.00
  • Pet-Friendly Room - Private – $490.00
  • Pet-Friendly Room - Shared – $440.00
  • Program tuition only (no lodging or meals) – $200.00
  • Shared Couples Room – $390.00
  • Women's Private Room – $440.00
  • Women's Shared Room – $390.00

The Hero’s Journey: Writing Our Own Myths

With Nancy Alder

November 3 - 5, 2017

By deconstructing our culture’s dominant myth of consumerism and separation, tapping into the universal wisdom of the hero’s journey, rewriting our own individual myths, and sharing our stories with each other, we develop the strength and insight to thrive regardless of our outer circumstances!

Are you feeling called to do something great in life and wish you had more clarity? Do you experience moments of connection, confidence, and inspiration and want to live from that place more consistently? Are you feeling hungry for a perspective on life and the world that brings you sense of hope and excitement?

You are not alone! Joseph Campbell, an expert in world mythology, identified the hero archetype and stages of their journey that appear in myths across time and culture. The way our is told answers our deepest questions about where we came from, where we are going, and how to live today. When we learn to recognize the stages of the hero’s journey, reflect on the lessons in our current culture’s myths, and see ourselves as the hero of journeys we have already taken, we are equipped to live our lives with a greater sense of purpose, power, and interdependence.

Writing Myths 2This workshop in the “Hero’s Journey” series will focus on transforming our relationship with our culture’s dominant myths.   The high rates of illness, depression, and addiction in our culture are related to our current lack of a unifying, life-affirming myth to help us navigate the challenges of our modern world. The way we tell the story of our life, and the conclusions we draw about ourselves and the world, are key to our ability to overcome our current challenges.

Through this uniquely inspiring and thought-provoking workshop, you will:

  • Recognize the universal stages of the hero’s journey and see yourself as the hero of your own unique journey.
  • Begin to challenge our culture’s dominant myth and build a new personal mythology that enables you to thrive in our changing modern world.
  • Identify the dragons you have been invited to battle today and during this lifetime.
  • Acknowledge and expand your circle of allies, both seen and unseen, to aid in your victory.
  • Learn strategies for becoming a master of two worlds and bringing your own unique gifts and talents to meeting the needs of today.

This workshop incorporates meditation techniques, basic writing and drawing exercises, guided visualization, inspiring readings, and group discussions. No previous familiarity with Joseph Campbell’s work or any of the techniques are required, just curiosity, openness, and a genuine desire for insight and connection.


Hero's Journey Writing MythsFriday

4:45 – 6pm: Yoga

6 – 7pm: Dinner

7 – 9pm: Session 1 – Being the Hero of Our Journey


6:30 – 8am: Silent Meditation

8 – 9am: Breakfast

10am – noon: Session 2 – Deconstructing Our Modern Myth

12:45 – 1:30pm: Lunch

2:00 – 4:00pm: Session 3 – Battling Our Dragons & Writing our Personal Mythology

6-7pm: Dinner

7-9pm: Movie Night!


8 – 9am: Breakfast

10am – noon: Session 4 – Building Our Allies & Coming Home

12:45 – 1:30pm: Lunch

Optional: Individual Sessions


 “Nancy gives incredibly poignant subject matter and follows it wherever the group takes it.” – Amy Saha, Portland OR

 “Nancy’s Hero’s Journey class was one of the best! She brought fun and interesting topics, and it was interactive.” Leigh Jardine – Denver, CO



Nancy Alder
As a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, Nancy Alder brings two decades of personal meditation practice through Buddhist, Hindu, and Gnostic schools. As a nonprofit manager, she brings 15+ years of experience building harmony in organizations by developing systems and relationships that facilitate authentic engagement and meaningful impact. Nancy’s unique background…
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