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The Power of Writing and Energy Healing Retreat

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Friday, October 31, 2014 – Sunday, November 2, 2014
38950 SW Laurelwood Rd
Gaston, OR 97119 United States
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Register by Oct. 15 for over 25% OFF! That means only $200 for shared room, $250 for private!

Includes a 2-night stay and 3 delicious vegetarian meals each day.

Program + Shared Room: $290
Price: $340.00
Saturday Program + Lunch: $70
Scholarships and discounts available!

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Awaken your creativity and learn new tools to improve your health in our introduction to journaling, meditation and energy healing!

Meditation retreat

Explore how journaling relates to our overall health and wellbeing, while discovering how to feel the energy within ourselves through movement, mind-body concepts and meditation.


Connect with your inner self and let go of outer identifications and attachments by learning journaling and meditation techniques that will help you answer questions that reveal who you truly are. These questions deal with themes such as inspiration, forgiveness, gratitude, love and a bigger picture perspective. Learn about how journaling and meditation work — how they can uplift your energy, clears emotional blockages and changes your brain, allowing for old patterns to be broken. Inspire clarity and awareness through journaling for ultimate healing and transformation with specific writing tools and techniques that can improve your health and memory, and help you let go of limiting past experiences to create space for more harmony and freedom in your daily life.


Group retreatAnanda Laurelwood’s campus is nestled in the beautiful rolling green hills of the serene Oregon countryside 30 minutes southwest of Portland. This quiet rural location emanates vibrations of healing and inspiration — perfectly ideal for this retreat course! Let us take care of you while you’re on retreat with us — prices include this invaluable program, room and board, and three delicious vegetarian meals per day at our Green Hill Cafe!

Visit our Radiant Health Center

Relax even deeper into your retreat time by receiving a massage. Our healing center offers various modalities including shiatsu, cranial sacral, polarity balancing and reiki. Call or write to reserve a special time for yourself.


Dr. Lowell Chodosh, ND, LAc

Lowell Chodosh photoDr. Lowell Chodosh has been a naturopathic physician since graduating from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland in 1992. He holds an undergraduate degree in biology and a Master’s from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1996. Lowell has developed a system of assessment and treatment called “Resonance Based Medicine,” where he is guided by the body’s energetic pathways primarily accessed through pulses that allow him to read energy, determine imbalances and monitor the patient’s progress. Lowell uses these pulses to guide him toward the most appropriate nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, acupuncture points and other natural therapies that will encourage a balanced flow of energy and allow the body to begin to heal itself. Through an integrative approach using Eastern medicine and spirituality along with Western science, Lowell has discovered that we can access and take advantage of the healing potential within each of us. Lowell has been on his spiritual quest for 28 years. His service is inspired by prayer, Kriya Yoga, his deep personal meditation practice, practicing divine presence, and by his guide, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Lowell combines his spiritual practice and personal experience with his 22 years of practicing natural medicine to help people heal and transform their body, mind and spirit. lowell-meera-journaling-holistic-health

Meera Grace Hoon, M.A.

melissa-grace-hoonMeera is a counselor and journalist who is passionate about helping people heal and transform through journaling and meditation. A trained yoga instructor and meditation leader from Orange County, California, Meera holds a Master’s degree in American studies, where she studied gendered violence, and undergraduate degrees in journalism and American studies. Meera began her career as a human rights journalist reporting for the Orange County Register and L.A. YOGA Magazine, but quickly felt she was being called to help others on a deeper, more involved level than reporting from a distance. Upon this realization, she began working with social service providers as a case manager and life skills counselor primarily for victims of sex trafficking, and also other traumas such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. While deepening her own spiritual practice on the path of Kriya Yoga, Meera was inspired to combine her experience in writing, meditation and counseling to serve seekers of healing, transformation and truth. Since then, she has taught dynamic journaling workshops at spiritual retreats and counseling centers in California and Oregon to students and clients who have given testimonials in gratitude for how profoundly they have benefited from journaling. Meera’s key inspirations are Kriya Yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda, spiritual guide Swami Kriyananda, leading expressive writing researcher and psychologist Dr. James Pennebaker, her clients and students, and her personal journaling experiences.

Testimonials for Lowell:

Meditation“Dr. Lowell Chodosh is a refined and experienced doctor. He knows and uses many techniques to detect what the source of an ailment is and then has various remedies available, including homeopathy. I came to Lowell with the physical effects of diet and anxiety problems. He helped me tremendously by first and always listening very thoroughly and compassionately to my health history. I know that the remedies I receive after a conversation with him are not going to be a canned product but a personal, fresh and natural medicine for exactly what my body needs. His treatments are healing experiences and being in the care of a doctor who truly cares is very impressive.” —Anonymous

“Dr. Chodosh knows his field extensively well and anyone who goes to him can know they are going to an exceptional healer.” —Clarice J.

“I was very fortunate to meet Dr Chodosh when my 5-year-old son was suffering from recurrent ear fluid retention issues. His kindness and gentle approach were instrumental in winning the trust and cooperation of the little one. His experience as a naturopath and homeopathic doctor, together with his energy work and his intuition, were definitely very helpful in resolving my son’s problem.” —Cristina T.

“I have been going to Dr. Chodosh for over 10 years. His intuitive healing techniques have helped me overcome sprains, strains and most importantly the underlying stress. I find his approach to healing exceptionally compassionate and effective.” —Kate L.

Visit Lowell’s website for more.

Testimonials for Meera:

photo (6)“Writing used to be intimidating to me, but this course and learning to structure my writing helped ease my intimidation. Melissa is very passionate about writing and meditation, and her presentation is relaxed yet professional, which makes for a very safe learning environment.” —Heidi S., Gaston, OR

“In this course, I found it most helpful to discover the importance of releasing trapped energy from both positive and traumatic experiences. It was also my first experience with the term ‘expressive writing’ and the element of inner integrity in writing – being completely honest with oneself. But now I am going to start journalling again. I gave it up because I thought that it was just a way of dwelling on past events rather than living in the now and moving forward in life. I see now that it could help me reveal patterns that are keeping me stuck. And Melissa is awesome. Her passion is obvious and she shines with enthusiasm. She is interactive and encourages questions and participation. ” —Nila N., Truckee, CA

photo (8)“For me, the most helpful aspect of the workshop is meditating after writing. That helped to move through the emotions that writing stirred up. Also, it was very helpful that the workshop materials were so clear and organized. It was great to have the techniques spelled out and give more direction/focus to my journaling.” —Andy N., PhD, Portland, OR

“The techniques I found most helpful were writing without emotion and also writing after meditation. I experienced how meditation improves the flow of creativity in writing my thoughts and feelings. I will use meditation — even very short meditations — to enhance the creative flow in my writing.” —Gitabai Heater, MFT, Nevada City, CA

Visit Meera’s website for more testimonials and detailed information.




Program + Shared Room: $290
Price: $340.00
Saturday Program + Lunch: $70