Organic Farming

Are you eager to develop skills in small-scale organic farming, ethical animal care, and responsible land stewardship?  Are you inspired by the vision of sustainable eco‑villages, locally-sourced organic food, energy self-sufficiency, and community economies?  Do you believe that transforming our world requires a commitment to personal inner transformation?

Join the Karma Yoga Internship program with a focus on organic farming!

  • Organic vegetable production
  • Raising pastured poultry and organic eggs
  • Caring for cows and producing raw milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Bee-keeping, including capturing swarms and processing honey
  • Orchard pruning, harvesting, and fruit preservation

Come meet us at one of our monthly volunteer Farm Days, which include family-friendly service projects suitable for all interests, abilities and weather conditions, as well as an introduction to meditation and shared vegetarian lunch with our community.

For more information, call 503-746-6229 or write to

Visit our Living in Community page to learn more about our community philosophy and residential programs.


Arrange an internship lasting from two weeks to three months.  Learn and help on our farm for 25 hours per week, supported by daily, guided meditation and yoga sessions, morning classes on universal spiritual principles, and a community of like-minded seekers committed to building a sustainable future.

Long-term interns are encouraged and supported in deepening their learning through leadership roles such as tending and harvesting vegetables and orchard fruits, collecting and distributing farm fresh organic eggs, raw milk and cheese, managing volunteer farm days, and other special projects based on interest and availability.

The leader of our farming program has a lifetime of experience in farming, extensive local knowledge, training in permaculture and natural farming, and a curious, kind, and nurturing spirit.  We source our water from a local spring, treat our gray and black water on site, and are exploring energy sustainability through hydro and solar power.

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