Culinary Certification Program

The Culinary Certification Program offers  participants the opportunity to learn the art of vegetarian cooking through food preparation and service in an uplifting atmosphere grounded in spiritual practice.  We collaborate with you on growing towards your potential and allowing the creative, intuitive process to flow through you, regardless of your level of experience and aptitude.

Whether you are leading meals, preparing salads, harvesting vegetables, or cleaning the dining room, you become an integral part of the heart of our retreat and conference center.  Join us in infusing our food with the positive vibration of our thoughts and actions, and nourishing all whom we serve: body, mind, and soul.




What You’ll Learn

The Culinary Certification Program curriculum is divided into 3 sections, each of which can be scheduled during a Karma Yoga Internship of at least one month.  Every section includes instruction and practice of the following basics:

  • Vegetarian nutritional standards
  • Knife handling
  • Various cooking techniques and styles
  • Use of mixers, blenders, machinery
  • Food handling safety

Section I  Click here for the syllabus

  • Sauces, desserts, bread-making, and soup
  • Basic kitchen safety
  • Acid alkaline factors of food and nutrition
  • Garden harvesting
  • Ingredient inventory management
  • The vibration in food and how the energy that can affect yogic practices

Section II – Click here for the syllabus

  • Main dishes with menu planning
  • Balanced nutrition for the vegetarian diet
  • Recipe development
  • Weekly planning, concentrating on taste, colors, diversity, and nutrition
  • Yogic principles of diet

Section IIIClick here for the syllabus

  • Amazing side dishes
  • Ethnic spicing and world cuisines
  • Raw food preparation and nutrition
  • How food affects our consciousness


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