Practical Spirituality for Mystics With Bills To Pay


Medical intuitive Caroline Myss spoke in her classic recording, Spiritual Madness, about seekers throughout the ages who spent a whole lifetime preparing to ask the “big spiritual questions” they knew would turn their lives upside down. Most mystics today aren’t found praying behind cloistered walls or blessing the world from a cave in the Himalayas.... Read more »

Part of our Morning Circle at Ananda Laurelwood.

How to Be Happy All the Time


By Sharon Kelly, Director of Program Development and Outreach In preparation for last Friday morning’s intern/resident circle, and in need of a little extra joy myself, I picked up How to Be Happy All the Time from Crystal Clarity’s “Wisdom of Yogananda” series. When I read beginning of Chapter 2,”If you have given up hope... Read more »

The Art and Science of Raja Yoga coursebook by Swami Kriyananda

Diving Deep into Raja Yoga


By Shaun Finn, Intern  On Sept. 29 the Raja Yoga weeklong intensive started at here at Ananda Laurelwood. It is my first time participating in a weeklong yoga intensive. I am now a few days in and I am sure that I have only just begun to realize the wonderful fruits of the practice by participating in the... Read more »

"Crest of the Wave" by Dana Lynne Andersen

Made in the Image and Likeness of God


By Dana Lynne Andersen, Director, Awakening Arts Academy We are made in the image and likeness of God. This simple and magnificent truth can change the way we see ourselves — and the way we live. The qualities we think of as belonging God are the very qualities we find at the core of our own... Read more »