Being Ever-Present Here and Now


By Shaun Finn, Laurelwood Intern The past few weeks, I have made it a habit to sit outside and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the Laurelwood campus while reading a book. I found myself at odds of being truly present with the nature around me, while also focusing my attention on the book in my... Read more »

Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey"

Revelations From My Journey Inward


By David Seybert, Teacher & IT Services at Laurelwood One constant in my daily rhythm at Laurelwood is the intern circle.  Every morning except Sunday, our interns (who stay with us from two weeks to three months) meet for half an hour with some of the full-time residents to discuss a topic or participate in an... Read more »

Practical Spirituality for Mystics With Bills To Pay


Medical intuitive Caroline Myss spoke in her classic recording, Spiritual Madness, about seekers throughout the ages who spent a whole lifetime preparing to ask the “big spiritual questions” they knew would turn their lives upside down. Most mystics today aren’t found praying behind cloistered walls or blessing the world from a cave in the Himalayas.... Read more »

Part of our Morning Circle at Ananda Laurelwood.

How to Be Happy All the Time


By Sharon Kelly, Director of Program Development and Outreach In preparation for last Friday morning’s intern/resident circle, and in need of a little extra joy myself, I picked up How to Be Happy All the Time from Crystal Clarity’s “Wisdom of Yogananda” series. When I read this line the beginning of Chapter 2,”If you have... Read more »