Garden Notes


New Location! The St. Francis statue has been moved about 10 feet up the path to an area perfect for two benches and a small flower bed and maybe a bird bath. You can see from the photo that it is still a work in progress. Lend us your creativity to make this an area... Read more »

Connect with Nature


Being in nature and connecting with nature aren’t the same thing, as is so wisely pointed out in the excerpt below from a blog post written by Joseph Cornell, author of Sharing Nature with Children: When outdoors, many people are so engrossed in their own private concerns that they notice little of their surroundings. I... Read more »

Valerie, yoga and meditation teacher

5 Reasons to Meditate


Have you been thinking about starting a meditation practice? Here are 5 reasons to meditate today. 1. Find Calmness Within My favorite metaphor for meditation is the ocean. At the surface the ocean is restless with breaking waves, but the ocean depths are always calm. We have that calmness within us. Sitting still in meditation... Read more »