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Why compare yourself with others? When driving on the freeway, there will be cars ahead of you and many more behind. Keep your mind serenely focused on your own destination.

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The Hero’s Journey: Retell Your Story – Uncover Your Inner Hero

With Nancy Alder

November 3 - 5, 2017
Are you feeling called to do something great in life and wish you had more clarity? Do you experience moments of connection, confidence, and inspiration and want to live from that place more consistently? Are you feeling hungry for a perspective on life and the world that brings you sense…
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First Timers Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat – November 2017

With Jacob MacLeod and Peter Jordan

November 10 - 12, 2017
Yoga, Meditation and Community Experience a relaxing retreat with guided meditation and yoga, explore spiritual principles and feel the joy of community while surrounded in the beauty and peace of our rural retreat center west of Portland, Oregon. First Timers’ Weekend is the perfect time to experience a little of…
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Thanksgiving Day Banquet 2017

November 23, 2017
Ananda Laurelwood
Our team of star cooks from Ananda Laurelwood will be providing you with the most delicious Thanksgiving Day Banquet ever!!! Vegan and gluten free options will be provided. Our Menu: Scrumptious Nut Loaf Chickpea and Mushroom Stuffing Fluffy Mashed Potatoes Cashew Mushroom Gravy Green Beans Almondine Baked Butternut Squash Pumpkin…
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Thanksgiving Yoga and Meditation Weekend Retreat

With Miriam Rodgers and David Seybert

November 24 - 26, 2017
Come join us for a relaxing holiday weekend retreat with guided meditation, yoga, qigong, kirtan, and personal retreat time. Recharge and renew your energy during this holiday season as you feel the joy of community while surrounded in the beauty and peace of our rural retreat center west of Portland,…
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Bhagavad Gita Study and Meditation Retreat: Nov 2017

With Peter Copley and Pooja Copley

November 24 - 26, 2017
Discover your Divine birthright through Bhagavad Gita study. In the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna (the Divine) is teaching and caring for his devotee Arjuna and giving him darshan (personal appearance). He removes all veils of delusion by explaining different paths of God realization. The love from God and reassurance of…
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